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Talamasca - Beyond The Mask


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Talamasca - Beyond The Mask


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Artist: Talamasca

Title: Beyond The Mask

Label: 3D Vision

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 08'06" The Hunted Becomes The Hunter (Feat Nomad)

02. 07'42" The Flow (Rmx)

03. 07'58" Wake Up

04. 08'40" Drops Of Madness (Rmx)

05. 07'38" Strangers (Feat Xerox And Domestic)

06. 08'08" Telepathic Atmospheres

07. 08'30" You Are The Machines

08. 07'44" Halloween

09. 08'33" Beyond The Mask




Finally i got this one...and hey...i must say that this CD rocks...it's


It's somehow dark but you will meet crazy melodies through the whole disc...

Both melodies and dark atmosphere fit together perfectly...I recommend this

one to everyone...BUY TALAMASCA...It is not hard it is not soft....it's


I must congratulate to Lestat for track 6...this is the best track i heard in


last months (years?)...You MUST hear Telepathic Atmospheres it has those

female ethno samples...It is the influence of the Balkans...that's typical

Balkan ethno sound...so spiritual so nice...i recommend to other artists to

try consider doing same thing...cause...it would be innovative and in the same

it would bring back spirituality to psy trance, that we love...so go buy this

one and listen to track 6...and you'll be stoned how good it is...

Rating.....9/10................and btw...very nice cover...;)))

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Guest havoc[at]tesla.rcub.bg.ac[dot]yu





'Nuff said... ;)

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Guest Nico_Steinacker[at]hotmail[dot]c

Drops of Madness?

I´d either say this Album takes me to the dark side! Really good stomper - just

buy it! NOW!

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Guest jsbedard

Fucking GREAT masterpiece like we don't see these days! All tracks are

powerfull, melodics, uplifting with a dark and "3d vision" screaming sound. My

favorties : track 1 and especially 3 : WAKE UP. Damn, what a final !! This

album really kick asses. 10/10

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GOOD Album ! First of all BEWARE of the reviews above : that?s NOT very melodic

at all ! That?s a DARK album ! To describe this style better I would say each

Track is built with bass,drums,strange noises And vocals (VERY WELL THOUGHT

vocals like in Tracks 1&6) ... all these sounds create a particular (&

voluntarily repetitive to make you feel the ambience around you) dark

atmosphere ... THEN the melodies come ! But there are not as melodies as you

can have heard on old Talamasca Tracks ! That?s DARK melodies too ! The first

part of the album is less melodious than the second one (maybe except for

Track 1) ... You should listen to this album with headphones, cause you would

be missing something ! Tracks use stereo very well and the ambience is even

darker like this !

I don?t think there are any bad Tracks (even if Tracks 3,4,5 aren?t awesome),

and you?ll love this album if you like dark atmospheres ... my favourites are

Tracks 1,7,9 And particularly 6 ! In fact that?s the Tracks DJ Lestat played

in his Live ! BUT when I heard this live in the party I found it boring !

That?s because the heavy BOUM BOUM at the party KILLED this album ! Cause I

personally didn?t hear half of the sounds of these Tracks ! I found the Live

boring, but this CD is NOT boring ! The closer album I know in the same style

is Diablo : Insufficient Memory, but the Talamasca album is less melodious,

with more strange noises (like we currently know them very well in Europe,

whereas Diablo is a little more Israeli-oriented) and drums And ambience

sounds are played louder than bass (the opposite than in Diablo album) ... and

I think this Talamasca album is BETTER than the Diablo one ! But if you don?t

like dark style you won?t like this album ... that?s more an album made to

listen to than dance on (because of its darkness) ... Rating : 7/10

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Guest Mascok

a great combination between dark, wicked psychedelic trance and oldschool,

melodic(?) goatrance!. a real beautiful album talamasca delivers to us here. i

really thought after the end of 99 he will never release any albums.. (i've

waited and waited and waited :). really worth buying!, a real amazing,stomping

release this one is!, 9/10. BUY IT!!

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Guest Snow Dog

Personally I found it very boring

and derivative, it sounds like

they're trying to copy Infected

Mushroom. This is not the

Talamasca I know! First and last

tracks are killers, but the rest

is just too dark and minimal.

Here's hoping the "darkness" trend

runs it's course soon, so we can

get on with our lives. 3/10

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Very good work. The texture of all the tracks look a bit the same because the

synths at 3D vision have obviously all their buttons blocked since 1 year, but

Lestat, Eli And their friends have done an excellent job on all the tracks and

the result is amazing. Every guy who's been to a Party around Paris in the

last months has heard all those tracks a thousand times...but w.t.f !! This is

good! 8.5/10. bravo.

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Guest Ktaadn

What's that line from 'The Hunted' -- "It's going to be a wild ride." She ain't

kidding! This one is strong-as-an-ox from start to front. Every track works

for those peak-of-the-set times when you want to make people's heads roll off

their shoulders. Great structures on every track -- twisting, bending and

always reaching for new levels. This is the goods so far in 2000. More like

this, please!

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ya ya ya, what they said! but...i'm already tired of this album. it seems

rather simple to me because all song structures are similar. simple does NOT

mean minimal, this is not minimal! but nevertheless, i don't listen to this

much anymore. and children was right, this is better heard in a car (if u have

good speakers), or headphones. big soundsystem weakens this album (weird,

huh?). so maybe 7/10

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Am I the only one who missed this album?... I heard it some time ago, but I

didnt remember a single song on it... Guess I have to check it out again..

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Guest shantidruid[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]

The best recent release, full of that full-on vicious French shit that we like

so much better than the sort of minimalist rubbish coming out of Germany/UK

and more intelligent than GMS/Israel.

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Guest wthomassen[at]planet[dot]nl

Not my cup of tea. I expected more from Talamasca. He knows how to create nice

percussion/bass-driven grooves, but unfortunately he uses the same tricks over

and over again.

With the large entrances, nice build-ups, pushing drives and uplifting Astral

Projection-esque melodies, every single track has the potential to rock large


But it's predictable as fuck, the samples are pretty lame and the music lacks

imagination and depth (ironic considering it's released by a label called 3D


The only track I really liked was Cristof's remix for "The flow" (the original

is also great BTW).

To me 3D Vision is still the best trance label around, but I think this is

below their standards.

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Guest Kuldipsidhu

very good for me cause i cannot find any thing like this any more and i thought

is it's perfect for 3d vision i hope they will keep working togather cause i

love the cd it's great itself 10/10

boom shanker

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Guest BandCamp

Melodic,with really great percussion driving the tracks. Refreshing to hear

bass rhythms other than a just a kick drum! Sort of like a harder x-dream,

with lots of sound effects and movie samples sprinkled around.

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Guest luisgr76[at]hotmail[dot]com

Nice and really driving music, good building in all tracks, the dark sound on

it, it makes these cd better,

the chants in some tracks a goooood, keep doing these DJ lestat. 10/10

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WAKE UP ! Powerful album :) Very good bassline on all songs with pretty dark

melodies. And a good rhythmic too. The breaks in Wake up and Drops of Madness

are breathtaking. One if not the best 3DVision release so far : 8.5/10

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