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Infected Mushroom - Symphonatic

Guest Smg

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Infected Mushroom - Symphonatic


Artist: Infected Mushroom

Title: Symphonatic

Label: BNE

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 07'42" Symphonatic




I would say this sounds like their newer album "Classical Mushroom", though

there are those similar and unique sound structures that are present on

their first album as well. Infected has their unique style, and that is

good for that part. Whether you like it or not, it's totally another story.

As a matter of fact, I don't like Infected

that much anymore if this going to be their style. This is high quality

work and

probly works for some people, but just doesn't for me. In spite of the

section which starts from a bit after first minute (and lasts for 30 secs),

I don't find this track very entertaining. Intelligate EP still maintained

this good and a bit fearsome and screeching style, which I can't say of


Anyways, 7/10 is fine.

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Guest Astyanax

Without any doubt one of my favourite infected tracks!! many strong melodies,

but no cheese here! Indead very energetic and cosmic. it's in Classical

Mushroom style which i like most and i give it 9.5/10!!! it would have been

ten if these guys had put a little bit more cohesion between those great


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Extraordinary track from the Mushies. The melodies are here, and ofcourse those

twisted sounds that jumps up and down. It would have been much better if the

different melodies been melted together, it's to obvious when a new melodie

comes in. However, the melodies are great just like the whole track. 8/10

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I got this track from a friend of erez long long time before he got out, and i

listen to it, and i was shocked, for sure this is one of the best infected

track!!!! i'd give it 1110!!!

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Guest andrescottin[at]mac[dot]com

the best infected track since small moves. melodic, twisted, sick, infected,

dark, hauntingly beautiful. 10/10

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Absolutely my favourite song at the moment. I also love the other Infected

titles but this one is topping everything. First heard it at a party and then

bought the record. Great trancy melody with the same sound effects like

Yahel's to the people. Real party music.

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Guest Evilben

Energic song from Infected mushroom, who made here another quite dark track,

also released on the Tsunami compilation. In the tradition of Small

Moves/Intelligate Ep. 8.5/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

In my opinion this is infected mushroom's best song, 10/10. My fav song atm.

Other favorites are Unbalanced,

Messenger, Dancing with Kadafi and Into the Matrix.

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Guest djcpr[at]hotmail[dot]com

Definately one of my favorite tracks right now and funny enough it was the

first time I heard Infected Mushroom when I bought the Tsunami comp. I bought

the comp. because of other bands I had heard of, but that track stood out as

the best one and I was really glad to find it on vinyl, and with Yahel's

Reality on the flip side makes this a very sweet 12". I recommend it to


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Guest Regi & Kookispooki

A Great Track!

Fantastic for parties, very nice guitar sounds that drive you crazy!!!

& also nice to listen at home.

One of infected best tracks!!!


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Guest niels_knigge[at]ofir[dot]dk

Oh my god!!! I first time heard this at a friends place (he own Tsunami) and

found it quite good. Then i downloaded it ( I don not buy EPs, i spend all my

moneys on albums and compils), and I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!!! The start is

cool (you know it is Infected right from the start) And i like the sample,

short and weird "The man with the bass just walked in, and he's putting it

down, on the floor". Then at 1:10 a voice appears, singing, sounds cool. Then

they play the (around 2:00) melody he sings, in the classic infected way... At

3:00 it all goes crazy... and stays it!


Sure a 10/10......

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Guest maximilian2shiva[at]web[dot]de

What a holly song - i had the best times in my life while listening to Infected

Mushroom and their incredible sound - i´m Listening to "U don´t exist" while

i´m writing this!!!!Also a great track!!!But remember "Dancing with Kaddafi"

-the best ever!!!

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This is my favorite Infected Track. It was actually the first song I had heard

by them. Amazon.com had a free download of it so I figured "what the hell"

and I stumbled upon one of the best electronic songs. The energy in this song

is amazing and the mood of it can literally put you into a trance. I think

the highlights of the song for me are the kick ass melodies. Here are the

times which the 3 main ones begin...the first enters at 1:50, the next enters

at 2:56, and the climactic one enters at 5:15...all I can say is that this

song deserves to be on one of Infected's full length LP's. You never know, it

may show up by surprise on "Converting Vegetarians"...I can always dream

right? Seriously though if you want a great starting point for the Infected

Mushroom style of Psy-Trance listen to this symphony of electronic sound, you

will not regret it. Final Verdict: 10/10

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One of infected mushrooms greatest.


One of the reasons why this song is so great is simply because it is instantly appealing yet deep and sounds great later in the song as well. While stuff like Psycho takes ages to build up and is very deep... this is as I said instantly appealing while also good later in the song and has replay value. This contains the good side of B.P. Empire and the good side of classical mushroom (can't really fault B.P. Empire style though) while being more jazzy then anything on either. TBH this sounds more B.P. Empire then anything... but it is far more uplifting and in general "fun" then anything on there. The singing is amazing too(regardless of talent.. it just blends in with the song so well and puts you in a state of trance). Cheese certainly isn't the right word to describe this song... it sounds cheesy but it just works. It's over the top but that's not too much because it just works!


A must hear for infected mushroom fans. Especially since a lot of people don't know of this tracks existence.

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