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  1. every 2 months I trie to upload a new DJ set. So the next will be something for may I guess. Anyway, I have some older ones here on my computer. If you'd like I'll send you one over msn or something? PM me
  2. Very wrong track: Hypersonic & dynamic - inside me. nr 1 from the 'global trance network' compilation You must here this one, yes its that bad.
  3. ah i found it. its called 'up to the edge'. Do you have MSN? PM me please
  4. aaah, yes I think that was called 'dont think do nuts'. I can send it to you again if you want
  5. Download at www.Jalliuz.tk Title : Free Energy Playlist: 1. Silent Sphere - Neuland 2. Blanka - Once in a life (Mind Complex rmx) 3. Orion - Speaker speaker 4. Fatali - D Paradise 5. Electro Sun & Brain Damage - Hypnotic Voices 6. Intergalactic - Star Light 7. Cyrus The Virus - Valley of Kings 8. Dino Psaras versus Deedrah - Hellraiser 9. Mind Complex - Love Thing (Blanka edit) 10. Xerox & Illumination - Paranoia 11. Psysex and Rocky - Japanese Awa 12. Intergalactic - Free Galaxy 13. Black & White - Fireworks
  6. You can still send demo's so the line-up is not complete confirmed artists are: Wizzy Noise Live (Greece) Lani Live (BE) DJ's: Scotty (voov experience - DE) Kairon (BE) Jalliuz (BE) TCK (DE) Bull (ISR) DZN (ISR) Hugo (BE) MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED For more info check www.dance-a-delic.be DJ's and artists can still send us demo's till end of may. Please contact us at info@dance-a-delic.be
  7. Eskimo - Can You Pick Me Up ? Artist: Eskimo Title: Can You Pick Me Up ? Label: Phantasm Date: 2003 Track listing: 01. The Scorpion 02. Fire And Ice (Rmx) 03. Spotted Dots 04. Dirty Trancing 05. Travelling 06. Hyperdelic 07. Israeli Beautiful 08. Tbc 09. Can You Pick Me Up ? Review: This guy is only 17 year old! I'm pretty jealous For a guy that age this is very nice offcourse. But this is again another isralien sounding album. I get tired of that. Hey nothing agains israel hey, I just don't know how to call this sound. And there are
  8. Not a bad album at all here! But I also expected some more progress from one of the leaders. Or should I say 'other' progress? I kinda hoped on some darker driven songs like 'GMS vs Talamasca - mutation'. Ok maybe I shouldn't have hoped that... The aries track is for me the best in the album. When the first guitars hit in, now that's what I call KICKING! But sadly this track was played so much on the dancefloors even before the album was released. That's offcourse not their fault This album surely has some refreshing things in it and brings oldskool again this step closer to us. The g
  9. Jalliuz

    Dynamic - Dynamix

    Dynamic - Dynamix Artist: Dynamic Title: Dynamix Label: Phonokol Date: 2003 Track listing: 01. Genetic Engineers 02. Happy Hippies (Rmx) 03. Life Game 04. Djs On Pills 05. Dynamix 06. Marjuana 07. Alien Connection 08. Say Yes 09. R2d2 10. Dynamic And Star X Review: I just bought it, I had to choose between the eskimo, fatali, and Dynamic. I didn't want to buy them all because accually there is not much difference between them. As a DJ this one was the best fit for me. This 'rolls' smoother then the others and is interesting in compos
  10. Wizzy noise is back! That's what I feel when listening to this album. They take their own path and that's what's so great about it. They are totally not copycats. They made music like this years ago and put their own sound and style in a new jacket. This album is for me the best they made allready. Totally my style. It's a combination of dark nighttrance and groovy rhythmes. This is the music that makes it thrilling on the dancefloor. Definately 10/10 for me!
  11. Jirah - Outer Access Artist: Jirah Title: Outer Access Label: USTA Date: 2003 Track listing: 01. Return 02. Wide Open 03. The Perfect Place 04. Outer Access 05. Third Phase 06. Kether 07. Welcome To The Future 08. Optimator 09. Isen Review: This is an EEEEksscellent album, massive tracks all the way. The size of 'eye to eye' from Astrix last year. Not the same but really that good in its own way. It floats like a cloud on a sunny day driven by smooth structures and clean sounds. A real masterpeace from Canada and perfect fit for the
  12. Fractal Glider - Digital Mandala Artist: Fractal Glider Title: Digital Mandala Label: BooM! Date: 2003 Track listing: 01. Tabla Trek 02. Megatonne 03. Titanium Walls 04. Striker 05. Things That Go Bump 06. My World 07. 6 Degrees 08. Mezmorized (Rmx) 09. The Stem Cell Review: Very very very nice album. Where oldskool meets quality is what I can say from this one. Very enjoyable structures and ideas like their previous album but with better fresher sounds and worked out much better. It has these original goa things in it again. Things th
  13. Jalliuz

    Cosma - Nonstop

    This album touches my heart. It comes easy with some more melodic tracks in the beginning and gets to darker nightmusic in the end. Every song tells a story and all you can do is float away. Even as it would work on the dancefloor this is also for homelistening. Eternal respect! 10/10
  14. Asarualim - No Light Without Darkness Artist: Asarualim Title: No Light Without Darkness Label: Insolation Date: 2003 Track listing: 01. Egeltour 02. Wang Ljama 03. Spat In Der Nacht 04. Finstere Zeiten 05. In Trance 06. Synthetic Fruits 07. Ghostrider 08. Ragadust 09. Mdm Ibiza Review: I like this one. Some tracks made me think of chiva chandra some time ago. It starts minimalistic but still psychedelic. It has some very ritmic things in it. Track 4 is one with guitars thought not very clear. This is some morning music to give the dan
  15. the trance side is like bp empire, not bad, maybe good... the second side is worth an album on its own! I like the other side very very much. Only that second cd was worth buying it. A real step forward in terms of music thought some people might not like it... that depends on your personal taste.
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