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  1. Link: https://soundcloud.com/mush-effect/the-mush-effect-connection-festival-2015-mainstage The Mush Effect Dj Set Recorded: Main Stage Connection festival 2015. Saturday 3/10/2015 12:30-14:00 Tracklist: 01-Elysium-Master of the Rainforest (Electric Nature Remix) 02-Elysium-Monzoon 03-Salamander-Tempest(Union Jack remix) 04-Astral Projection-Free Tibet 05-Astral Projection-Black & White 06-MoonWeed-Prophecy 07-The Infinity Project-Stimuli(Astral Projection remix) 08-Astral Projection-Let There be Light 09-Omnivox-Behind the Wheel 10-Portamento-Injected Spawn 11-Shakta-Spiritual B
  2. CONNECTION FESTIVAL 2015 29th September - 5th October SPAIN Tickets available via : www.connectionfestival.org www.suntriprecords.com Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1521555308101987/ Preparty: Tuesday 29th September , 23:03 Opening Party: Wednesday 30th September , 23:03 Afterparty: Monday 5th October, 10:03 LINE UP Connection Festival 2015 --------------------------------------------------- * MAN WITH NO NAME * ELECTRIC UNIVERSE * DIMENSION 5 * TOTAL ECLIPSE * ETNICA ,Maurizio Begotti * THE MUSES RAPT aka Juan verdera * PLEIADIANS,Maurizio Begotti /
  3. Only Goa can Judge Me

  4. I want to present you the my new mix, fueled with Timewarp Records goodies aswell with guest mix from my friend Cristian Fernandez (Morphic Resonance), hope you will like it as much i like it, tracklist is below. Enjoy!! The Mush Effect (Timewarp Records/Connection Festival Crew) TRACKLIST: The Mush Effect Dj Set: 01-Anumana- Cataclysm 02-Ion Vader & Root- Ajjna 03-Anumana- Sound from Space 04- Omneon-Psytrance 05- Omneon-Sirius 06- Kurandini-Kalindinan 07- Arronax & Weedran- Acid Sunshine 08- 01-N- Teonanacatl 09- Omnivox-Behind the Wh
  5. New Warped Generation by Mush Effect (Timewarpmix 007) Style: New School Goa Trance Tracklist: Intro-- Slow but Heavy by Cactus Arising 1-Lektro Spektral Daze- The mind of god 2-Cosmic Dimension- Predicting the future 3-Cosmic Dimension- Dark side of the universe 4-Siam- Sunset in Jupiter 5-Cactus Arising- Rolling to nowhere 6-Perplexed- Nova Fractal( Cactus Arising Remix) 7-Anumana-Sound from Space 8-Omneon-Psytrance 9-Fractal Vivisection-Travelling Apart https://soundcloud.com/mush-effect/new-warped-generation-by-mush-effect-dj-timewarpmix-007 Hope u E
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