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Infected Mushroom - The Gathering


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Infected Mushroom - The Gathering


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Artist: Infected Mushroom

Title: The Gathering

Label: BNE

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 08'28" Release Me

02. 07'43" The Gathering

03. 08'13" Return Of The Shadows

04. 08'08" Blue Muppet

05. 08'38" Psycho

06. 08'20" Montoya (Rmx)

07. 07'29" Tommy The Bat

08. 08'24" Virtual Voyage

09. 08'35" Over Mode




AWESOME !!!!!!The most intelligent melodies I've ever heard (after Classical

Mushroom ;-)) !At the beginning I found this album very bad (maybe you'll have

difficulties to appreciate the transitions of melodies), but after 3 listens I

began to appreciate it, and now I LOOOVE it and don't stop listening to it :-)

Best Tracks are ... very difficult to say ... they are all good ... but my

favorite is without doubt Track 8 : Virtual Voyage !

What is wonderful in this album is that each Track is linked to the next one by

a wonderful musical transition, and sounds evolve in a continuous way ... if

you want to appreciate all Tracks, listen to this album in its entirety !

Rating : 9/10

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Guest psytrancer

I just ordered the new album, 'Classical Mushroom', on BNE's website and

suggest you hurry along there (http://www.bne.co.il/home/) and do the same

(They have no distributor yet for the UK, and general european release is

scheduled for March). If you like the Mushies then check Infected Max's

brilliant site for loadsa unreleased samples, gigging info and shameless,

global worship to the genius of I.M. - http://perso.wanadoo.fr/x-dream/

Oh yeah, this is supposed to be an album review for the Gathering, so here it


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Guest Infected Max

Thanks Pystrancer...:)))


Helllo Psytrance guys....Nice to see that some french people are ready to

engage a fight against people that tried to kill french trance scene...We

gotta fight against magazines like CODA that killed goa/trance....But now the

scene is back thanks to guys like Yumade, Pap's And more.....

Of course i think that Infected Mushroom made a new step in Trance....everybody

go in X-Dream way (i love x-dream) no more melodies..only fat sounds.....only

one Infected Mushroom travel the river in the other sense And that's a killer

thing to see they manage to raise so higher....such quality without

cheese...such melodies without compromises....such intellect...such

power...such....wow..i become senile....maybe that's the firsts effects of the



Anyway......this album has changed my life forever........FOR EVER!!!!!!!!

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Guest hey_shai[at]mailcity[dot]com

heavy!!! it's the most brilliant album i ever heard in years!!! i just

keep on hearing it until my ears blid!

i love 'infected' very much! they have a really 'Od' but 'great' style!!



shai polombo.ISRAEL(MODI'IN!)




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Hard, Psychedelic and full on DANCE!!!! Wonderful music!! Everything that Erez

makes is good... But this CD is really awesome!! Best tracks are 1,2,5,6,8,9!!

Psycho and Over Mode are one of the best party-tracks ever!!! Track 8 is more

Psy-Trance, but also really good but I like the original "Virtual Voyage" from

Shidapu more!!! Anyway, one of my best GOA-CD's ever!!!!!

Bom Shankar

"The Belgian GOA-Alien..."

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Best album of all time :) Best tracks are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, oups, that's all

the tracks :) Very good and original samples used for drums, also vocals are

perfect (Psycho !) and lots of wonderful melodies in each track. My personal

favorite should be Return of the shadows ("Are you afraid of the future ?")

with a really wicked and insane melody, but all tracks are really great.

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Guest Tequila

This album is simply the best one ever.

the melodies are really perfect, the sounds are original and associated with a

greatfull respect of the harmony.

If you do not have this CD yet, buy it now, just in order to know what is


this album simply changed my life.10/10

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Guest andrescottin[at]hotmail[dot]com

perfect! sometimes psytrance is not quite evil and dark enough.....not

infected. you need to hear it a bunch of times before you start to realize

just how good this ablum is. evil, dark, brooding, yet hauntingly beautiful

and melodic at the same time....an epic.

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Guest Dreamer

When I bought this album back then on 3/99, I knew a few infected tracks

(psycho, where is S) from other compilations and already got infected..


I was amazed to see that cd in the shop carring an Infected Mushroom logo cause

I didn't hear it was released before... at that second I knew I have to buy

it! I thought like how the heck they let me rip them off so badly that I pay

like $20 for such a treasure..


Once I got home, I couldn't wait and hooked the cd and played it L-O-U-D!!! and

I fell in love..... it was amazing..... It was the first time I got connected

so deeply to an album from the first hearing.. and I heard it that day like so

many times all night long till the morning almost rised.. I'll never forget

that day..


since then I heard that cd so many times till the cd died, track 4 is gone.

dead and wounded:)

but it was worth it..


Who would've guessed that since then things will develope and I'll get the

honor to do their new cover album.. which is another brilliant and amazing

album from those guys... don't efford to miss it..


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Guest Hexen[at]arimeron.il[dot]com

The best album ever to emerge from Israel. This album prooves

IsrAliens rule the Trance scene. Nobody makes it better than we do. period.

