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  1. Artist: Tavi Title: Magnetic Field Label: Goa Records (Cd) Timewarp Records (Digital) Date: April, 2013 1. Magnetic Field 2. Step of the elephant 3. The spirit of the east 4. Space Sail 5. Wanderers of the desert 6. Reactive Acid 7. Airavata 8. Desert Wind 9. Neptune 10. Cosmo Elephant I tried. Ummm...I tried harder than that. Not that I'm faulting your effort, but perhaps you should go look in the bootyliscious section. Hold up, I'll come with you. I really tried. This album came out of nowhere and I'm like, "Tavi? Who the f*ck is Tavi?" Then I read a thread in the label announcements section and there was a comment about the mastering being horrible. Like Suncokreti bad? Or I've got really great listening equipment and I can graphically show you bad? Puzzling. So I was pleased when Renato asked if I would like to review this. Renato what the hell are you doing here? Apparently this album was first released on Goa Records and while still available is now being offered as a digital download from new goa label Timewarp Records. So now I get to give this a proper listening. First I would like to say the cover is misleading. This type of goa has more in common with Egypt than with space. We've heard cosmic goa trance before and this ain't it. The melodies float gently over each other and evoke images of desert sands. There are nice layers and it is constantly changing shape. Sometimes those leads scream and sometimes they bubble, but what I really liked was that he would go from the wispy highs to the deep lows. As far as the production goes the more I played it the more I noticed the lack of dynamism. It did sound flat in the sense that I felt the need to continually increase the volume to bring out the awesome richness contained within. Not ideal, but not a deal breaker for headphones. On a big outdoor setup though I'm not so sure. So I decided to do a test. If I compared the sound quality of a 320 kbps copy readily available on the net and the 16 bit wavs Renato gave me the wav files sounded fine. Normally I cannot tell the difference between the two even though I'm sure that debate shall rage on. I don't know enough about the formats to speak intelligently on the subject. I'll gladly listen to anyone to anyone who has more knowledge on this matter because the last thing I want to do is tell people to buy something that is truly deficient in quality. I just don't see that being the case here. Bottom line, if you buy the original or the digital release from Timewarp you should be fine. Imagine that, getting good quality and compensating the artist for his hard work. Back to my original statement, I tried to find a reason not to like this album. It's just not there. Tavi created a great, melodic goa trance album and I can't wait to get my physical copy. Highly recommended. Psyshop Beatspace Goa Store Juno Download (Goa Records) Juno Download (Timewarp Records) Mdk
  2. Artist: Ion Vader Title: Expansion EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: February, 2015 1. For Deg 2. Ajjna (feat. Root) 3. Trip To Nowhere Ion Vader isn't an artist I've heard much or anything from, but since it was released by the good folks over at Timewarp I thought I'd give it a go. It's a short 3 track EP (Captain Obvious) that has it's roots in several genres. For example, For Deg begins with an uplifting sound and then promptly ventures into darker territory before it rockets into cosmic goa. Ajjna has some tribal chants and is rather uninteresting until near the end when once again, the goa leaks out. The final track Trip To Nowhere is more of the neo-goa style I was expecting. All in all not a bad ep that sounds really clear. Hope he sticks with it as there is some potential here. Timewarp Records Bandcamp
  3. I want to present you the my new mix, fueled with Timewarp Records goodies aswell with guest mix from my friend Cristian Fernandez (Morphic Resonance), hope you will like it as much i like it, tracklist is below. Enjoy!! The Mush Effect (Timewarp Records/Connection Festival Crew) TRACKLIST: The Mush Effect Dj Set: 01-Anumana- Cataclysm 02-Ion Vader & Root- Ajjna 03-Anumana- Sound from Space 04- Omneon-Psytrance 05- Omneon-Sirius 06- Kurandini-Kalindinan 07- Arronax & Weedran- Acid Sunshine 08- 01-N- Teonanacatl 09- Omnivox-Behind the Wheel Morphic Resonance Live Set 01-Morphic Resonance- Altered Perception 02-Morphic Resonance- Neutrino 03-Morphic Resonance- Epsilon Aurigae 04-Etnica-Phthalic Vibes (Morphic Resonance Remix) 05-Morphic Resonance- Bad Trip 06-Morphic Resonance- In the mouth of madness 07-Morphic Resonance- Moonwalker 08-Morphic Resonance- Tachyon
