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your favorite high

lost tribe

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Guest .::E.P

Then I'm sorry for you. Here the pills are still mostly MDMA, there are even some very strong ones around from time to time (there is eve & rave who tests them so that's why I can tell that there is still mostly good stuff around).


Now back to the original question:


No drug highs:


Beeing in love and getting the love back from the person. Best feeling ever!!!


Music: Very powerfull and can make me happy and full of energy. But it's damn addicting...


Sex of course is also good.

Drug highs:


MDMA: still one of my favourite drugs, especially when combined with music and/or my girlfriend.


Coke: well, not as impressive as MDMA but it has that special something that makes you come back for more (unfortunately...), but the comedown is fucking ugly.


Psychedelics (shrooms and LSD): Hard to explain, it is completely different thatn MDMA or coke. It's mind expanding and more challenging to my mind than other drugs



Wrong forum dudes ;)

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There is a feeling you can get when you make music that is quite hard to beat... that is probably the "perfect high". :D


Havn't done any music an a long time now but i'd like to have that feeling again. Hmm, maybe it's time to start to produce some stuff... It's free and legal :)

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Guest run lola

LOVE.. it takes you to a new dimension

a long run on your favourite music, you feel the adrenaline rush, it beats any pill or chemicals..

and of course a good party...

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Best High comes to me when I'm out in the woods somewhere in a intense Trance practicing Kung fu.


I then add in a little bit of Juno Reactor and I feel like I'm 100 times lighter and faster.


Smoke some weed.


Do some Tai Chi. Chaing man Chings 37 postures and the

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