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Parasense - Avangaro

Guest Slave2rave

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Guest Slave2rave

Parasense - Avangaro


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Artist: Parasense

Title: Avangaro

Label: Acidance

Date: 2003


Track listing:


01. Gidra

02. Speech Work

03. Stop The Sickness

04. Mail Delivered

05. Ritual Of Drugs

06. Meteor Shield

07. Tarakashi

08. Big Rave With No Name

09. Skriamer




It's Parasense, instead of "Parasence". Other than that, a typical russian

sound: very dark, heavy, full on. Didn't listen to the whole album, just to

some tracks. Stop The Sickness (T3) is a heavy one, very fast bassline,

dancefloor killer. T6, T7 and T9(!) follow the same style. Can't give any

rating, since i didn't listen to it all. Well, if you liked the older

Parasense, you'll like it.

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Guest Smarthowie

Finally :) This long awaited album from the russian guys, this cd is just what

I expected !! Got the cd today, and I have already listened to it several

times... Because it is quite amazing! Track 1, Gidra isn`t anything special

though, I didn`t like it, but if you just skip that one you have 8 tracks to

have really fun with... Track 2 is very good, nice bassline, and t3 follows

the same style, even harder bassline, one hell of a track!! t4 also very good,

t5, ritual of Drugs is a killer, nice bass, not as "pumping" as 2&3, but

harder and the kicks makes a nice "clack" sound, great!! T6&7 is at 148 BPM,

fast and hard, same style as 2&3, very good !! No tracks on this cd under 145

BPM, very hard and dancefloor-oriented !! Track 8 is pumping again, great

track, and then we have t9, which starts of with not so pleasant bassline,

though it`s very good, but listen very carefully to the last 3:30 min of the

track, God damn !!! So excellent, hard, pumping, I love the end of this track,

the bassline changes three times... Do you like the older Parasense, buy this

one straight away !! I give it 10/10, to bad Track 1 don`t follow the same

style as none of the rest! But I am sure someone out here like that one too !!


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Guest Psydark Light

the usual parasense material.


there is no much to say because there is no changes or something crazy I liked


I really don't like parasense's basslines , sound a bit poor.


bottom line:

people who enjoy the old parasense stuffs ,will enjoy this album too.

people who didn't like parasense in the past , won't like parasense in the near



FAVORITE TRACK : Tarakashi !


grade 7/10

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Parasense - Avangard is the correct title... Just check the Acidance site...

Heavy, dark, twisted, distorted, psychedelic are my first impressions

listening to this cd. I have not yet heard these tracks on the dancefloor, but

I can imagine they will KICK ASS... Great stuff, following the style that

Parasense introduced us to on their first album... Fav'e track so far is

Speech Work, but the rest is pretty good too... 7/10!

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Guest Dr Cheroot


This is an all-inclusive Party tool-kit. DJs can take two copies of this and

rock the floor for more than an hour.

This is psychedelic defined.....dark and twisted to boot.

A MUST-BUY, full-on freaks can just go ahead and pick this one up, but don't

say i didn't warn you.


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Guest Psykret

Andrew dice clay said it best but i'm gonna repeat his words of wisdom! "

UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE"!!!!!! There is only one track that i don't like "that"

much and it's track#1. This is Probably gonna be the release of the year for

me,right Next to Digital Talk-Dark Vision.


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Guest Dr Cheroot

Sorry bout the repeat review, but this one deserves a closer look.


Announcing the new and improved Parasense masala, prepared with the

patented Avangard technology. Ready-to-cook all-inclusive psychedelic

party kit. Just add lysergic acid.


