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Guest Bugbread - Macrometasomakosmos


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Title: Macrometasomakosmos

Label: Panorama

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. 00'55"

02. 00'34"

03. 00'55"

04. 00'55"

05. 00'34"

06. 00'55"

07. 00'34"

08. 00'55"

09. 00'55"

10. 00'34"

11. 00'55"

12. 00'55"

13. 00'34"

14. 00'34"

15. 00'34"

16. 00'55"

17. 00'55"

18. 00'34"

19. 00'55"

20. 00'34"

21. 00'55"

22. 00'55"

23. 00'34"

24. 00'55"

25. 00'55"

26. 00'34"

27. 00'55"

28. 00'34"

29. 00'55"

30. 00'55"

31. 00'34"

32. 00'55"

33. 00'55"

34. 00'34"

35. 00'55"

36. 00'34"

37. 00'55"

38. 00'55"

39. 00'34"

40. 00'55"

41. 00'34"

42. 00'55"

43. 00'55"

44. 00'34"

45. 00'55"

46. 00'55"

47. 00'34"

48. 00'55"

49. 00'34"

50. 00'55"

51. 00'55"

52. 00'34"

53. 00'55"

54. 00'34"

55. 00'55"

56. 00'55"

57. 00'34"

58. 00'55"

59. 00'55"

60. 00'34"

61. 00'55"

62. 00'34"

63. 00'55"

64. 00'55"

65. 00'34"

66. 00'55"

67. 00'55"

68. 00'34"

69. 00'55"

70. 00'34"

71. 00'55"

72. 00'55"

73. 00'34"

74. 00'55"

75. 00'34"

76. 00'55"

77. 00'55"

78. 00'34"

79. 00'55"

80. 00'55"

81. 00'34"

82. 00'55"

83. 00'34"

84. 00'55"

85. 00'55"

86. 00'34"

87. 00'55"

88. 00'55"

89. 00'34"




Ubar Tmar has really done it this time. If there is such a thing as

"commercial psy", this is the point in the universe farthest from it.

This album is destined to drive away most people in droves, imparting on the

few remaining a unique experience. The 89 track album (Ubar Tmar was

originally planning to release it as one track, but realised some people might

dislike certain sections, so he broke it up) is entirely based on Penrose

tiles (asymmetrical tiling) and the Golden Mean. In fact, it is broken into

tracks all either 34 or 55 seconds long, for a total of 89 tracks (that is, 55

tracks plus 34 tracks), once again in accordance with the Golden Mean.

It is certainly not at all melody oriented, nor is it minimal or progressive.

Almost every instrument or sound's rhythm is based on the interlocking of

tiles within a mathematical construct, meaning that the rhythm is very hard to

keep track of, and in sections where the bass drum is following the rules,

completely impossible. Thankfully, the actual tones are not based on

mathematical theory, so the sound, though extremely irregular, is not grating

or disonnant. The use of effects is minimal, but occassional 303-inspired

squelchy rises pass in and out of the song, as well as subtle reverbs and

echoes. The cumulative effect is music that is not uplifting or stomping, but

hypnotizing. When I asked Ubar Tmar how he'd describe his music, his answer

was, "well, it's music to put people into a trance, so I guess I'd have to

call it trance".


If you're looking for psy, this is not the place to look. If you're looking

for hypnotic, arhythmic, experimental electronic music, you'll find it an

interesting pick, and if you're looking to get lost in seemingly simple but

maddeningly nonrepetetive music, this is right up your alley.


BTW: Yes, his name (for this album only) is In his words: "Well,

no band has ever ended with dot com, so I figured, why not?". By next album

the plan is to revert to Ubar Tmar.

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Guest fragments_of_light[at]hotmail[do   
Guest fragments_of_light[at]hotmail[do

This is my first experience of Ubar Tmar's psychedelic sound based on

mathematics. Now I would like to note a key-person who has inspired the artist

in this respect.

Akio Hizume, a great architect in Japan, who has been studied mathematics,

especially the Penrose lattices with the Golden Mean, so to invent various

breakthroughs, including some comprehensive music theories.

Ubar Tmar wrote on a sleeve inside of this album: "The music is dedicated to

P.K.DICK, R.PENROSE and A.HIZUME / Music theory: Real Number Music ©Akio

Hizume, Star Cage Institute of Geometry"

You could listen to kind of sample of "Fibonacci Kecak" (i.e. Penrose

Lattice-like Rhythm) at Mr Hizume's Star Cage Website (English Contents) as


Unfortunately "Real Number Music Theory" is not available in English. So is

Only Japanese available.




cool kids of death

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Guest Digi Shamanix   
Guest Digi Shamanix

This is the shit. If your sick of GMS sounds and want something you can really

listen to in deep ststes of conciousnes, this is it. It feels really organic

but the whole mathematical music thing has an essence of the future. An

absolute must have!

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nervgaz    0

This album is really hard to find!!! But for the fans of Ubar Tmar, it's not a

problem. This is so strange, what can I say ?? For those who know ubar tmar,

this is a mix of the "live" album, with all new element an a structure that

sounds very disturbing. This music is completly out of any current style that

is existing in those days. It's a rythmism anti-music aproach and quite

minmal experience. Can say nothing more than those first review. If you like

something VERY special, and love rythmic noise and psychedelic hypnotic

sounds, you'll love it. But be aware, this album is not for the faith of


Final verdict : 9/10 (WOW)

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Very interesting replies! It was very interesting to listen to "infinite" music! :)


I too love this album. It's wonderful. Mainly because there is a different rythm in the music. It's like listening to complicated jazz and you feel another groove and rythm then in almost all psytrance and goa.

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