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Magus Remixes


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Compilation: Magus Remixes


Label: Headstick Records


Year: 2005


Format: CD


Web: www.headstick.gr


Country: Greece


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01. Stepladder (Sensient Rmx) (140 BPM's)

02. Realm Of The Jealous Gods (Bigwigs Rmx) (138 BPM's)

03. Oxymorous (Man Made Man Rmx) (144 BPM's)

04. Egoes Out (Phacelift Rmx) (140 BPM's)

05. Digital Silence (Genetic Spin Rmx) (140 BPM's)

06. Liquid Mint (La Baaz Rmx) (134 BPM's)

07. Nature In The Machine (Igneous Rmx) (140 BPM's)

08. Imploded Brains (Setherian Rmx) (143 BPM's)

09. Crystal Ball (Bar Code Rmx) (138 BPM's)



I'm going to be honest. I have not heard much Magus before I picked this baby up. So, offering you an idea of how much the sound has changed from its original form is bit hard... what originally attracted me was the caliber of the people they got together for the compilation: Big Wigs, Igneous Sauria, Sensient, Man Made Man, Phacelift, et al.



01. Stepladder (Sensient Rmx)


The Larner brothers are back new with new goodies from the Sunny Australian coasts. On Stepladder you can definitely hear how the sound bank of their latest offering Pressure Optimal influences the song. ‘Stepladder’ is in between “Rhythmic Transposition” and “Guns n Ammo”. By the end, the track manages to break a bit the chaotic monotony with a soothing assortment of pads as the Sensient signature is marked throughout.



02. Realm Of the Jealous Gods (Bigwigs Rmx)


Grzegorz Magnuszewski, Tomek Roehr, and J. Przezdziecki resurface after their numerous appearances in between Spiral Trax, the formerly known Medium records (Midijum), Neurobiotic and Digital Structures where they released Fraktalik Fraternity in 2003. ‘The Realms of the Jealous Gods’ (what an awesome name) follows well from the first track with a slow, but punching kick and a distorted buzz a-la bass line. The voice samples are always bizarre and delightful. It is minimal production like we have heard in the past, nitty-gritty kicks and well detailed splashes of electronic teases. After 7 seven minutes though, the song hails to its unexpected ending and I'm left wanting a bit more. What exactly? I am not sure, but a bit more…



03. Oxymorous (Man Made Man Rmx)


Man Made Man should need no introduction, producing psy trance for over ten years, with a good measure of success, they know how to show us a good time. ‘Oxymorous’ gets off the ground with no delay bombarding the speakers with satisfying kicks and deep bass lines. The juices fly from all directions in a mechanical fashion much like V/A – Wild Rumpus showing no mercy for trancers. Squelchy synth lines, drowned voices with top notch delays, added to the already the complex equation. Sensorial overload …



04. Egoes Out (Phacelift Rmx)


Greek born Kostas Alekoglou started Magus in 1996 in with Christos Tatitzikidis (Igneous). His production career took yet another turn with the creation of Phacelift in the early nineties. The debut album Path of Pathos on Candyflip records was a note-worthy release in 1993, describing the sound as “progressive techno-trance” with a few layers of originality. The song is a bit faster than his earlier works and let me tell you, it works quite well. Like it could be expected the production is complex, tightly orchestrated and bumpin’ alright. I have not heard the original version as I mentioned, but I can feel the older leads hinting some aspects of the original production.



05. Digital Silence (Genetic Spin Rmx)


All the way from Denmark Simon Towity and Michael Schultz make up Genetic Spin. The duo has been published in Nervine, Leguan, Creamcrop, Iboga, and USTA records amongst others. Even though I have not heard nearly as much Genetic Spin as it is available out there, I can already feel like I have heard the sound somewhere else. Besides the slightly eerie background samples, some aspects of the production feel down-right Israeli. It resembles in some way that tuneful full on morning we have already heard from that side of the world.



06. Liquid Mint (La Baaz Rmx)


La Baaz (who exactly are they I’m not sure), but they have songs out in Flow records, Traktor Schlllabor, Sub Machine and Exotic Native productions. ‘Liquid Mint’ is a quasi-tribal treat with progressive overtones and what I have grown to identify as the Magus sound omnipresent in this compilation: A collection of mysterious leads and even more ominous & blurry voice samples.



07. Nature in the Machine (Igneous Rmx)


Tatitzikidis (repeat the name three times real fast) is the yang of the original Magus, nowadays known to the world as Igneous Sauria. He has released music in the past with Interzone, Creamcrop, Candyflip, Flying Rhino and Headstick recordings. ‘The Nature Machine’ begins in a very ghostly manner as delayed synthesizers later on introduce a taste of organic drumming and you can feel those crispy tambourines. I feel the leads by the end are a bit primary and redundant after a while, but it could very well be a an imprint of the original song.



08. Imploded Brains (Setherian Rmx)


Dj Seth adds a little Brazilian spice to the mix with his typical driving beat work and well executed structure. I get a strange aftertaste in the break, when a loungy melody appears as the sample informs us he will be “smoking cannabis all this week” that’s great mate, I probably will too… should I write a song about it? The answer is of course no, since I am useless in those endeavors and even if tried the output would be nowhere near as interesting and diverse.



09. Crystal Ball (Bar Code Rmx)

The voice samples feel removed, distant like the voice of an airport operator informing us the flight is leaving soon, but we just can’t be bothered to check what gate. The Crystal ball has this dreamy quality to it, as interesting percussion drives the song on the borderline progressive. Personally a more edgy and bouncy kick a-la Antic would have increased the cool factor by a few notches, but the mastering is not bad.





3, 4, 6, 9



Headstick was kind enough to release the FULL LENGTH track Man Made Man remixed, in highest quality Mp3 from. So come visit us and get the link two clicks away… http://Sonic-energy.net



Get it now:









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i think Magus has been dead for quite some time now  ;)


I know i posted in rememberance.They used to be my favorites.

And im very dissapointed because i didnt see any of their best tracks remixed like Baian Kara Ula(although there is one CRAZY remix),Mind Control Implants,Helephsinian Mysteria.....

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