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GMS - Chaos Laboratory

Guest Deku81

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Guest Deku81

GMS - Chaos Laboratory


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Artist: GMS

Title: Chaos Laboratory

Label: Alien News

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 07'26" The Crow

02. 08'41" Do Androids Dream Of Electronic Sheep?

03. 08'14" Jaws

04. 09'46" Houston, We Have A Problem

05. 07'25" The Last Block

06. 08'08" I'll Be Back

07. 07'16" Red Light

08. 07'30" La Raca




This is different from the other album by these guys. It isn't that insane

in the same way as "The growly family" but it's still very good and very

psychedelic!!! Heavy, twisted sounds in many layers is very common here. The

tempo is also very fast on most tracks. Tracks 2,3 are sooo wicked.. you'll

get crazy when you hear this, especially "jaws" is amazing.. you can't

sit still to this track! #4 slows down the tempo but only for 10 minutes,

because next three tracks are mean and rough just like the two before. "Red

light" is so damn good!!!, just listen to it and feel the craziness. "La

raca" pulls down the tempo and finishes off the album. As I said before it's

different to "the growly family".. it's very psychedelic and it's really

good for the dancefloor. Both albums are good in their own way so I give

this the same rating as I did for the other one. 7.5/10.

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Guest cosmo[at]futaba.ne[dot]jp

This is a great album- much better than Growly Family and their

later stuff that has exactly the same bassline in every tune. Shame they

didn't explore more along these lines. Best tunes-The Last Block and Jaws.

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Pretty good Album ! First of all I have to say that I didn't like GMS that much

before seeing Ricktam Live in Paris ... indeed this set completely changed my

point of view about their style and made me decide to find their albums ! And

now I have a much better knowledge of psytrance than 6 months ago, so I

understand non-melodic styles much better ! That's a very good style (very

psychedelic) to dance on parties, less good to listen to at home ... I don't

think there's any Bad Track and my favourite here is undoubtedly Track 5 ...

for X-Dreamer : I think you have to listen to it very carefully before giving

it a precise rating ... but maybe you've not already seen them on a party,

which could make you understand their style better ... one bad point : Tracks

5&6 have exactly the same drums And bassline ... Rating : 6.5/10

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Guest Ravemail10

No offense children, but i really can't say this album is any good. I have seen

them live, i REALLY like minimal progressive psytrance, but i still find that

this album is boring. Listening to it once or twice is not bad, but on the

fifth listen you can't stand it already. It's very very predictable, in fact

you can memorize the progression of the entire album. Even "Jaws", which is

the stomper of the album, is boring after several listens. I would say that of

all the boring albums i heard, this is the best, but it's still boring. So if

you want an introduction into GMS, go get their newest album "Tri-Ball

University" and not this old so-so album. In my opinion this is their best cd,

even if it's not innovative. Or if you want good minimal psytrance, check out

Kopfuss Resonator, Son Kite, and of course The Delta. Rating: 3.5/10, as i

said it's the best of the boring. Bom! - Raven

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Guest psycho world

who ever think this album is shity don't like real

psychodelic trance music and better go back to listen

to house music or whatever- real psycho music gms

simply sound good in this album

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Guest Jason - Los Angeles, CA

Jaws is a stomper. They even payed it live in July when I saw them. They will

be in LA again in Two days. Sorry to hear people who don't like GMS, but I've

seen them live three times and they kick ass live. Anytime they are near, I

will be there. Bansi throws down an unbelieveable full power DJ set too. I

think these guys are extremely talented and brought a lot to the trance seen.

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Guest Davidtolsn

ah, yes. gms before they were gms. out of all of their cds so far, this is the

only one that stands out as unique in my eyes. and yes, some of the tracks on

here are real killers.. namely 2 and 3. and 1 is decent also. so the cd starts

out very promising and then goes bad. well, not bad, but average. track 4 is

an ambient-type song that is too repetitive for me although it has a trippy

sound. the next frew range from average-good but are mostly too chaotic, loud

and random for me. the last track, la raca, is another slower song and my

least favorite on the cd. however, the good songs alone make this cd worth

getting. the style is much more "old school" than the newer gms stuff but

still shows that these guys to have talent, whether people want to admit that

or not. i actually like this better, and it doesn't have as many

annoying/cheesy samples. great party music. even if you do not like gms you

may be surprised by this cd. 7.6/10

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I got this just about a week ago and it was my first time listening to this album.

(except had heard 'do anroids dream of electric sheep' and 'jaws' before)



One of the best albums I have got this year. Very psychedelic, quirky and crazy.

There aren't much music made like this these days. Well there are but they aren't very popular.

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very good album, though i have some remarks on some tracks and production techniques. somehow in a few songs each time the snare drops in it cuts of the bass and the rest of the song hideously hard, like they sidechained it way too loud.


still, mindbending shit like i like it!



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I had a review and thought I posted it, but I guess that dinna happen. I have the Avatar version with the two extra tracks.


The debut of GMS certainly took goa trance someplace it wasn't used to. Gone were the stacking of Indian melodies and in it's place was a sound that was evil and juicy with alien textures. Effects laden and story telling at the same time it took you to another planet. Had to be another planet, have you ever heard a lead white hot like the one in Androids? Haunting mid tempo stuff like Houston? They can do the storming aggressive goa as well like Jaws and I'll Be Back.


They can do strange also. I still don't know what's going on with La Raga. The Crow remix was fine, but I thought that Hashimoto wasn't anything special and just a throw in. So the question is is this a classic? Maybe, but if it isn't perhaps it should be.



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