The best track, in my opinion, is no. 3: "Return of the shadows"..."Ten La

Barosh, Achi....". Balzamon

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Guest Kvin2000

AMAZING album, probably THE best israeli release ever. Sounds so fresh and ever

changing, leaving you begging for more. The best tracks in my opinion are

Release Me -great guitar line and scary atmospere that just blows up in your

face near the end, Return Of The Shadows - the wierdest and probably the best

melodies I've ever heard in my life, And Psycho which is just a killer tune.

Can't wait to get their new album (from what I've heard so far throgh the BNE

site - it is AMAZING).

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Guest vm[at]alphatrance[dot]org

Hands down, best thing that happened to psy-trance since "Twisted". We were

getting so lost in the weird nuttiness of X-Dream-influenced German-style

psy-techno that we forgot what trance is all about. Trance is about grabbing

you by the ass, spinning you up so fast and shooting you up so high, you're

starting to wonder if you can go much faster and higher than that. These two

boys prove that you most definitely can! My first real exposure to them was

at their first live US appearance back in September. Before that, I've heard

a few tracks here and there, but didn't think much of them. After their show

and after REALLY listening to their album, I finally realised that this is the

long-awaited new direction in psy-trance. So bouncy, uplifting and melodic,

yet so hard, subtle and complex. And the best part is, this is only the

beginning. I'm a total fan of everything these guys have laid their hands on

- collaborations with Deedrah, Space Cat, Jorg, SST, Goblin!

, remixes of their own tracks prove that they're only starting to explore their

creativity. Eagerly awaiting the new album (which I've already ordered from

BNE, but since I'm in the US, it's gonna take a while).

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Guest d.mcnair[at]dailyrecord.co[dot]u

Mind blowing stuff from the best act I've ever heard to come out of Israel. The

Gathering is sheer class and I think they should collaberate with X-Dream to

compliment each others sounds...awesome!

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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

Wicked! Psychedelic! PERFECT. Just the way I want it. This album has got

exactly everything. Great melodies, Psychedelia and mindeating bassdrumms!

"Return Of the Shadows" is one of the best track I´ve ever heard. I get

hypnotized by that melodie at the end. AHH! "Psycho" is also one of the

absolute best ones. Perfect for the dancefloor! "Tommy the Bat" kicks ass with

very mindblowing bass. "Virtyal Voyage" and "Overmode" does it for me! FEEL

imbaresed if you do not own this. 9.5/10

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Guest Mindbender

I have felt embarrased for a long time, I assure you... Finally I got this

album (on vinyl) from Chaos Unlimited and surprise, surprise (!!!): it is as

good everyone has said. Actually it's better, since it's different. I thought

it would be something between IFO and Twisted, but somewhat harder as many

people all around have been comparing it to these. I guess it's just because

the level is the same, becausae IM has really their own style. This is wicked,

twisted, hard banging ,melodical insane... All the tracks are wonderful,

except Blue Muppet, which is good. The album is a really good entirety. I love

this! Can't say more, I'm speechless. 9,5/10

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Guest Andre_Buter[at]yahoo[dot]com

REALLY good album! This is psychedelic in it's purest form. From the kicking

Release me all the way to Over Mode... And are there any ambient numbers on

this one? No way! Last tracks on goa albums are mostly ambient tracks, but not

here. Over Mode is in fact a pretty hard track and so the album keeps the same

style throughout.

If you haven't got this yet and are a big fan of hard goa and you like

melodies? Get this instantly!! Although I've heard that Classical Mushroom

seems to be even better! Can't wait to get my hands on that one!

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The way they mix hard sounds with soft melodies is great...This now became one

of my favourites. Only good words for this guys...I hope i'll see/hear them

here in Yugoslavia once...And yes my favourite song is "Return Of The

Shadows"...it twist your feelings fuckin great...greetz from YU...;))

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Guest loosecannons_99[at]yahoo.co[dot]

Brilliant, Brilliant - what a fuckin album - cant wait for next one - wish i

had gone to enlightenment now!

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Shroomy goodness. Excellent debut; very full-on when it gets there. At times

the full-on bits could be longer, it's just not fair to build for 2 minutes

and then gush for only 40 seconds. Still, one of the best releases of 1999,

and likely the year's best psy-trance release. As hard as German stuff, yet

still with the Israeli synth know-how in the construction.

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Guest X - Dreamer in NYC

This album what can I say about this album that hasn't been said already. Maybe

pure perfection. Nuff said 11/10

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Guest Goa Sage

I don't know if I can say anything that can do this album justice... It's sooo

dark and yet uplifting! Great, orgasmic melodies with sliding, squeaking

sounds and incredible bass. This is my best Psytrance album and I seriously

doubt that I will find a better one... All tracks are topnotch, but my

favourites are "The Gathering", "Return Of The Shadows" and "Virtual Voyage".

The only track I don't worship is "Blue Muppet", because it's a bit stiff in

the beginning. "Release Me" is the perfect opening track... Those samples from

"Independence Day" are so cool! Infected Mushroom have forever changed my way

of listening to music! BUY IT!!!

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