  4. Artist: Various Title: Colors of Goa Label: Timewarp Records Date: February, 2014 1. Ingenuous Curiosity FILAMI 2. Mind Therapy J.I.S. 3. Dark side of the universe COSMIC DIMENSION 4. Kalindian KURANDINI 5. Behind the wheel (2013) OMNIVOX 6. Procyon TRINODIA 7. Gods of annihilation GOATREE 8. Wibbly Wobbly SCREWLOOSE 9. Ready to fly SKY TECHNOLOGY 10. Paranormal FROST RAVEN 11. Free your mind KOBAIA 12. Sand Planet TAVI 13. Kristallwald GHOSTONACID 14. Gemini Asteroid OXI 15. Galanga GOWAX 16. Universal Enlightenment INNERZONE 17. Solar Resonance (Live Mix) IMBA, ETHEREAL 18. Sojourn in Goa (2013) SOMNESIA "Children don't read horrorscopes." True. But they do have accidents sometimes and sh*t their pants. And then proceed to track it all over the classroom floor. Bu, you know, since there was a birthday party the same day and chocolate cake was served nobody seemed to notice. Only when the teacher bent down to clean some of it up did she realize this was a whole different level of fudge. To find out who had the accident (think a 5 year old in a classroom of their friends is gonna tell you? You obviously don't have kids. I sh*t my pants once and as a last resort found refuge in a Taco Bell bathroom. I know right? My whole world was turned upside down. Everything was backwards. You don't normally have a pre-emptive smash at the Bell, they are usually the cause. Weirdly there was no line. I'm thinking they should just have a slide from your table to the crapper...just makes things flow better. But I digress...) So the teacher brought each child behind a large easel to check their pants and not embarrass the culprit. Cause believe me, that is one insult that will stick with you right through high school. So of course the next day the school was flooded with questions from insane parents as to why a teacher was eating a sh*t sandwich in class and looking down precious Johnny's pants. So yes children don't read horrorscopes but they do tell imaginative stories. Truth is stranger than fiction and this actually happened at my son's school last week. Anyhoo (awkward pause and segue) Timewarp Records has really stepped in it now. Fresh off the heels of The Call of Goa comes another 2 CD album that you are going to want in your shiny "Get...those f*cking chocolate fingers away from my CD's!" collection. *puts finger to ear to listen to producer.* "No that's not what I...I'm sure they..." *sigh* "Fine." Uh, about the chocolate fingers remark...I wasn't labeling black people as thieves. I mean c'mon, I'm not a Republican. My kids just had a few Hershey Kisses so they really did have, you know...chocolate fingers. Timewarp is really leaving their mark in a very short time. Compiled by Nova Fractal and Ovnimoon this brand of goa is bouncy and highly energetic with great sounds and melodies. The first CD is comprised of names you should know whilst the second introduces you to the less familiar. Except that Imba / Ethereal combo. We've all heard of Ethereal (new album with a re-release of Anima Mundi please) and there are pictures of Imba defiling the Holy Land all over my Facebook newsfeed. At times it bubbles and harkens back to those golden days of Indian beaches, but sounds as clear as if you were in the room when it was being produced. Filami and Kurandini (sounds like something the Jawas would say) absolutely crush things with very impressive offerings. Cosmic Dimension and Trinodia serve up more space goa and Screw Loose adds a deluge of Psilocybian frothy psy to their track. By the time you wipe the sh*t eating grin (are you my kid's teacher?) off your face and make it to CD 2 another journey is set to begin. Frost Raven delivers an X-Dream /M-Run (hyphens not included) hybrid with much bounce to the ounce. Kobaia (where the f*ck did you find these guys?) sounds like they've been worshiping at the altar of Artifact303. Tavi takes you to arid desert lands full of turbans magic lands and chilled monkey brains while our very own GhostOnAcid paints a swirling goa portrait. I thought the newer guys did a great job presenting many twirling moments and held their own against the first CD of veterans. The whole thing is an absolute must buy if you're a goa fan. Another triumph Renato. Keep hitting it out of the park like this and soon they're gonna start asking you to pee in a cup before an album release. Psyshop Mdk
  5. Artist: Various Title: Goa Energy Label: Timewarp Records Date: November, 2014 CD1 01. Travma - The Reality 02. 01-N - Teonanacatl 03. Screwloose & Lunar Dawn- Sunspots 04. Trinodia - Astral Clouds (Edit 2014) 05. Siam & Nova Fractal - Inside the Vortex 06. Cactus Arising - Transfer at the speed of light 07. Fiery Dawn - Mahakala 08. Nova Fractal - Naga 09. Somnesia - Wind Melody CD2 01. Psysutra - OamPower 02. Lectro Spektral Daze - 25th Century Technology 03. Anumana & Nostromosis - Traveler 04. Arronax - Lightning Bolt 05. Omneon - Sirius 06. OXI - Haunted Dreams 07. GoaTree - Hide & Clap (Morphic Resonance Remix) 08. Morphic Resonance - Neutrino 09. First Man - First Sound F*ck you Yoda. Yeah, my review game as of late has been pretty weak. I know it. But my meatball game...legendary. So I've had this album for a long time now and it just kept getting pushed farther and farther back. Kids, life, and those meatballs don't become legendary by themselves. So I apologize to Timewarp for the delay. It's not like there have been any good goa trance releases in the last six months anyway. Cube! Can we not get past this? You make kids movies for chrissake! So yeah no pressure. Well Timewarp (underneath the huge umbrella that is Ovnimoon Records) has established itself as a quality goa trance label with releases like the Colors of Goa and Call of Goa series in both the CD and digital arena. So it should be no surprise that their next compilation is also 2-CD release because clearly Renato is on a personal quest to suck up all my personal time like he was a three story vacuum cleaner. That's ok, I don't mind. Could be worse I suppose. I could actually have a, you know...job. *shudder* I'm here to tell you that this is one of the best things to come out of Timewarp Records. 