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  1. PERFECT BLIND - Midnight Rituals Genre: ambient / tribal / esoteric Get it here in 24 bit quality @ my Bandcamp My new album for year 2020! Pagan rituals, nocturnal invocations, sacral chants, deep drones, esoteric ambiances and tribal drums... Tracklist: 1. Passage 10:48 2. Invocation 03:54 3. Deliverance 10:24 4. Catharsis 04:24 5. Atonement 10:10 6. Oblivion 04:40 https://perfectblind.bandcamp.com/album/midnight-rituals Or stream my music on spotify, deezer, itunes etc...
  2. PERFECT BLIND - Decade 2009-2019 Genre: downtempo / trance / ambient Get it here in 24 bit quality @ my Bandcamp A compilation of my work over the last decade under Perfect Blind. Features re-edited or remixed tracks, collaborations & covers, and some new material. All tracks have been carefully remastered in 24 bit quality! Tracklist: 1. Coming Home (2019 Edit) 06:48 2. Surfacing (2019 Edit) 07:29 3. Horizont 05:28 4. Exosphere 09:46 5. Lowbit Orbit (feat. CUBErt) 06:32 6. Alterjinga (vs. PsiloCybian) 05:55 7. Sabled Sun (feat. Jay Kay) 08:38 8. Ancient Machinery (2019 Edit) 09:16 9. The Sky is Failing 05:06 10. Escape Velocity (Remix) 08:40 11. Edge of Solitude (Remix) 07:21 12. End Titles (Vangelis Cover) 05:02 https://perfectblind.bandcamp.com/album/decade-2009-2019 Or stream my music on spotify, deezer, itunes etc...
  3. PERFECT BLIND - Sjever EP Genre: downtempo / trance / ambient Get it here in 24 bit quality @ my Bandcamp Dark beats, brooding atmospheres and analogue synths. Here's a more classical, even retro in sound, 4/4 beat-driven EP, rounded up with an ambient track. Sjever means "north" in Croatian. Written, produced & mixed by Igor Čeranić 2019. Mastered by Igor Čeranić @ Deimos Soundlabs 2019. www.deimos-soundlabs.com Cover photo source: ESO/Alexandre Santerne Tracklist: 1. Submerge 08:28 2. Spiraling Down 07:02 3. Sjever 04:24 https://perfectblind.bandcamp.com/album/sjever-ep
  4. PERFECT BLIND - Odsjaj EP Genre: downtempo / ambient / psybient Get it here in 24 bit quality @ my Bandcamp Here's a new EP to kick-off 2019! Winter sounds, sombre atmosphere and jazzy improv melodies... Odsjaj means reflection in Croatian. All tracks written & produced by Igor Čeranić 2019. Mastered by Igor Čeranić @ Deimos Soundlabs. Cover artwork by CreArtizia Tracklist: 1. Zora 04:45 2. Horizont 05:28 3. Odsjaj 02:14 Personally, I'm really satisfied with this EP. Didn't write PB music for some time now, and after a really stressful and hard period in my life this is what came out of it. Enjoy and support it if you like it! https://perfectblind.bandcamp.com/album/odsjaj-ep
  5. DEIMOS - We Have Forgotten (Remaster) Genre: psytrance / fullon Get it here in 24 bit quality @ my Bandcamp. My first (and only) full lenght album under Deimos was released back in 2012 on Geomagnetic (Goa Records). After several years, the album has been remastered, in 24 bit / 48 kHz quality, and is available through my bandcamp as well. All tracks written and produced by Igor Čeranić 2011-2012. Originally released on Geomagnetic.tv (Goa Records) in 2012. All tracks remastered in 2019, 24 bit / 48 kHz quality, by Igor Čeranić @ Deimos Soundlabs @ www.deimos-soundlabs.com Original cover artwork by Ivan Parić Richpa @ www.neogoa.net Tracklist: 1. Disobey 01:48 2. Modus Operandi 07:56 3. Na Rubu Horizonta 07:10 4. Our Benefactors 06:28 5. The Raid (v2) 07:20 6. Seishin (feat. Subscale) 07:44 7. Breaking Point (vs. PsiloCybian) 08:59 8. We Have Forgotten 08:04 9. Blood Magic 08:10 10. The Fallout 08:43 There's also a few leftover CD's of the original album I found... For a buck more. Enjoy and cheers https://perfectblind.bandcamp.com/album/we-have-forgotten-remaster-2
  6. DEIMOS - Cycle 2010-2013 Genres: psytrance / fullon / techno Get it here in 24 bit quality @ my Bandcamp. Second compilation of my work under Deimos alias, consisting of previously released and unreleased tracks and remixes, from 2010 to 2013. Full on and melodic psytrance, half of them done with PsiloCybian, alongside 3 easier remixes in more proggy-techno style. Tracks #2, 4, 5 were previously unreleased! Tracks #1-5 24 bit remastered 2018, tracks #6-9 16 bit mastered 2010-2013 by Igor Čeranić @ Deimos Soundlabs. Cover photo taken by Ivana Patricia @ CreArtizia. Tracklist: 1. Deimos - Future Failed 07:26 2. Deimos - Ritual 06:54 3. Deimos - Doomsday Funk 07:29 4. Deimos & PsiloCybian - Sunlight Recorder 07:27 5. Deimos & PsiloCybian - Primordial Dub09:53 6. Deimos & PsiloCybian - Spooky Doobi Doo 07:04 7. Lemonchill - Premonition (Deimos Remix) 06:06 8. Mammal Footwork - Wallop (Deimos Remix) 06:24 9. Blurix - Stage (Deimos Remix) 08:20 Have a listen, support it if you like it... etc. Cheers https://perfectblind.bandcamp.com/album/cycle-2010-2013
