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Miraculix - Detonator

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Miraculix - Detonator


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Artist: Miraculix

Title: Detonator

Label: Alchemy

Date: 2002


Track listing:


01. Mental Detector

02. Stop Them

03. Double Trouble

04. Sundance

05. Reactor

06. Motion Protons

07. Witchcraft

08. Alone In The Dark

09. Creatures




I would say that Miraculix has the sound of Hux-Flux with a touch of Logic

Bomb. If you like his tracks released on various comps you will like this too.

Every track is like those tracks. Full on crazy madness. But there is one

flaw, the tracks sounds almost the same and that makes it easy to get tired

of. But this is a solid first release. Final Verdict: 3.5/5

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"Full on crazy madness" is a very good way to describe this album :) And it is

just what I expected and wanted (if not more) from Miraculix. I don't agree

that the tracks sound almost the same... ok, he has his distinctive style,

which you could figure out already after hearing is tracks on compilations,

but that still doesn't make them sound the same to me, unlike quite a lot of

other full-on artists out there. This is made for dancefloors all over to

world to go bonkers!!!!! and they most certainly will as your neighbours will

start complaining when you listen to this, cuz you'll keep turning it up :)

Great debut album, keep the madness coming, I like it :)

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Very nice psychedelic goa. I like every track on the CD. Maybe they al sound a

little the same but that's really not a bad thing cuz they are all good. And

'a LITLLE the same' is not totally the same...

I think that many groups sound the same on their full cd but I hope no DJ plays

all the tracks in one set...


Best song for me is definitely nr 2. Very catchy. I'm singing that melody for 3

days now in my head.


I give this 8/10

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Guest LoneDeranger

Very good album. It's a bit minimal, but a lot of fun, especially #2. But the

best track is Motion Potions (#6) - I especially like the ending (which is

quite full on BTW) with weird laughing sounds and stuff. 8.5/10

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Nice album! Good old school fullon with razing synths and a lot of sparkly details. Most tracks find a nice balance with repetive 4/4 bassline and groove which isn't always so so on other fullon releases from the era.


The little melodies that are there are very good, the atmosphere is there. Some samples are a bit weezy cheesy but overall they don't strip anything. 1st track is a classic in my books, love those razing rattling synths. And the last scifigoapsydowntempo is great!

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Not many reviews for a pretty solid album, really sounds good considering it was made over 10 years ago.

I kinda agree with the guy above saying the whole album sounds a bit too homogeneous, but except that yeah nice sound, Hux-flux inspired any Hux-flux fan would like this i guess ! :P

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