2 Cds and not one mediocre track. Sure there is a clearly defined level between the more well known and established acts and the relative newcomers, but it's not a dramatic gap. But before I give you my opinions on the standouts, I would like to voice my concern over one artist in particular. Travma. What the hell happened? The new stuff to my ears is not even remotely close to what he brought to the scene years ago. Night and day, might as well be full-on. Perhaps he has other interests and goa trance isn't at the top of his priority list, but his track left me wanting. Wanting to hit the skip button. *Rim shot* After the gentle opening, we are treated to bomb after bomb with just very good to great to even outstanding goa trance. I broke Renato's balls a bit with the last 2-Cd compilation as having a lot of filler, but that ain't the case here. Trinodia's remix of Astral Clouds (already a monster track) made me sit up and take notice. Arronax and his acidic live wire Lightning Bolt was another eye opener. Fiery Dawn and Lectro Spektral Daze also put this comp on their shoulders and ran with it. Even the new"ish" projects like Omneon and 01-N impressed. But hands down the the one two punch from flavor of the month Morphic Resonance was the knockout blow. Since Astral is for all intents and purposes (loved the remixes, but let's have some new material) the walking dead, the guys from Morphic Resonance are the logical choice to rip the torch from Astral's cold, lifeless grip. With a frenzied pace melodies came fast and furious putting an exclamation point on this compilation. This was a monster dunk and you got posterized. Damn...a brother can't even check an Ebay auction without getting dunked on. Do not hesitate to purchase this compilation. Psyshop Beatspace
  6. Artist: Various Title: The Call of Goa Vol. 2 Label: Timewarp Records Date: May, 2014 CD1 01. Sky Technology - Life or Coma Dream 02. Fractal Geometry & Bionic Delay - Dancing Shiva II 03. Celestial Intelligence - Evolution of the Atmospheres 04. Javi & SkoOma - Flubber 05. 01-N - Re:Glitch 06. Siam - Transparent Feelings 07. Doruk - End of the Beginning 08. Trinodia - Re-Mote 09. Asterope & Analogic Culture - Melodias Ancestrais 10. Laboratory X & RDM - Kenaz CD2 01. Psilocybernetics - In servitude to Cephalopods 02. Jayex - Instant Enlightenment 03. Persistent Aura - Century 04. CoaGoa - Sequoia Valley 05. Ephedra & Imba - Mystical morning in Vielsalm 06. Anumana - Lunar Dreams 07. Alienoma -The Invasion 08. Timofey & JBC Arkadii - This are the Asteroids 09. Nostromosis - The Road Home 10. Lunar Dawn - Ananke When I hear great goa trance it's like a good meal. The smells, the presentation, and of course the taste. All the senses are satisfied and you just sit back, undo the belt, and fart your way into a blissful slumber. Over here we call it da itis. And that's how things were shaping up when I ordered the second installment of the Call of Goa series. Celestial Intelligence, Sky Technology, and Javi and Sk00ma began the meal nicely and it smelled great. The next six tracks however were like trying to swallow a pine cone. Six. In a row. It wasn't just subpar goa that sounded raw and amateurish, but some were hardly goa at all. Not that I have anything against psytrance (Lord knows how many thousands I've spent on it), but if I'm eating at a the goa restaurant save the avant-garde sh*t for those California daisy huggers. It was either too fluffy or lacked the depth I'm used to from Timewarp. And Trinodia...what it the name of refried beans was going on there? I'm convinced that this was the first track he ever produced. On a Casio. That may or may not have been plugged in. Luckily disc one came to an end and the second began. Light fare from Psilocybernetics (interesting downtempo) and Jayex to be sure, but things became more palatable with a very un-nitzhonot funky track by Persistent Aura. It's not until the pairing of Imba and Ephedra that you get the first storming goa track. The rest are decent, but certainly nothing amazing. It ends on a real good effort from Lunar Dawn (check out his debut on Neogoa). Man that pine cone is gonna hurt coming out. I love Timewarp and usually I send nothing but glowing praise their way, but I came away from this disappointed. How could I not based on their previous output? This was like going to a fancy restaurant and expecting a well prepared meal only to catch a peek behind the kitchen door and see your dinner come out of the microwave. Putting together a double CD sounds difficult and I think this would've been better as a single disc. Too much filler and very few gems. Of course the ones that are great are really great and as a collector I bought it. Will probably buy the third one if they decide to make it, but do me a favor...spend some more time in the kitchen. Psyshop Beatspace
