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  1. Really great remixes, the power in those track can put anyone to dance furiously, i sure that the original artists felt proud of them, i'm recently starting to know MR tracks, so far no disappointing, the originals mixes i've already knew, these ones just took them and gave another life, new school vibes on old school tracks. On "remix" proposition i would give for all tracks 10/10. Man this was a great recommendation. This track is wicked, must really be a dancefloor bomber.
  2. This dude music was already ahead of it's time on 1997, this album proves that he deserves a consistent respect by the psychedelic community listening to it in 2019, seventeen years later since this masterpiece was released, cant't really put into words the quality and consistence the album has, it puts you into an inner state of translucent, just making you forget about everything else, almost alike meditation giving clarity and peacefulness. Just BRILLIANT! 10/10
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