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Found 10 results

  1. Guess who's back ? Back again ? Ohm gathering is very happy to return for a bigger event in September. The location is 100% confirmed, it's a beautifull Hangar near Brussels with 400 m2 to dance like space monkeys. The presales and announcements will follow soon. Fb Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/428963392571095 ॐ Live actsॐ - Electric Universe (Sacred Technology) - DE https://soundcloud.com/electricuniverse - Total Eclipse (TIP Records/BlueRoomSounds) - FR & GR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Pz8CL9Rz5o - Ohm Mind (Goa Madness Records - Spacedock Records) - BE https://soundcloud.com/ohm-mind ॐ Dj's ॐ - Anoebis (Suntrip Records) - BE https://soundcloud.com/anoebis - Marios Makar (BlueRoomSounds) - GR https://soundcloud.com/makar-4 ॐ Deco ॐ - Bhaskara Ananta ॐ Sound ॐ - Bose ॐ Location ॐ Buda Brussels : Vaartdijk 98a 1130 Brussels ॐ Informations ॐ Room For 750 People Cheap Drink Good Foods From Foodtruck Smoking Area Outside Respect Neighbours Bring Smile No Drugs No Own Drink No -18 ॐ ॐ ॐ Get Ready To Unleash Your Ohm ॐ ॐ ॐ
  2. Over 36 Hours of Psychedelic listening pleasure has been created by some of the most legendary pioneering names in the scene for this special occasion as we welcomed the Winter Solstice and to raise awareness and donations for The Myelin Project. Listen to the show: Listen to 50 Spins Around The Sun Here! Featuring the following Artists... Afgin (IL) Aphid Moon (UK) Braincell (CH) Chromatone (AU) DuM (FR/CA) Infernal Gift (GR/USA) ManMadeMan (UK) Mechanimal (UK) Mekkanikka (CH) Mutalisk (DK) N.A.S.A. (DK) Oden (FI) RIGEL (GR) Rita Raga (PL) SkyPirate (FR) Total Eclipse (FR/GR) Featuring the following DJs... Anoebis (BE) Auricle (AU) Collider (UK) Dryad (USA/PL) EarthAlien (UK) Florescence (UK) Goa Doc (USA) John Phantasm (UK) Kid Kosmik (GER) Lee AudioAddictz (UK) Ovnimoon (CL) DJ Sarana (FI) DJ Shakti (UK) Psibindi (UK) Psykia (IT) Psykinetic (UK) Tuszi Tushe (PL) The Myelin Project Website: https://www.myelinproject.co.uk Twitter: https://twitter.com/myelin_project Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myelinproject.co.uk
  3. You know those moments when you are tired after a great party, and you feel like floating away in a dreamy, warm & positive sunshine state? Well... Here is something for you! A 1.5 hour normal trance set... You'll find my personal goa/normal-trance & retro trance favourites! 1.5 hour of known and less known tracks! People that were going out in the 90's will recognise some classics for sure... Those classics are mixed in a story with more new and old normal trance tracks! I'll write the tracklist in the topic soon Enjoy! And... keep the trance alive! http://downloads.psychedelic.be/Anoebis_-_Emotions_are_for_losers..._and_Im_a_loser.mp3 For the ones that want to download it: place following link in your URL browser with the http in for of it of course.Enjoy downloads.psychedelic.be/Anoebis_-_Emotions_are_for_losers..._and_Im_a_loser.mp3
  4. https://www.facebook.com/goasiamusic/videos/10154311588688866/
  5. Mainstage: Abys Ooze (ARG) - Anoebis (BE) - Astral Projection (IL) - Atmos (SE) - Atriohm (MK) - Back To Mars (NL) - Chakra (IL) - Chuckles (BE) - Derango ft Purosurpo & Ghostscent (SE) - Digicult (BE) - Elowinz (BR) - Fabio Leal (BR) - Hux Flux (SE) - Jahbo (DK) - Kasadelica (IL) - Kashyyyk (MX) - KoxBox (DK) - Krumelur (SE) - Logic Bomb (SE) - Logic Flux (SE) - LOUD (IL) - Megalopsy (ARG) - Millivolt (CH) - Norion (BE) - Orestis (GR) - Sasha (DE) - Ticon (SE) - Transwave (FR) - Union Jack (UK) - Whrikk (NL) Space Deck: Anoebis (BE) - Bayawaka (BE) - Bliepertronic (NL) - Charris (BE) - Fabio Léal (BR) - Hans (NL) - Harmonique Frequency (NL) - Kepukku (BE) - Krumelur (SE) - Leftchest (BE) - Lugus (BE) - NGE Duo (SE) - Norion (BE) - Prisma (ARG) - Psygasus (BE) - Rubberdubbie (NL) - Trala Lama (NL) - WHRK (NL) - Yani (BE) - pHaSeBonG (NL) Dub Forest: By Digitron Soundsystem (HR) www.space-safari.com
  6. ...This time Amanita Muscaria & Tricky meet Lunar Sunrise... https://www.facebook.com/events/120510331678711/ LIVE: BLUE PLANET CORPORATION (FR, Flying Rhino Recs, DAT Recs) Gabriel Masurel will perform a 2 hours set from the golden 90's period. https://www.youtube.com/embed/JVDL0oZk2hE COSMOSIS (UK, Transient Recs, Holophonic Recs) Bill Halsey will perform a 2 hours 'Killer oldschool live act' Think..Cosmology https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=spspwURI7Gg CROSSING MIND (FR, Suntrip Recs, DAT Recs) Stéphane Bèze will bring a 2 hours live performance that will blow your mind. https://www.youtube.com/embed/nOEEqf4eBwQ DJ: Anoebis (BE, Suntrip Records) https://soundcloud.com/anoebis https://www.facebook.com/Anoebis-202926626775/ Bandagor (BE, Amanita Muscaria, Goa Madness Records) https://soundcloud.com/jelle-de-coene https://www.facebook.com/bandagor/?fref=ts Sjama'Dan (BE, Amanita Muscaria) https://soundcloud.com/daniel-de-keulenaer https://www.facebook.com/Sjamadan-774095952684645/?fref=ts Gnome (BE, Amanita Muscaria) https://soundcloud.com/gnome3 https://www.facebook.com/Gnome-552386104870537/?fref=ts DECORATIONS: Dreamcatcher'T https://www.facebook.com/DreamcatcherT-269393619846431/?fref=ts TICKETS: https://shop.ikbenaanwezig.nl/tickets/event/sacraments-of-light HAPPY HOUR: People who arrive between 21h and 22h will get a FREE drink card, worth 2 consumptions!!!!! MARKET AREA: Suntrip Records & oldschool goatrance CD shop Please inform for your market at AM & Tricky meet LS at AM604@GMX.COM SOUND BY: Funktion-One powered by soundsystem.be http://www.soundsystem.be/
