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Koxbox - The Great Unknown

Guest Pit-UFO

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Guest psydub[at]archimedia-sf[dot]com

This cd has some of the sickest acid beats And breaks I've ever heard, straight

up P-H-A-T! 5am, popped this into my player and the party blew up, trippers

started throwin down like we were on the playa at black rock; total mayhem,

deep smiles And bodies kickin' it very hard. The Great Unknown is my best find

this year. Call it whatever you want, i'll call it a strong 9.5/10. my only

complaint is that the tracks are not mixed.

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Guest puupää

As a finnish trancepunk i can say only one thing; why dont we just put the

ROCKS go ON!;) Especially 6 cells is the kind of tune i listen every time i

get pissed about anything or when ever i´m going to a party.

But this is definetly not goa.






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Guest Bifocal

For those that want to "box" their likes and dislikes into nice little

cattegories - such as goa, house, progressive etc, I can see that this CD will

be a problem. For us who appreciate electronic music for creativity, artistry,

musicianship no matter what the subcategory - this CD is very, very good.

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This album has a beautiful flow. My almost only problem with it is the cover,

it wouldn't make me interested in buying it if it didn't say KoxBox on the

front. And I agree with almost everything in R.I.P Israel's Review, I really

look for music to have with me on my psychadelic journeys and KoxBox is

definitaly it. E and speed is not for me, many times it annoys me even to be

around teeth-grinding people on speed. But I still enjoy some of the Israeli

sound too.

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Guest goapsytrance[at]hotmail[dot]com

First off, this music is HIGHLY experimental, so give it a second or third

chance. I first heard this album a couple months ago a couple of times,

didn't like it much, didn't listen to it much, hadn't listened to it for about

two months until I busted it out tonight. WOW!! How did I miss all the

wonderful ever-changing psychedelia that is Koxbox's trademark? This album

takes influences from all over and blends them together seamlessly. I love

the housey funky grooves, the breakbeats, and the crunchy sounding psychedelic

noises. This album is MUCH less repetitive than it initially sounds, as there

are quite a few melodies and other surprises hidden within the crunchiness, it

just takes careful listening to find them. This album is really nice for

chillin and listening, as it creates a nice ambience somewhere between

chill-out and full-on with its constantly evolving psychedelic soundscape.

The whole album flows really well, from dubby to funk housey to tech housey to

breaksy to jazzy. This is what pushing the boundaries is all about!!!! 8/10

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Guest goapsytrance[at]hotmail[dot]com

Is there such a thing as psychedelic house? Now there is :) I can think of so

much house that could use the Koxbox treatment, especially the often-cheesy

latin/salsa influenced shit

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Guest rasmussen_martin[at]hotmail[dot]

I just don´t understand those who think this album sucks, so far I have only

had it on md but i´m going to purchase it on vinyl now so I can use it on my

sets, so far I properly have listened to it a thousand times, and it still

xites me every time. I think those people with their boring goa and their

narrowmindedness should just close their tiny ears and listen to the stagnated

sound of astral projection till they rotten in hell as far as I´m concerned.

For me electronic music is all about xpanding the adventure, and discover new

sounds. By the way, if any of you are inerested in drugs furthermore than just

eating it like candy in the weekends just to be cool I highly recommend

"pihkal a chemikal lovestory" by alexander and ann shulgin. Read it and if you

like, write me and tell me what you think about it.

