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Talamasca - Beyond The Mask


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Guest ArchNemesis

Number 1, 3, 4 are the best on this album. I love Talamascas new style. very

GMS. And thats not bad. Oh no, not bad at all.



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Yeah... This has been getting a lot of playing time in my cd-players in y2k ...

This is actually quite simple, but it sure does the trick for me! Stand-outs

for me are "The Hunter Becomes The Hunted" and "Telepathic Atmospheres" ...

Brilliant album that sticks to the basics of psychedelic trance. 7.3/10 Bom


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Guest Acidhive

Typical 3D Vision psychedelica here, and it rocks! Talamasca has done a great

job here. All tracks are pretty straight-forward Psy-Trance and really

kicking! I especially like that track ' The Flow', made together with Christof

Drouillet. Really great Sci-Fi samples and swirling acid sounds. Put a kicking

beat below and some dark bass... MMmmm tastes great! A solid 8/10 from me

here. No bad tracks IMO!

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Guest slinker

Solid hard driving fantastic Dark Psytrance...Perfectly suited to the clubs and

fat headphone crews!! great use of the 303 sound in some tracks good build ups

and soaring basslines...mmm im glad i didnt pass this one up!

9/10 =^,^= Kickin

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Guest davidtolsn

HORRIBLE samples... and worst of all, they are way overused. it's hard to find

10 seconds on this whole cd that doesn't have a (usually bad) sample inserted

somewhere. other than that the music is good... but for me the samples get in

the way and make it really hard to get in to.

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Guest simon magus

This is good. Y'know, even though it is simple in the sense of musical

construction, you are listening to it the wrong way if that is a problem for

you. Beethoven's 9th Symphony is one of his simplest works, but his most

beautiful. If you are at the point where you don't like the psychedelic

trance sound anymore, start going to house clubs, for god's sake. This is

nice to listen to. Period. I want to dance when I hear it. Don't burn your

self out, and keep your 'beginner's mind' and get into this album. 8/10

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Guest ecstasymfl[at]bol.com[dot]br

i think this is not as good as the elder talamasca, it seems very minimal, with

a hard beat and acid sounds...it's really poisoning the tracks. The best track

is telepatic atmosphere with that great etno voices, real goa. But the cd is

real bad comparating with musics like "Believe" or "Talafrica" from their

oldest musics. I think they should try to make musics like believe stuff.

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Guest Mescalinium

Whoever said this cd is somewhere between minimal and melodic is right on. The

sound is definately in a happy medium between the two. Songs often start out

with a minimal beat/bassline and then the melody comes in 3 to 4 mins. into

the track. Lots of twisted fx and samples are used. Normally I like a lot of

samples, but a couple of the songs here manage to use a bit too much for me.

Still, I definately dig the overall vibe in this one. The tracks are all

pretty dark, but the melodies are always there to balance things out. I

personally love You are the Machines and The Hunted Becomes the Hunter.

Everybody here seems to like the female voice sample on Telepathic

Atmospheres. Maybe I'm too old school, but this sample was ripped directly

from Union Jack's classic Two Full Moons and a Trout which is off one of my

favorite albums of all time (There Will Be No Armageddon). Although, speaking

of stealing samples, Zerotonine took the "acid theater" sample off Beyond the

Mask in their new single of the same name. Oh well. In any case, this is a

great album that manages to incorporate the best elements of both minimal and

melodic trance. Despite the fact that the song structures are all mostly the

same, this is still a quality piece of work. 8/10.

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This is so good!

"The Hunter Becomes the Hunted... Yes!!!!!!!!!!"

Hell yeah!!! 

That and so much more. There is an incredibly break in Halloween where the song shifts from dark psy into darkly infectious Goa climax. incredible! 

Highlights include: 

The Hunter (!), Wake Up, Drops Of Madness, Telepathic Atmosphere (!), You Are The Machines

Great album!!!


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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

Gotta re-Review this one... Very nice album.. Great beats, rythm, sounds and

melodies.. I totally agree with "wthomassen@planet.nl" above here somewhere..

It's pretty much the same thing in through out. Same percussions and those

dark sounds in the backgroung which makes it sound a little "goa" ;) It works

to certain point but after a while.. well.. It seems they're out of

inspiration or something so they just use the same tricks over and over again.

But of course there are some reeeaaal highlights here. Favs are Drops of

Madness, The hunter becomes the Hunter and not to forget Telepathic

Atmospheres. Allthough this album CERTAiNLY works perfect on the dansfloor

with it's speed and "smoothness" sort of speaking =}

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Guest mossadexz[at]hotmail[dot]com

"Talamasca - Sinaï" which is on DG8 cd1 Track01, is by far the best track ever

made by Talamasca. Listen to it again, just for fun :)

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Guest skyhouse[at]bolt[dot]com

Telepatic Atmospheres: thanx for bringing this wonderful female singing from

Union Jacks's "Two Full Moons & A Trout" to the awareness of so many new

people. Spread the beauty and love!

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Guest truthserum[at]hotmail[dot]com

This production IS one of the few center pieces for Psychedelic Trance. It has

integrity, flow, intent, and clear detail to sound development. Like skyhouse

above, I think that its brillant to mix in the "Bulgarian State Womens Choir."

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Guest Jason - Los Angeles, CA

If you call someone a cockhead for loving GOA trance, you should go to another

web site and wallow in your own misery. This CD kicks. Talamasca is the shit.

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Guest Protex Midget

It sounds to me like, GMS, Absolum and Nomad all got into the studio on a dark

stormy night, and this CD is what they came up with...

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Guest rx7style

Track 5 is absolutely killer. The rest of the album is a little too dark for

me, but Talamasca has good rhythm, and great skill. If only more of his

tracks were similar to Strangers... wow.

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Great debut album...excellent bassline and dark nasty sounds. Track 1 is a

dancefllor killer, as is track 3 and 5. Not a bad song on this album. Tracj 6

is the best IMO - excellent in every aspect, and very well produced album in

general. Buy it now! Looking forward to the next one!!!

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'Now I'm warning you: It's going to be a wild ride. Don't pass out, no matter

what happens!!!' Nice release from the 3DVisionlab! Talamaska's use of melody

is subtile and they build up their works just perfectly. Most trax indeed have

a simple predictable build-up but this sounds just fine to me! My favorites

are the Drops of Madness RMX (this is a real dancefloorkiller: the stress is

put on the bassline but then this melody comes up with a filtered kick kindof

like a reward for the patient waiting)...and...'Wake up' has a cool PERCUSSION

part in the middle!!! I also like track 1 & 9 very much (9 being the most

uplifting one on this alb!) 8/10

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Guest the dank man

Too melodic for me, except for You Are the Machines. Ehh, I'll give it another

try tomorrow. Percussions balance out hte dryness, but the melodic shit is

too annoying right this evening, somehow.

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Guest the dank man

Okay, see, I knew I had to listen to it again to like it. Very good stuff,

although definitely more melodic. But full of energy. Not as annoying as

crap like AP, or CaliSunshine. "Halloween" track is too melodic though. As

for the rest, pretty good stuff. Favorites: 1,4,7 -- for the more minimalist

style; #8,9 are more old school melodic goa. Love track 5 for its spacey,

light energy and originality -- but again, it gets too annoying in the middle

with the fricking melodies. If they just stuck to the style, it'd be great!

The melodies spoil everything a little bit on this CD, kill the energy -- they

are cheesy melodies in the Astral Projection style -- yuck. Overall: 6/10

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