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Tripticon - The 7th Portal

Guest rx7style

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Guest rx7style

Tripticon - The 7th Portal


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Artist: Tripticon

Title: The 7th Portal

Label: Tsunami

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. Deeper Level

02. Tiny Little Box

03. Electro Pipe

04. Portals Of Time

05. Heavy Sync

06. Hana Full Of Stars

07. Monochrome

08. Mina Puzzle

09. Tripticon




This is very old-school sounding goa from Filip Mardberg, who seems to be able

to manufacture a variety of music styles. This album is very full-on with lots

of 303 lines, aggressive synths, and whirling psychedelia. Production of this

album is the major drawback -- the compiled/finished tracks must have been

pushed through a "tin can" filter, as the sound-stage is non-existent! The

bass/mids/treble don't sound balanced whatsoever, and with aggressive full-on

music that's very bad as the sound can get too harsh. Musically and

technically however, this album is quite good. Anyone who enjoys music like

Toi Doi or even Shakta will appreciate this album. Best track is Mind Puzzle,

worst track is Monochrome. 6.5/10

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Guest Seb Mullaert

Filip Mardberg and Fredrik Gilenholt!

this is among the first productions they ever made ... therefor the little bit

strange production.

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This album is great! Oldschool and very psychedelic, full-on with nasty sounds.

This is the type of trance I miss in the todays scene when everything turns to

monotonie or very clubby. To be honest I prefer Tripticon before Ticon. 8/10.


One more thing: I cannot understand why Children, or whoever it is, labels all

thoose reviewed albums as releases from Tsunami, when it's infact Tsunami

Productions based in Sweden who released many of the released albums reviewed

on this site and not Tsunami in the US.

Check the artist/discography-list yourself at their homesite:

http://www.tsunamiprod.com (I also passed this "sentence" to Children earlier

together with a review but it was totally ignored, obviously).

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Guest mikkolahti[at]yahoo[dot]com

this is one of my favourite records! 9/10. I just love this style. dark and

aggressive and also gentle goa :))

buy this immediatly if you love dark oldskool goa sound! This is sooo it! :)

best tracks: 3,4,5

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Guest jonas[at]zerus.m[dot]se

portals of time is with no doubt the best song on this sometimes overrated

album. the production isn't at its peak, and the songs sound older than they

are. but some people will like this, but ticon is a much better choise.

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I quite like this album, maybe even more than TICON cause it has psychedelic touch with many goa influences. I wa amazed when I read that they haven;t been satisfied witht his album after they made it so that is why they moved to progressive style, but I find this style much more suiting my taste and beside 2 tracks that are rather boring, the rest is pretty good especially : PORTALS OF TIME, HEAVY SYNC, HAND FULL OF STARS, MIND PUZZLE, TRIPTICON...8/10

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Good psychedelic synths, unfortunately all the kickdrums are horrible. Strange

that someone could make this album and then make the minimal style Ticon

tracks just a year or two later... If they could combine the synths from this

album with Ticon's percussive elements and bass... THAT would be great.


I saw Ticon do a live set in San Fran and had to resist holding up a

handwritten sign requesting "Heavy Sync". Hee hee!

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Yes... this is the Oldschool project of Progressive Trance/House group Ticon.

Im still in love with this album (since i bought it in 2000)

It doesnt represent nowadays Ticon in any way.



Since i am a Goafreak... this suites me like the "hand in the glowe"


Oldschool and psychedelic 8/10 :)

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an interesting album. style-wise in between miranda and cydonia, with plenty of energy and good ideas. but the production quality is simply horrible, even for 90s standards, making the album nearly unlistenable. i feel as if an updated version (similarly to what ux did recently) that could fix some of the extremely dated sounds and mixing mistakes could easily make it in the top 5 albums here on psynews.

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