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V/A - Namaste from russia

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Crazy underground russian coming up



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It is high time to check the modern Russian vibe, for those who are interested in Russian sound. Vertigo rec. didn't include the tracks of super-famous artists in Namaste from Russia purposely, to give you a chance to discover the works of projects, which are not so famous and popular yet, but nevertheless, as it seems to them, have a great potential and undoubtedly present music known as Russian style. To show you wider range of it - they included their various tracks - for morning, for afternoon and for the nighttime, and all of them have its own unique personality. All in all - Namaste to music lovers & Bolenath!!!


SAMADHI - namaste from russia

FURIOUS - electro guitar of furious

GLOOEX - acid balls

KRAFT - trancepero

PASHA 40 - fuck any problem

FEARKILLER - samba roumba

TRANSDRIVER - lord of the fly

ABNORMAL PROJECT - prekrasnoe daleko (rmx)

FURIOUS - alliance

PARAPLAN - slushay suda!




not out yet

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waaaaahahaaaaa yesssssssss finally a new transdriver track :D


there's another compilation with transdriver coming up... forgot where but I rememberd writing the same reaction as you :D
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Wow! Furious and Psykovsky! HELL YEAH!!!!!!

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great compilation!great vertigo records company also!all tracks nice! Congratulations,i wish good luck to u guys

Fearkiller,is Kirill from russia moscow,very nice person & power special music! all the best


om shanti



~ love ~ balance ~ harmony ~ peace ~ unity ~ respect

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