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crazy effects

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what tools do you use to make advanced sounds??


i dont mean really nice synth...


i mean:

creating new sounds

those sounds you hear when the beat stops for a second,

..with many tricks inside...

like chopped up echos

sudden stops

mangled sound explosions


for example alot of the sounds you will hear in



Nine inch nails


and other accomplished artist


what tools do you use to create+mangle sounds??


im sure this will be interesting for all






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You can do alot of crazy stuff by playing samples of things at different pitch levels (either really high or really low) - EQ them, add flangers or echo and they sound amazing. Spektral Delay by Native Instruments also can help make some pretty crazy sounds.

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Make sounds more interesting...


Well... for a start, adding a large amount of reverb to a one hit sample, then reversing it can give a nice buildup effect - reversing just about anything can breathe life into your sample library - then there's also EQing, bitcrushers, flangers, phasers, delay, etc you can use! :)

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good advices.


i will have to try that spektral delay. it looks confusing


im quite familiar with the reverb trick as i use it alot. it is also good with reversing your samples, reverb, then re-reverse.


in an attempt to make my own sounds last night.

i discovered the best way

is to lower ADSR to 0 everywhere.



try and see.

cuz i dont know anything really about synth so, i never tried 0 setting before. tis fun



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For chopped up echos u have to use multi tap delay ucan find this in fl studio n sound forge. For great effects add more than one effect one a sound . eg:take a hi-hat sound

put multitap delay on it then put flanger n reverb and see the result or take a kick sound

put multi tap delay

Have an insight to the effects in fl studio

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Waves Ultrapitch is very good to make crazy sound from "every" sound.




I have a question about vst. Is any vst plugin like granulizer in fruity. I want something similar to load in cubase. I don´t want to load fruity as slave in rewire.


sorry for english

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if the original uneffected sample is strange it helps again. recording odd sounds from around us is great fun. i got a great sound out of recording the back of my ancient old fridge, then giving it some delay and phaser and yum!

Sound effects libraries often have rare gems within too for tweaking purposes. :)

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I use my brain... mabey not a good answer.

An example.

Reverse a sounds, put all your energy on that sound.... mute the others.

Use Wavelab, Soundforge or something like that and let all computer power go for that one sound.... for instans, a Violin with Doppelmangler, and 3d panorering... or a child crying... have to try that.

If you have good quality samples of people talking, u can always use some parts of the sample. Put on some delay, chorus and pitch shift it.

Hope I did give use some advice.

P.S sorry for the bad english :blink:


It`s all about using your imagination.

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