  7. Goa is over 20 years old in the mean time. Time to have a retrodelic look! For this I dug in my huge cd & vinyl collection and decided to make a mix for every year for the period 1994-2014 to show the "new" generation of goa people how goa-trance evolved, and never really died This third mix is about 1996, mixed with 2 CDJ1000s and Pioneer djm300 (no lap top mixing involved!). It was a big treat, as many of the tracks are SUPER hard to mix. But I chose the tracks for their musical value, not for their mixing abilities. I hope I managed decently anyway :)This is the first of 2 mixes from 1996. This is the morning/sunrise mix, later on I will also make a "night" - more acidic old school goa trance mix! So, have a look, a listen and make sure to buy the music if you like it! If you want to hear the mix of 1994, please download and listen on my soundcloud! Finally, here is the tracklist! 1. Athena - Croctopus - Matsuri Productions 2. Koxbox - Fuel On - Blue Moon Productions 3. Astral Projection ft MFG - Radial Blur - Trust in Trance Records 4. Asia 2001 - Kalimba - Trans'pact Records 5. Etnica - Vimana (1996 live in Athens remix) - DAT Records 6. Blue Planet Corporation - Antidote (Pleiadians Remix) - Completely Cabbaged Records 7. Witchcraft - Whale - Matsuri Productions 8. Dimension 5 - Psychic Influence - Intastella Records 9. MFG - Maya Moon - Symbiosis Records 10. Charm - Psycho-Active - Tokyo Tekno Tribe 11. Psychonauts - Shadows of the Moon - Echidna Records 12. Power Source - Goaway - Matsuri Productions 13. Cosmosis - Deus (Benedictine Mix) - Transient Records 14. Underhead - Shubata - Koyote Records 15. Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - The Wave Inside - High Society
  8. Goa is over 20 years old in the mean time. Time to have a retrodelic look! For this I dug in my huge cd & vinyl collection and decided to make a mix for every year for the period 1994-2014 to show the "new" generation of goa people how goa-trance evolved, and never really died This second mix is about 1995, mixed with 2 CDJ1000s and Pioneer djm300. It was a big treat, as many of the tracks are SUPER hard to mix. I hope I managed decently So, have a look, a listen and make sure to buy the music if you like it! If you want to hear the mix of 1994, please download and listen on soundcloud too! Here is the tracklist of the 1995 mix 1. Electric Universe - Electronic Pulsation - Spirit Zone Records 2. Pleiadians - Ciberland - Symbiosis Records 3. Koxbox - Tribal Oscillation (Prana Remix) - Harthouse Records 4. Astral Projection - Power Gen - Trust in Trance Records 5. Hiscore - True Freedom - Polytox Records 6. Bassline Baby - Altered States - Step 2 House Records 7. Talking Souls - Place on Earth - Polytox Records 8. Etnica - The Gili's Voyage (Ketu Remix) - High Society Records 9. In Trance - Over Seas - NMC Records 10. Soluna - Dancing Spirit - BTM Records 11. Cosmosis - Deus (Benedictine Remix) - Transient Records 12. Transwave - Cycles of Life - Symbiosis Records 13. Perfect Rainbow - Exotic Eye - Matsuri Productions https://soundcloud.com/anoebis/anoebis-the-history-of-goatrance-1995
  9. PLAY / DOWNLOAD Territory 1: Psy-trance with goa-influences and darker/acidic goa-trance 1. Lunar Dawn - Ananke (Screw Loose Remix) 2. Alien message - Arc Prime (White) 3. Javi & Skooma - Atomic Cocktail Territory 2: Full power modern goa-trance 4. Omneon - Magic Forest 5. Siam - Endless Sea 6. Psychowave - Supernova (Lunar Dawn Rmx) Territory 3: Floating morning goa-trance 7. Mindsphere - Last Hope 8. Coagoa - Algae Forest 9. JIS - The Journey 10. Fractal Vivisection - Interplanetary Voyage Territory 4: Euphoric goa-trance with nitzhogoa influences 11. Nova Fractal - Mass Extincion 12. Sky Technology - Stars Come Down 13. Agneton - Azure Epos "A few months ago Nova Fractal asked me to make a mix with the best tracks in my opinion of the releases on his digital label Timewarp Records. This sounded like a challenge to me and the result can be found here! The title is how the mix feels to me: I "visited" 4 different territories The first part is rather Psy-trance with goa-influences, the second part is full power modern goa, the third part is morning goa-trance and the last part is euphoric goa/nitzhogoa!"
  10. Event info and details: http://www.facebook.com/events/579436085429347/ http://forum.trancepleme.com/index.php?topic=6099
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