  7. DEIMOS - Cycle 2006-2009 Genres: psytrance / psybreaks / techtrance / progressive Get it here in 24 bit quality @ my Bandcamp. I decided to recover, remaster (when possible) and compile all of my work under Deimos alias. There will ba a trilogy of releases, and this is the first one! Compilation of my earliest work under Deimos alias, consisting of previously released and unreleased tracks and remixes, from 2006 to 2009. Expect some raw(er) production and variety of genres - from tech, psybreaks and proggy stuff to fullon and even a bit of drum'n'bass. Quality of the recovered master tracks (or remastered mixes) is 24 bit. Tracks #7, 8, 9, 12 were previously unreleased! All tracks written & produced by Igor Čeranić 2006-2009, except #12 remixed by Saša Dukić 2009. All tracks remastered 2009 or restored 2018 in 24 bit by Igor Čeranić @ Deimos Soundlabs. Cover photo taken by Ivana Patricia. Tracklist: 01. Fleshcrafter 07:40 02. No Quarantine (Remix) 06:30 03. Ruptured 08:15 04. Event Horizon 08:38 05. Deep Flow 07:08 06. Funkscape 2.0 07:14 07. AT Field 07:29 08. Ruptured (4x4 Mix) 08:18 09. Wasteland 08:43 10. Chest Pain 07:10 11. Drifter 07:47 12. Fleshcrafter (PsiloCybian Remix) 05:39 Have a listen, support it if you like it... etc. Cheers https://perfectblind.bandcamp.com/album/cycle-2006-2009
  8. A little update on this one: Marking a 1 year anniversary from the original release on BMSS Records in 2017, Perfect Blind now presents full, unmixed (5 min longer) version of the "Stratum" album, in 24 bit 48 kHz quality, on his own bandcamp page. You can get the album HERE @ BANDCAMP, as well as remaining CD copies, bundles, original artowork canvases (only 2/10 remaining)...
  9. I'm just glad that I got to see JR live while Ben was still supported by African-tribe members... and singer from Labyrinth album. It was I think 2008 and promotion of Gods&Monsters album (which was awful and luckily only 3 songs from that crap were played live). Bonus was that it was concert with Laibach, so it was not a festival set, but full 2+ hour experience (Laibach 1,5h) - and combo songs with Laibach (God is God) This now really sound like digital shit..................
  10. PERFECT BLIND - REPLIKA Genres: Downtempo / Synthwave / Electronica / Industrial Get it here: Digital download @ Perfect Blind Bandcamp REPLIKA is a collection of 12 cover songs made throughout the last year, as a little side project in which I tried to do something a bit different than my usual stuff. I've chosen songs that were either very dear to me, influenced me, or I thought I could improve in some way on the original... From Croatian folk and rock music, soundtrack scores, some pioneering electronics, to more modern industrial/techno sounds (most of it can hardly classify as PB material, but hey)... Either way, I had a lot of fun doing it, some genres for the first time (so some sloppy production here and there), recording a lot of vocals - and I'm not a singer... , Finally, I share it for free because, it figures, I don't own the original material. Feel free to support it though, and enjoy! Tracklist: 01. The Doctor (Dr.Who Theme Cover) 02. Metropolis (Kraftwerk Cover) 03. Dark Train (Underworld Cover) 04. Immobilized (Front Line Assembly Cover) 05. Replicant (Covenant Cover) 06. Oxygene (Jean Michel Jarre Cover) 07. Dej Mi (Croatian folk song - V2) 08. Sheyn (Haustor Cover) 09. Our Darkness (Anne Clark Cover) 10. A Forest (The Cure Cover) 11. It's No Good (Depeche Mode Cover) 12. End Titles (Vangelis Cover) Playing time: ~64 min https://perfectblind.bandcamp.com/album/replika
  11. I mastered this album and wasn't satisfied at all how it turned out, but this is the best I could pull out of his mixdowns, after many hours, re-runs and tweaks. Unfortunately stuff often spiked out of balance, especially synth sweeps/fx, and lows were really deep down in the sub-area without a real punch in those places (freqs) where we expect them to shine. I tried to level all that as much as I could, no to hamper other stuff that was OK, in the process. Production-wise, Danny had much better albums in the past, don't know what changed at his studio for this change of sound. Or maybe he just wanted to reacreate that early-90s goa sound and production values. I apologize to all for not fully enabling you the listening pleasure of his music...
  12. PERFECT BLIND - Retrospektiva - The Mix Trilogy Genres: Downtempo / Ambient / Trance / Breaks Get it on Bandcamp It's holidays season, and I want to share one free release - with more than 4 hours of music! "Retrospektiva" consists of three Live mixes that represent my sound over the course of last 15 years. I chose almost 50 of my favorite tracks, and divided them by style and mood: Part I - Convergence - ambient soundscapes with more industrial feel, infused with tribal beats and chants Part II - Insurrection - upbeat, dubby and mostly 4/4 "chillgressive" set, with lots of colabs, and even few unreleased ones Part III - Quarantine - freestyle broken beats with darker vibe, consisting of mostly my older tracks Bonus items include three full HD wallpapers that represent each mix, all of them originally oil on canvas, painted by my wife Ivana Patricia. Playing time: around 4,5 hours Support it if you like it!
  13. well, i master stuff like this (goa) - includning this - at -10 dB RMS average... whereas most of todays psytrance goes below -8... to -7, or even louder, so it sounds like a brick wall. -10 also isn't super great for dynamics, but for a loudness compromise, i guess i managed to preserve enough of it
  14. Hah, I know (and have somewhere in mp3) that album, interesting! But can't remember any track from it (or that artist) actually... Anyway, tnx for the kind words I noticed ppl seem to experience this album as a lot darker stuff than I personally think of it... Heh
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