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Asia 2001 - RA

Guest Trancers303

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Guest Trancers303

Asia 2001 - RA


Artist: Asia 2001

Title: RA

Label: Trans'Pact

Date: 1995


Track listing:


01. 08'53" Rotopod

02. 07'31" Paradise Island

03. 06'52" Planetarium

04. 06'31" Angel Ice

05. 06'17" Ultime Sens

06. 06'12" Dawn To Dusk

07. 09'08" Cyborg Culture

08. 08'06" R?E/b>

09. 07'05" Lunar Attraction

10. 02'03" Epilogue




Martin Coopers debut album...A very nice one, melodic with good

effects. Sounds very good in my ears, very uplifting but not like

nitzhonot(CRAP!!!). Maybe a little old for Infected Mushroom listers but for

you thats missing the old goa, this is something...Very good for home

listening, in the car and in partys...7/10

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Guest theoremdesign[at]hotmail[dot]com

In my opinion, this was one of his stronger albums, rotopod is an awesome

daytime stomper, and lunar attraction has one of the best 303 lines that I

have heard. I know that something released in 1995 is obviously going to sound

"dated" six years later, but who gives a f..k! That sound will always live


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u and nitzhonot... ..ok , let get to the point , this album is awesome , loads of 303 effects , like ive heard some people says that this album sucks at the dance floor (specially that opinion from DJ´s) but imo this album blast at all times , just try and put cyborg culture or dawn to dusk on the loose and ull see people go mad . not to forget all the other tracks which are so carefully deep and melodic and great groove going on this album. this album is a jewel and is a lot different from all the next stuff from asia 2001 , this album is unique.





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I think Asia 2001 was pretty influential and ahead of their time. That said I like their later albums more... the songs on this are too messy, and have too much of the "video game music" feel. I don't think it's worth getting unless you're a collector. 2/10

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IMO this is an overrated album. Made in 95 it sounds simplistic compared to the rich and dynamic releases of today. Hell, even compared to some of his later work. Obviously technology has a lot to do with it, but I also believe it lacks the layers to give it depth and presence. With simplistic sample work and dated sounds it reveals its age. There is more of a drifting trancey feel rather than the storming goa presence on his other albums like Live or Ama-Zone. Even great tracks like Lunar Attraction have periods where there is a lack of activity. None of the tracks are bad, but like that old cigarette ad used to say...


We've come a long way, baby.



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really good goa trance!

cyborg culture is freaking awesome ! :)

this album has really good moments and weird soundscapes. nice flat kick and warm bassline not to hard in your ears or anything

its smooth album most of the way and some hard banging songs somewhere in the middle.

cyborg culture , dawn to dusk are probably most known songs

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