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Guest Goa Spirit

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Guest Mescalinium

With this release Spiral Trax continues its astoundingly high quality output.

(To acidhive above, I say that Spiral Trax is by far the "best label in the

bizz" right now, IMO). While yes, it could use a little more variety, it

succeeds very well in what it is: a storming exposition of modern Scandinavian

trance. I think credit should also be given to Noma for putting all

unreleased tracks on his album, an increasing rarity in today's market. Oh,

credit to Spiral Trax (again) for so many superb releases. I mean, the albums

from Human Blue, Atmos and Logic Bomb were all great, but we get treated to

more. Can't wait for the S-Range album. Well I'm getting sidetracked... 7/10

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I already reviewed this above under the name anonymous ( forgot to put my

name)and gave it 8/10. I just wanna say Track 2 "Trouble" is an absolute

masterpiece, it gets better and better with every listen and deserves 10/10.

Noma is essential for every psychedelic music lover, the ultimate Tunnelvision


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I think they are good tracks, but it is almost a demo CD rather than an album,

as albums are usually more varied in the sounds that they explore, which is

the same with

Auricular's 1st Album on Spirit Zone

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Guest 5dolphins[at]web[dot]de

ahhhhahahah!!! yes!! that is my vision of the future of

goa trance . i can not find it really minimalistic.

a lot things happen in this sound. its the right music

to play on open air when the sun rises !

11/10 !!

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This must be one of my favorite minimalistic albums. Noma is a master when it

comes to building up the tracks, in the end you'll go absolutely crazy. My

favorite track on this album is Boese but I like all track very much. After

reading above I saw that some people think this album should be more variated.

I don't really agree since I can actually play this album over and over again

without getting tired of it. My conclusion: Superiour album from Noma!! I'm

also looking forward to the upcoming Prex (S-Range + Noma) album.

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Guest VBRunner

This is one of the few progressive albums that appealed to me instantly. Just

about every track is insanely driving, going on and on until your feet can't

make another stomp, and probably beyond. Great atmosphere! Looking forward to

the next album with high expectations!

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Guest vernon sullivan

just a quick word for those who call this "minimal techno", if this stuff turns

you off, I would advise you to never listen to any REAL minimal techno, which

would make this sound like hallucinogen =)

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This is good work in the new-school Swedish vein. It's not quite as deep as

Vibrasphere, but it mixes well with lots of stuff and delivers a vibe from a

lovely atmospheric cloud. It doesn't lean towards a commercial finish (a la

Ticon or Necton), and it doesn't break into hard kick-drum head-bangin'

abandon. I hate to describe music in terms of what it's not, but it seems

appropriate for this CD. You can use this as transition between Swedish and

German/minimalist sounds, or just smoke a fatty and let it wash over you.

It's versatile yet ephemeral: two tracks later they'll forget what you

played, just that they enjoyed it. It took me a while to get into the right

frame of mind, but tracks #4 and #6 still strike me as special. 8/10.

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the songs starts very dark, then it keeps growing in sounds and complexity,

what starts very minimal gets to a high energy hypnotic stroboscopical run, it

has the kind of secuence that when it suddenly stops u feel like thrown with

the inercia and think -huh? what was that?...other times u run from the

begining with the progress of the song and feel how it gets very fast and

super TRANCE... must say that noma's style is very different from other

minimal, scando, morning, progressive, etc... trance, its more darker and

hypnotic, but it isnt heavy phat bass kind.

i really like this albun even that i cant hear the whole cd.... must get

it...should be in everyones collection.

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Guest Stimpski

This album is goood! It sounds like minimalistic with a psytrance-flavor (or

psytrance with a minimal touch, whatever) . Ideal music to dig up your

basement durt!! :)

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Guest herbie[at]hyperreal[dot]pl

It's the best LP I know for hot and stuffy summer days. Ice-cold sounds will

definitely make you feel much colder than normal. I was once listening to it

on my way to work, standing in a suit on a bus stop, July, 35 degrees,

everybody was sweating like hell even in T-shirts, while I didn't feel the

heat at all - it seemed to me that it was warm, but not hot at all. On another

occasion, in winter, on a relatively warm and sunny day I played this CD and

what happened? No more than 10 minutes after I started listening to it it

started to snow! I think there's sth more to it than a sheer coincidence :)

Anyway, I strongly recommend this LP for hot days. Otherwise 7/10. And you'd

better not even touch the CD when you feel cold :)

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Guest [Anonymous]

I really enjoy this album at night.. especially track #1 (Broetekoelserud).

When I listen to this track, I feel like I'm Lola running in the german movie

"run Lola run".9/10

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Underground non melodic psychedelic trance. Very well produced album, dark and agressive (atmospheric at times) the tracks are built in a slow and smart way. It might sound repetitive for some but I like it this way - no rush the tracks progress... but slowly. 7.5/10 - Recommended :)

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