  7. Artist: Nova Fractal Title: Lost Souls EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: January, 2015 1. Main Sequence Star - Virus 2. Lost Souls 3. Trinodia - Human History (Nova Fractal Remix) 4. Naga "Human history is a chaotic thing. Small changes have big results. Unpredictable in direction." Little brothers be f*cking sh*t up for everybody. Timewarp Records manager and accomplished goa trance artist Renato Brnić is at it again with an EP release that contains some new tracks including a remix of the Trinodia smash Human History. He brings you aboard slowly with a sort of break beat cosmic goa track from his side project. Once that melody kicks in it's quite shiny. Nice rest at the shiny break and then it's back to that shiny melody. He didn't rewrite history here, but it's a good track. Lost Souls is a track I really like because you can hear each individual layer as it ascends like a staircase. I wish there was a more dramatic climax, but the sound was so good that's a minor complaint. Human History is a fantastic track and let's be honest unless you drop a Bieber loop in there you really can't f*ck this up. Renato didn't and he didn't. It's still a great track, but I would've liked something in there where he truly makes it his own. With Naga he closes with an aggressive and straight forward sound. Good EP if you like the more modern sound of goa production. Timewarp Bandcamp Mdk
  8. Artist: Travma Title: Doomsday Prophecy EP Label: Timewarp Date: July, 2014 1. Astrojen (Chaos Mix) 2. Modular Sequence 3. The Reality Stop. Just stop it with the Matrix samples. It's tired. You realize that movie came out 15 years ago right? Everyone and their sister used it. It's become a meme, my brain shuts off as soon as I hear it. And what happened to you anyway? Where did your goa go? Are you transitioning? This EP sounds like the shiny new Astral stuff that had everyone rolling their eyes. waiter: Might I interest you in some goa sir? Me: No thank you, I couldn't possibly handle another deep, melodic array with lush soundscapes. waiter: Perhaps something from our goa lite menu? That's what this is. Waitaminit...are these old tracks that you are just releasing? That would put some context on some things. Now let me be clear, it's not bad. It's not full on remixes of his past music so we haven't fallen into that fiery pit of hell. But it's full-on with the hint of goa. A taste. A soucon. We are nowhere near the quality of his past compositions. So if he is making the move to melodic trance or a different avenue of music who the hell am I to say he shouldn't do that. This just caught me off guard. This reminded me of the direction that Afgin moved toward with the EP's he released after his Suntrip album. Psyshop Mdk
  9. Artist: Various Title: Nova Fractal - Perplexed Remixes Label: Timewarp Records Date: September. 2014 1. Perplexed (Fiery Dawn Remix) 2. Perplexed (Cactus Arising Remix) 3. Perplexed (Omneon Remix) Man Renato is making sh*t happen isn't he? Timewarp has become another label that has made a positive impact on the goa scene and that's good news for all of us. Whether it's CD releases or digital EP's that label has become rather vital in a short period of time. The original track by Nova Fractal first appeared on the Future Architecture album from Neogoa in 2011. Then it made it to his Fractal Landscape CD release. It's a cosmic goa trance storming track that is heavy in acid leads. Really good stuff. With this EP some of the next wave of goa trance artists take a crack at it and see what they can conjure up. Can they improve upon an already great track? Maybe. But (personal opinion alert!) why stack the chips against yourself like that? Wouldn't it make more sense to remix a track that wasn't as good? If you make a weak track great isn't that better than making a possibly inferior version of a great track? Eh, like I said just my opinion. What I don't want to see from a remix ep is f*cking carbon copy tracks. Make it different. Make it your own. Take it in a direction that makes me say, "Is this even the same f*cking track?" And this ep succeeded in avoiding that pitfall. Yeah they all are around the same bpm, but whether it's the intros or the juicy bits in the middle it diverges from the original. The old school pop of the Fiery Dawn remix and the break in the Cactus Arising take are appreciated. Omneon's version is an all out blitzkrieg loaded with acid sounds. All of them have sufficient twists and turns with great layers. So what you get is three quality goa trance tracks in the modern style that don't sound like three identical tunes. Nice job guys. Timewarp Bandcamp (Better Deal) Psyshop Mdk