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Guest OSSO50[at]msn[dot]com

ok guys enough of this shit!!! all of these

electronic/house/trance/goa/psy/dance/trip hop/drum and bass groups are all on

the same page. i don't have any particular areas of electronic i listen to

cause i Listen To It All. Every group is unique in its own way, thats what

makes this electronic music revolution sooo kick ass. Some groups may need a

little more figuring out than others which means if you are not getting the

music then there is something wrong with you not the music. Every group out

there has put there heart and soul out there to pleasing you (the fan)weather

it's Astral Projection, MFG, or Kox Box. If you are stuck in one area of music

then you need to expand your music realm and take it to a higher place. Well i

don't have much to say about the album it is a master piece like many others i

have listened to. Pe@ce out to Astral Projection, MFG, California Sunshine,

Kox Box, X-Dream, Etnica, Cosmosis, hallucinogen (under Shpongle now), Bypass

Unit, Man With No Name, Juno Reactor, infected Mushroom, Transwave (retired),

Oforia, GMS, Space Cat, S.U.N. Project, Total Eclipse (retired), Chi-A.D.,

Orbital, Underworld, The Crystal Method, Leftfield, Lunatic Calm, Robert

Miles, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, Fluke, Enigma, ATB, Prodigy (a special thanks

to you guys cause you where the ones who opened the door to electronic music

for me 10 years ago),Photek, Source Direct, Cujo, Psykosonik/Hednoize,

F.S.O.L. & 2 the many others i didn't mention for enlightening the way &

making the world a better place to live.

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Well I dont know about all this innovation stuff but this is a really great LP.

KOxbox never sounded like any other band anyway so whats all the fuss for!

their production rules too

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I think this record is a nice one and its suits some moments in life, and all

of you limited people should open your mind...and be more miscallaneous in you

choise of music...explore diffrent kinds of music in diffrent kinds of


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Guest rx7style

Hmmmm, I didn't really like this album. In fact, I don't really like Koxbox at

all, even though I have foolishy purchased all their albums thinking "oh, the

next one will be better!" I can tell that hard work went into this album in

particular, and it's got a nice amout of technical complexity. However, none

of the tracks bring a smile to my face, or make me want to dance, so what's

the point? If you like Koxbox though, I think this is their best album yet,

so you should get it. Definately not my style though... 5/10

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Guest rx7style

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, what the heck was that "King of Jazz" track?

That was just horrible! Damn, I should have lowered my score just because

that track polluted the whole CD!!!

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Guest burrito land

Like some people said, this cd was left in my cd-rack for a long time. Maybe I

listened one or few times and didn't like it. BUT this is acyually a great

album!! Just listened to "Lunar Bin"! you'll be slipped into another world in

psychedelia, it's mad! Very atmospheric and dramatic. I want to listened to

this in a trippy location like a deep forest or mountain. It'll be nice. Don't

think if it's goa or not. It only makes you have a narrow mind like I was.

Common, Goa is just a name of place. It's just begining and some musician stay

in the area and some goes beyond. KoxBox goes a lot further.

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Guest orangemann[at]hotmail[dot]com

I don´t like this album...People tells me that it rules,but i think it

SUCKS...Bah!!Please, make Psytrance music. Don´t lose your money and time.

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Guest Semon-Vision Quest

Ok not every track is a killer but just once, just once in your life you must

see these guys live and the meaning of life will be explained to you in about

2 hours-totally awe inspiring!!

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Guest Elysium Project

I don´t understand why people want to put music into a box. I don´t give a shit

about if music is goa or trance ......ect. Wake up people ...get a

brain.......Music is music..... and music is not always intended for the dance


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Guest sunconscious

i love this album... but i hate crunchy moles... i know, im the minority...

everyone loves that song.. but its way too much like boring dance music, not

trance to me

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keep an open mind and love it!!! this is indispencable space shit all the way!!

It's just unbelievable how anything can be so funky and groovy and also

psychedlic at the same time!! This guys are magicians of hte starnge little

sample that fly around you like little fucked uop butterflies!! 10/10

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Guest techno[at]pacificnet[dot]net

Oh wow. As soon as I read the reviews saying it was "too experimental" I knew

this CD was for me.

I heard Lunar Bin last year on another mix-CD and thought it was the best thing

I'd heard in awhile, but now I'm totally blown away by "The Great Unknown".



-ken ( www.PureAcidMixtapes.com )

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