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  1. {psy.ology} label launch - 7 July 2012 @ The Side Show - CT - Featuring SUB-ZERO (PT) / POIZON (PT) / ZEZIA / HEADROOOM / RUBIX QUBE vs CYBERNETIX / SWITCHCACHE vs UP-PSY-DOWN / BIONIC / STEREOTYPE / DRE'AMA / STEREALKEY / BERNS / SILO ... https://www.facebook.com/events/144908355644009/

  2. {psy.ology} The study of psychedelic consciousness through audio and visual stimuli in both inner and outer interconnected space. // {psy.ology} records is the joint forces of Teknotribe (JHB) and PsynOpticz Productions (CT). Bringing together organic and digital sounds to express the sounds of the label, artists and genre. The releases will incorporate all styles of psychedelic dance music ranging from progressive, psy-tech, breaks, full-on and the harder twilight realms. The label features fresh and upcoming artists combined with well-schooled maestros of
  3. PSYOLOGY002 - Zezia - 'Zezia EP' to be released on 18/7/2012 Mastered by Artifakt {psy.ology} records brings you the debut EP of South African psychedelic producer, Zezia. Signed to PsynOpticz Productions, Zezia is one of South Africa's most up & coming artists and he has been producing music for the last 7 years. ZEZIA EP consists of 5 tracks full of driving melodies, indestructible basslines with insane wobbly electro-vibe grooves in-between moving percussion and high energy synths. These tracks have been played to SA dance floors resulting in the perfect crowd reactio
  4. PSYOLOGY001 - "PsynOpticz Collections : One" - compiled by SwiTcHcaChe Mastered by Artifakt A full spectrum insight into the inner workings of the complex psychedelic world.. A journey from progressive to twilight, sunrise to sunset. Listen, and connect with the intelligent sounds from the universe. SwiTcHcaChe, owner of PsynOpticz Productions, provides a pure expression of love and passion for all styles of psychedelic trance - the path begins here! This offering is only the first of many to come, it is comprised of what SwiTcHcaChe feels to be an eclectic and powerful combination
  5. http://jungala.co.za http://www.facebook.com/JungalaFestival http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=148227951900968 <~- - -<~ - - -<~ - JUNGALA FESTIVAL 2011 - ~>- - - ~>- - - ~> Hypnotic drumming calls from the forest floors. A sweet and sticky potent heat coats the leaves and bark. Drenched in ritual and percussive journeying, the tribe is bound by organic beats and squawking animal cries. Deep hypnotic chanting, this is the earths audio magic. Bare feet pounding in unison. The army of dancers. Sweat and fire light illuminate the night in the most natural eleva
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