  10. Artist: Fiery Dawn Title: Cosmic Ascension EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: April, 2014 1. The Priest of Voodoo 2. Hyperspace 3. Mahakala 4. Acid Fury Yet another artist from the Balkans. Definitely something in the water. I think releasing psychedelic music must be their GDP. You should get that sh*t checked out before you start seeing two headed babies and children with 6 thumbs. How close are you guys from Chernobyl? Would explain a lot. This is Giorgi Schadenfreude or something like that and he's been doing his thing for a decade. The Priest of Voodoo- This is a very interesting track. Not your run of the mill goa by any stretch. Loaded with sounds and sporting a techno-tribal influence I wouldn't kick you in the nuts if you didn't call it goa at all. Hyperspace- If you were waiting for the goa well here it is. Acidic flame licking leads dance above the bubbly and whiplike 303. The break is well done. Mahakala- There he goes with that 303 again. Not that I'm complaining. The melodies twist and turn all the while storming across space. Got a little bit of a Colorbox feel with that lead and that is always awesome. Acid Fury- Hmmm. You'd think with a track called Acid Fury there'd be more acid and...well, fury. Not bad, but slightly disappointing. "Man that is flagrant false advertising!" Yeah like that. Good, but don't raise a brother's hopes like that. It's a different EP from Timewarp who are showing their willingness to promote and support a diverse pool of artists. Good job! Beatport Psyshop Mdk
  11. Artist: CoaGoa Title: Transcendental Consciousness EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: July, 2014 1. Everything Is Conscious 2. Transcendental Consciousness (Tribute to Nova Fractal) 3. Frozen Love "If you have a golf ball sized consciousness, when you read a book you'll have a golf ball sized understanding. When you look out a golf ball sized awareness. And when you wake up in the morning a golf ball sized wakefullness." Not to mention a sh*tload of golf balls. Coagoa is Alexandar Popovic and this is his debut ep. The first track is smooth and subtle. The title track is more aggressive yet equally layered. Very tasty. The last track...hmmm. For those of you who doubt that inspiration could come from a visit to a sperm back I give you...Frozen Love! That title brings to mind hair metal power ballads and the mother daughter teams that throw their panties on stage. Cheesy right? And make no mistake the cheesy title is followed by cheesy and cliched downtempo music. Aside from the last track this is a fairly good ep. The goa is multi layered warmth, floating and melodic. It sounds great thanks to the production as well as the mastering by Deimos. These days it's not enough to just make goa trance. You have to also be quite a good artist in other aspects which Alexandar did with he being the one behind the attractive cover art. Beatport Mdk
  12. Artist: Sky Technology Title: The Pleiadian Connection EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: September, 2013 1. Life or Coma Dream 2. Lemuria 3. Stars Come Down 4. The Pleiadian Connection My son is at the stage where if he likes something he gives it the thumbs up. If he really likes it he holds up both his hands and says, "10 thumbs up!" The other day he said my chocolate chip pancakes get 11 thumbs up. I turned around and shouted, "Put your pants back on!" Sky Technology is Dmitriy Kolosovskiy and his style is a fusion of the power and barely restrained chaos of Filteria and the hypnotic cosmic spaceflight that exemplifies E-mantra. Pretty high praise methinks. This is melodic beauty for sure, but thanks to some Italians anytime we see the word Pleiadian attached to a release we tend to lose our sh*t a little bit and maybe have some unrealistic expectations. But it is an effective marketing strategy no? I think everyone who listens to goa trance these days knows this guy is supremely talented. From his EP's Time and Space and Next Visions the ahem, sky's the limit for this guy. And for the most part he delivers here as well. He begins with a thick and complex downtempo track Life of Coma Dream. This is the coalescence of many layers and when the comparisons to E-mantra come to mind. It's beautiful. Lemuria is a no holds barred melee if a little uninteresting and Stars Come Down blows through brick walls with its power. Not a lot to chew on, but still very good. The last track typifies what I think Dmitiy is capable of. It's also some powerful, churning goa trance that will captivate as it cycles through its progressions. Loud and dense it is an example of the Filteria E-mantra hybrid. E-Teria if you will. And that's how I would describe this. Very good, but not great. I give it 7.5 thumbs up thereby ensuring that my pants remain securely fastened around my waist. Beatport Mdk