Wow, what can I say about this one. Parasense is back with a bang, and my ears

are still ringing. Serious psychedelic stuff, this. Gidra starts off on a

"milder" note, warming up with a steady 4x4, spiked with a considerable amount

of twists and turns nonetheless. Speech Work darkens the brew a little, with a

relentless bassline all the way, finally giving way to some extended samples

which may be slightly corny to some, but will surely bring smiles to an

international crowd rocking the dancefloors at many a trance festival this

summer. Next on is the star of the show, Stop The Sickness, which makes its

intentions clear from the word go with some serious knob-twisting and

tweaking, and a bassline heavy enough to knock off a few feathers from Skazi's

hat. The breakdown midway through the track is simple, and a little too

effective when on certain substances, I remember hearing this track in Goa at

the New Year's party at Hilltop, at about noon, and almost screamed at the DJ

to stop (the sickness?), it was so intense. Next up is Mail Delivered, which

gives a much needed 53 seconds of ambient respite, after which it's back to

square one, riding on the beats and squeaks and plinks. Ritual Of Drugs is a

highly lysergic romp through black-lit tunnels and dark deep forests, leaving

you with a considerably muted sense of direction at the end of it all, I

recommend a sitter for this one. Meteor Shield and Tarakashi are a little

disappointing compared to the other tracks, but hey, disappointing in this

case is an 8/10; expect generous helpings of mind-twisting psychedelia to keep

you on your feet anyway. Big Rave With No Name is as strange as it's name,

with a very fat bass not very typical of Parasense; highly entertaining

nonetheless, once you get over the numbness in your head. Skriamer is another

beauty, a little experimental (there's three different basslines in the

track), but a nice culmination of this giant roller coaster space ride of an



The wait has been well worth it. A phenomenal duo doing what they do

best…..causing serious brain damage. A must-buy for DJs and full-on freaks.

Parasense is spelled p-s-y-c-h-e-d-e-l-i-c.

Rating: 5/5

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This release delivers what we've come to expect from this crew. Hard-driving,

fast, relentless acid psychelia for drugs and motion on the floor. I think

this would work well outdoors. Not much new or surprising happens, but that's

just their style. This solid effort gets a 7.5/10 from me.

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Parasense from Russia is out with their second album on Acidance Records. They

had big success with their first album Apple, released early 2001. Parasense

is famous for a totally dark sound picture. Their music is very monotonous,

but not minimal. You get a lot of tiny psychedelic sounds in between now and

then, and usually a little melody at the end. The first track is the same

style as on the Apple album. Very hard pumping dark trance with a few small

psychedelic sounds. Track 2 goes the same style, but after a few minutes you

get a cool dark melody that sounds like heavy guitars. Track 4 follows with

high bpm and a lot of scary noisy sounds. No light sounds to be found here?

Track 5 is another fast going stumper, with dark industrial sounds. Reminds me

a lot of techno, with very monotonous rhythms and sounds. Track 6 goes the

same direction, but maybe with some more massive sounds. Track 7 has even more

scary and noisy sounds, but still monotonous. Track 8 is better, with more

psychedelic sound picture, still very dark. The last track on the album goes

the same style. Pure dark night trance.


This album isn`t much different from their first. In my opinion it sounds a bit

simple, but it will for sure please some of you who like hard banging dark

psy. Russian trance is a bit overestimated in my opinion.

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he he with Parasense in general and this album in particular, it's all a

question of having a huge powerful subwofer... if you do, then the hypnotic

monotonous bassline (especially in Meteor Shield -- I have NEVER heard such a

powerfull bass-line in my life!!) will leave you turning the volume-knob a up

a notch every 30 seconds wanting more and more and more!! But if you have some

wimpy little speakers you'll probably notice mostly everything else happening

in the tracks except the bassline... and that's the problem... nothing much

happens except for the bassline... Only Speech Work can work on both levels,

with a cool little melody in the end, sounds a bit like Parasense doing

oldschool IMO. So I guess this gets a 9/10 if you have a subwoofer, and 3/10

if you don't... thumbs up for Speech work, though, one of my top 5 tracks for

at the moment!!

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Guest GenAcidE

I think the album is great. Acidance seems to know what kind of artists needs.

I like all the tracks. Well even if someone does not like it at first hearing

will be surprized if he keeps up listening to it. That is the magic of this

music. Even if you don 't like something, after a couple of hearings you 'll

be "on" it and dancing with it. Too good. Parasence are great I wish them a

nice trip to No 1 .

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Not a very accessible album, there were times this album used to bore me a lot. There were times I also managed to enjoy it. Now I am not sure but I do think it did not age very well. The basslines are hard, alas I don't find the music complex and deep enough. But yeah these basslines played on a proper system are extremely powerful.

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