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  1. some kind of remake of our old track Paranoid from 2004 https://soundcloud.com/goasia/still-paranoid-2014-edition :-)
  2. Thanx Penzoline it will be more tracks of course
  3. http://soundcloud.com/goasia/goasia-orbital-saturation# playing with modular and analogsynthis
  4. :angry: ......... <_< .... :lol: .... :rolleyes: great guys
  5. i have some new equipment and someting i do wrong .. next track will be ok
  6. in 2000 i was 33 .... and now 40 :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Thanx for kind words , i hope so you will enjoy in Goasia sound . .. but without audience , without Suntrip Records and support of other goa artists , we cant release this album ... so it is our common project ,for keeping that genre in live ..... good listening and thanx again with respect Balint
  8. hehe .. first thank you for good words , but it is not so easy to make a masterpiece i love to make music but im so bussi with other things in my life ..... but i promise i give my best and i will finish an album when i feel that i have 9 or 10 strong tracks ... now my studio is ready for professional sound , as i said i bought loth of gear for having the best from new and oldstyle production ... i feel im littlebit out of newscool goa sound , im older guy and cant be so hard with melodies , and allways keep my eyes on musicality of my tracks ,sometimes is like a limit ... but we will see i will ask Nick from Unicorn for this dumpingprice and i will udate you , i wont earn anything with PE2 ..so ... we will see
  9. this track was 99% maked on virtual instruments , so it have more that "plug-in" sound and it is out of my usual style ... in last two years is bought loth of vintage gears to come closer to vintage "phattnes" of A.P. production in second half of 90 s ... for me that was the top quality production in goa-trance that ever maded .... ok. todays computer technology is verry powerfull ,but from the aspect of sound , that production was more enjoynable for me , so i wish to combine that sound with todays production possibilities .... i hope so you will like it thanx for listening
  10. keep the goa alive 8) I like how you rpesent it.

    surprised to see I was added as a friend. we've never spoken before ;p Hope to see you around. *_*

  11. Hello Frends! I like to share one of my tracks from 2005 with You.I maked experimets with fullonish arrangments but with tribal feeling and some short goa melodies, it is not my usual style,but maybe you will like it... loth of percussion lines , ethnic samples ,industrial and psy athmospheres ... enjoy! regards Balint http://www.goasia-project.com/private/Goasia-WeLiveThere.mp3
  12. Love your style!


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