  13. Artist: Screw Loose & Lunar Dawn Title: Mental Well Being EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: Coming Soon 1. Screw Loose & Lunar Dawn - Big Crunch 2. Lunar Dawn - Ananke (Screw Loose Remix) 3. Screw Loose - Mind Jelly "It's as old as the solar system yet we've found that it contains the building blocks of life." It's a good time to be a fan of goa trance. Techniques are better, sound quality is improved...It wasn't that long ago where we were treated with only a few releases a year. There are several reasons for this, but any Dj will tell you that playing goa trance isn't going to support a Faberge Egg obsession. Maybe not even a three egg omelet habit. Thanks to labels such as Suntrip, DAT Records, Cronomi, and Zion 604 new releases are much more common keeping that spinning top going. Enter the next level of distribution and digital labels like Neogoa, UAF, and Timewarp have our proverbial cups running over. Timewarp is the newest one and has already released a string of quality goa trance EP's not to mention The Call of Goa compilation and Magnetic Field by Tavi. Sasa Dukic (better known as Psilocybian) is one of the best psytrance producers you should be listening to. His latest effort Dreamtime will be out in October and let me tell you it's off the hook. Like all great artists he isn't content to just be good, he apparently likes to challenge himself. So here as Screw Loose he teams up with Lunar Dawn (and oh yeah doesn't he have an album on the horizon?) on a three track goa EP. Mushrooms? Is that Fred Astaire? On crumpled canary paper? O...Kay. His bubbling and invasive form of psytrance serves him well. Nothing too fancy, he stays in his comfort zone with layered melodies designed to entrance. It's well produced and sounds crystal clear. They refrain from going over the top and leave the cheese in the fridge. Call it subtle goa more interested in soaking you in atmosphere and building a track rather then firing you into the clouds. I also found that the more I kept listening to it, the more I liked it. This guy is so good he could make f*cking yodeling album and I think I would get it. Until then, get some mental well being. Me likey. Coming Soon! Mdk
  14. Artist: Omneon Title: Magic Forest EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: November, 2013 1. Magic Forest 2. Psytrance "OH GOD Raoul, magic hands. You've got magic hands. I'm gonna cough up the biggest f*cking hairball just for you big guy." My break from posting reviews was probably as much of a vacation for you as it was for me. But I'm back and all these releases ain't gonna review themselves. Timewarp is at it again with yet another new EP. They are an EP machine! Omneon is Denis Paholkov from Estonia (now you're just making up country names) and he combines full-on and goa with pretty good results. I liked the 1st track the best as the one called psytrance might be a little too full-on for some. Sounds like he's got talent and I look forward to seeing what he can do on future Ep's that I'm sure Timewarp will release. Beatport Mdk
  15. Artist: Siam Title: Sunset In Jupiter EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: October, 2013 1. Endless Sea 2. Amanita Dream 3. Sunset In Jupiter This was released on my wife's birthday, but sorry I didn't buy enough cupcakes. What? Ummm...no. Geez, are there no boundaries with you Greeks? Don't feel bad, I didn't get any either. Siam (John Pitsakis) is like the underground hot property these days. His style is quite intricate with layers that just seem to seep into place. The promo describes it as music with "deep emotional melodies." Yeah, I would go along with that. And melody is fully represented here. It's not unlike the recent offering Voyage In The Universe EP from Cosmic Dimension. There are plenty of outerspace themes with cosmic sounds that fully engage the brain. It flows from delicate sequences to long and trance inducing melodies. Amanita Dream is more trancey in a harmless sort of way, bookended by some quality goa trance tracks with some storming phrases. The title track has a juicy and sneaky goa melody that particularly sticks in the melon. Congratulations to John and to Timewarp for delivering yet another quality arrow in the quiver of goa trance. Beatport Mdk
  16. Artist: Ancient Alien Title: Tribute To The Elders EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: September, 2013 1. Identified Races 2. Inexplicable Feeling 3. Prophets of Orion 4. Tribute To The Elders Timewarp Records (managed by Renato Brnic, aka Nova Fractal) has been unloading digital EP's so fast you'd think they came with a side of cancer. Usually at least a couple would be weak, but surprisingly that has not been the case. This is Luiz Fernando Wilhelm with a short 4 track EP for our listening pleasure. While I wasn't impressed with the rambling opener the power and the complexity pick up after that. Inexplicable Feeling thumps with a strong bass presence and dark feeling as synth leads meander from the shadows. It's...eerie even if it also goes on a little long. Prophets of Orion suffers from the same affliction as the first track. Just kinda meh. Tribute to the Elders is the reason I'll keep watching this project. Even though it wasn't that detailed the power and old school flow were there. I think there is potential there if he lets the tracks evolve and takes them to the shadowy corners where a lot of artists are won't to go. Cutting a few minutes off wouldn't hurt. You've got my attention sir. Beatport Mdk
