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Albums like BP Empire


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Don't you guys remember that Skazi actually used to be GOOD a while back?


you don't?


I was actually making a compliment to BP Empire.



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I don't really DISLIKE it, i just think it is okay. It gets like an 8/10


And just okay is 8/10 in your grade?! Damn, wonder how you rate your Good and Very Good cd's, ....15 or maybe 20/10 ?¿?


I rate my just ok cd's around 5 - 6/10 btw ;) And i actually rate BP Empire 7/10, i enjoy listening to that record. Good ideas, and good sounds! Far from 10/10, which is a grade veeeery few records really deserve. 9/10 is almost outstanding, and 8/10 is very good. So.....7/10 is a good record, and a grade an artist should be glad to receive from a listener : )

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well shidapu style is maybe infected style but not BP empire style imho...


and definitely not the earlier releases from skazi :rolleyes: , nothing against skazi but I don't see what he has to do with infected mushroom - bp empire

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