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Koxbox - The Great Unknown

Guest Pit-UFO

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Guest AshonaciD[at]Shpongle[dot]com

Great. Oh by the way... DAFFY DUCK ACID!. Really good. How boring would it have

been if koxbox regurgitated there previous music?



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Guest goastomp9

im pretty new to this whole goa scene...last year my buddy loaned me this cd

and it changed my life...since then i've picked up many goa cd's (mostly tip

label)and have become very familiar with the goa trance scene...and i agree

that this is not really goa...but it is good in it's own way. overall i give

it an 8/10...track 3 does it for me.

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Guest Timothy Yarret

this album is an absolute masterpiece in every respect, the

production, the sounds, the tunes (obviously) and the wicked artwork which

makes such a refreshing change to flying buddhas (no disrespect) and fractals

or aliens...every song, even the weird spoken word one is a joy to listen to

and they all get better every time...bollox to progressive and minimal trance

this for me is the future or at least should be in a just and democratic world

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I like this album alot. As much as our prejudices would encourage an artist to

live in past glory (does the scene need to GMS's?) I find it interesting to

see where an artist goes. I like the funky, good-time feel of this album, I

consider this album as close to house as I currently wish to get to. I like

the use of triplets and swing and I like the fact I can put this on when

cleaning my room or waking up in the morning. Lastly, I laugh whenever I rent

a video and think of track 5

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Guest MKProd[at]thevortex[dot]com

Koxbox is just getting better and better. This album RULES!! keep up the good

work boys!

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BTW, This album pays homage to Timothy Leary and the transmissions he claimed

to have recieved via telepathy from extra-terrestrials (Learn to walk through

the stars, Decipher the genetic code, the japanese people are the most

advanced people on your planet).

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Guest Davidtolsn

very different sound, for a refined ear. however, "different" does not always

mean "good." not nearly as good as dragon tales, although similar in style,

imo. some good tracks, but sometimes i feel as though i am wasting time

listening to this cd. i also don't like short tracks much. and the overall

"feeling" of the cd isn't serious enough for me. and i do not like king of

jazz at all. despite all this, there are still some good sounds on this cd,

especially if you like the koxbox style. 6/10

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I have this album.... and must say, I love crunchy moles, go fly a kite, and King of jazz :D seems to be my sort of stuff.... I'm glad to be hearing something other than the usual bland stuff being put out by alot of others!!!

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IMO this is a stunning and unique album. 4 pages of reviews and many negative ones, well different people different taste but this is an album that grows on you over the years. I can't remember many psytrance albums with so much variety from start to finish, this disc got everything, psytrance, progressive, dub...funky house? "Go fly a kite" is a beauty. "Lunar bin" is psychedelic as hell. And my third favourite is probably "6 cells" some very cool loops in this track.

I never was a fan of Forever After but Dragon Tales was brilliant, then I wouldn't know if I prefer Dragon tales or The Great Unknown, both great albums! After that the album U-turn was a mistake, a disappointment, well this is again my opinion of course, I am sure some liked it.

Anyway, The Great Unknown is an essential. And it's cheap on Discogs. Get it! 8.5/10.



PS: never minded the cover, I don't really care about the sexy chicks and I like the colours, anyway it's different just like the album! : )

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