  17. Artist: Bell Size Park Title: Shroom Hunt Label: Timewarp Records Date: July, 2013 1. The Shroom Hunt 2. Interceptor 2013 3. Shambala 4. Goa Child (Into The Matrix mix) Bell Size Park used to be a trio that released an album called the Truth is There back in 96. I've never heard it so I can't comment on it. But these days it's a one man outfit. In 2011 he released Escape From Planet X EP on Dimensional Records which was psytrance and it didn't thrill me. Now here he is with his latest on ridiculously prolific Timewarp Records and this one I like. Most of it is a psy/techno hybrid with some goa elements. Evolving and constantly changing he shows his skill and it's pretty good. It sounds cold and very metallic with the exception of the title track. The Shroom Hunt is a page right out of the old school playbook with a very active and nimble 303. Easily my favorite of the EP. Nice work. Beatport Juno Download Mdk
  18. Artist: Javi & Sko0ma Title: The Incredible Machine EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: July, 2013 1. The Amplitude 2. Spiritual War 3. Mentally Exhausting 4. Atomic Cocktail Some men name their penis. Oh God, it's gonna be one of those. The male mind really isn't that convoluted. You love a pet, you name it. Your penis has been with you since day one (in most cases) so there's obviously some attachment there. Why wouldn't you name it? So to those chicks constantly complaining that they don't understand men, well...you're either f*cking stupid or not really trying that hard. Ever seen how twisted a woman's mind can be? "Honey, does this make me look fat?" Tread carefully intrepid explorer. The answer is there is no answer. Sure there's the truth (you already have a fat ass and no matter what color or pattern you put on it it will still be fat), but she clearly doesn't want to hear the truth. But she also doesn't want you to say no because she knows she has a fat ass and if you say no you're a f*cking liar and her mother was right about you. But I'm off topic. Some men name their penis. Javi is Jonas Merelbeke from Belgium and he was part of the Aural Exciter EP as well as making an appearance on fabulous compilations like The Call of Goa and Blacklight Moments. Has anyone ever met Sko0ma? Does he even exist? I'm not saying Sko0ma is the name Jonas gave to his little man, but I'm not not saying it. (Yes I know his name is Stefan Merelbeke, just having a little fun with the low profile of Sko0ma. Geez lighten up will ya? You're not the boss of me.) Point is these two are brothers and are always together. They've done some fine work and I'm looking forward to what they lay down on this 4 track EP. The Amplitude has an extended intro which I love as the bubbling and electric hum vibrate. Sounds coalesce in a slightly discordant melody. The numerous mini breaks give it the opportunity to regenerate. But instead of a single tail it sprouts several multi-colored ones. Spiritual War- R2! Sounds like him anyway. This one is in a constant state of evolution. Slamming goa phrases one minute and churning interlude moments the next. It's melodies sound more "trance" like, but never does it stray into commercial territory. Not my favorite. Mentally Exhausting is probably the most belting track of them all. Growling from the outset it has a screeching 303 that quickly morphs and gets filtered. Then the layering begins. Buckle up! Atomic Cocktail also has a 303 that will sear the skin if you try and grab it. It's relentless pace sees quality layering of melodies. These last two are my favorite. He believes that every healthy person should try LSD...might be on to something. This is a very good EP that shows the talent of this duo. Not your everyday goa trance. Pure power surely, but more than that. They definitely should be on your radar if they weren't before. Amazon iTunes Juno Records Picture of a very large penis (Why would you click on that last link?) Mdk
  19. Artist: Cosmic Dimension Title: Voyage In The Universe EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: July, 2013 1. Voyage In The Universe 2. Predicting The Future 3. Dark Side of the Universe 4. Alien Speech Cosmic Dimension are a fledgling goa trance project from Macedonia. Mace whatiya? Sounds made up. Like when we Americans add an "o" to English words and think we're speaking Spanish. They recently appeared on the latest stunning Suntrip offering Blacklight Moments and fit right in. This 4 track digital EP comes from the newly formed Timewarp Records. It's a sublabel of Ovnimoon so it seems right that these two entities found each other. The first thing that jumps out at me is the eye catching artwork with asteroids and a star. Excuse me, my son is trying to tell me that they might be meteoroids. Jeez, you check one book out at the library on planets and all of a sudden you're an astronomer? "Hey how about go make a meteoroid in the toilet, you've been farting all day!" As I was saying it tells you exactly what you will find inside. This is cosmic goa trance with layers and spiraling melodies. It sparkles and shines as one would expect from music that takes place miles above the planetary surface. The highs of racing comets are pleasantly balanced by juicy lows as breaks are punctuated with chopped up strings. Some leads scream and some shimmer like fragments from a massive collision. Of particular note is the all out power and relentless twisting and turning of Predicting the Future. All the tracks are pretty good...nah, they're damn good. They didn't reinvent the wheel here or attempt to sound old school. They just kept it goa. Cosmic goa. Like what this guy would listen to if he had his iPod. Beatport Juno Download Audiojelly Mdk
