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  1. Hey guys! Here is my remix of this legendary track by Technical Hitch. You can free download it. Let me know your feedbacks! Enjoy: Soundcloud Link
  2. Here is my latest track! 127bpm I'm creating this kind of tracks in order to fill up my dj sets bpm gaps.
  3. 131 Bpm https://soundcloud.com/arkohn/sungaze
  4. Hey! Thanks for the feedback, Pinz! =D
  5. Here is something a bit experimental. I'm not quite sure what genre it is. Let me know your feedback!
  6. Hello! Here I'm dropping my latest track. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think!
  7. Very original and professional. A pleasure to listen to.
  8. I think that the speed is not a problem at all. I think that the vibe is great and I like the overall sound but I also think that there is a lack variation that makes it boring for the later parts. I have only a few years into psytrance so I'm not sure if it's a matter of style or what. Take a look at this masterpiece for a well done hyper speed track: https://youtu.be/xEsIkXk5hmo
  9. Nice! I loved how the whole things builds up.
  10. Hey! Thanks for the feedback! I tried to keep the intro simple but maybe I went a bit too simple and "raw". I'll get my hands on that plugin =) All the best!
  11. Lol "art" and "finished" are two terms that are not as compatible as one would think. Great track!
  12. Somewhere between Psytrance and Trance, maybe commercial psytrance? I don't really know. In any case I hope you enjoy it:
  13. Whatever genre it is it sure does sounds good. I love those heavily distorted, industrial sounds.
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