  20. Artist: Various Title: Common Cold Remixes EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: July, 2013 1. Common Cold (Message To Earth Remix) 2. Common Cold (Screw Loose Remix) 3. Common Cold (Lunar Dawn Remix) 4. Common Cold (Dense Denso Remix) How is it we don't have a cure for the common cold? I'm really beginning to believe that a conspiracy is afoot. Male pattern baldness? No problem. Not so fresh feeling...down there...You bet. Grandpa needs more wee wee power? Of course. But somehow the common cold and its Jedi mind tricks have eluded and mystified the most advanced society in the history of civilization. McDonalds can get me to eat a McRib (whatever the hell that thing is), but I can't get rid of the sniffles. Unbelievable. New goa label Timewarp Records is right back at it with another digital EP release. The Common Cold Remixes are 4 tracks by a few projects giving their take on the Nova Fractal original from his first EP Main Sequence Star. As I've mentioned previously the purpose of a remix is to make something sound different from the original while still holding on to what made it recognizable. The original was heavily psytrance based so these remixes aren't a quantum leap from where they began. Where other releases were goa trance, all these tracks are more of the psy-gressive variety. Long unwinding melodies with great transitions into and out of the breaks. If you like long tracks and equate that with value then this is for you as you get almost 40 minutes of music. There is some good power to be found and what keeps these from being generic full-on remixes is the level of detail and lack of copy paste structure. Once again the number of remixes doesn't exhaust the listener and they all have their little...whatever that separates them. Pretty good. Juno Download Beatport Mdk
  21. Artist: Various Title: Supernova Remixes EP Label: Timewarp Records Date: August, 2013 1. Supernova (PharaOm Collapsing Star Remix) 2. Supernova (Nova Fractal Remix) 3. Supernova (Lunar Dawn Old School Remix) 4. Supernova (Remix) Can someone tell me the purpose of a remix? You, with the mismatched socks. "Can I go to the restroom?" Fine. The purpose of a remix is to take a familiar track and add a different perspective. Make changes while retaining what made it memorable in the first place. Some seem to believe it is to make carbon copies. I mean, why not...if it's a great track than one just like it should be great too, right? Wrong. That's just being lazy and mooching off the success of the original artist. I'm not suggesting you crack open the piggy bank and hire Nicki Minaj...unless you want to stare at her boobies. Which is silly because that's why Al Gore invented the internet. Nova Fractal (Renato Brnić) is heading up the Ovnimoon goa sublabel Timewarp Records and has made a nice splash in a short time. His 2 Cd compilation The Call of Goa was great as well as the release of his own material on Fractal Landscape. Lately it's been on the EP front. Supernova from Psychowave came out on his EP Sunshine Reborn 2 years ago. Good stuff surely. And so is this. He does a good job at keeping the number of remixes small at 4. Any more and you risk the Salieri effect of too many notes. The remixers have all done remarkable stuff on their own and with this track have kept the original feel intact while making it different enough to enjoy. The PharaOm remix seems brighter and the tribal-esque vocal chant is a nice touch with the 303 bark. Lunar Dawn takes an already great track and stretched it out to epic proportions. It's goa through and through it today's style. Some will love it and some will not. Could there have been more variety? Probably, but I'm pleased with it. The sound quality is rich and well done. Recommended. Juno Download Beatport Mdk
  22. Timewarp Records has the honor to present debut EP from Cosmic Dimension!! Release Date: 30 July 2013 Label: Timewarp Copyright: © 2013 Geomagnetic Records Total Length: 33:34 01. Cosmic Dimension - Voyage in the Universe 02. Cosmic Dimension - Predicting the Future 03. Cosmic Dimension - Dark side of the Universe 04. Cosmic Dimension - Alien Speech Cosmic Dimension is a goa-trance project that started at the end of march 2012. It exists out of 2 goa-freaks: Antonio Simonovski and Denis Bogdanovski, both born in 1992. They live in Kumanovo, Macedonia. Last year they have been working hard to create their own powerful goa-trance style, which can be described as cosmic goa-trance, with lots of floating melodies and dreamy soundscapes mixed with powerful bass lines! Their first releases appeared on Suntrip Rec. compilation called "Blacklight Moments" in 2013, also expect this year to be released they full length album, also on Suntrip Rec.! Sample preview: https://soundcloud.com/cosmic-dimension/cosmic-dimension-voyage-in-the https://www.facebook.com/Timewarp.rec
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