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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Miranda Title: Cosmic Treasure Vol.1 Best of 1995-2000 Remastered Label: Spiral Trax I mean, all I have to say to this is 'wow, fuck yes this is great, never leave my ears you beautiful sounds'. I have some of Miranda's stuff. I've always thought it was awesome. But! I had no idea it could sound like this. This perfectly remastered selection of her greats is to me like listening to them all again for the first time. I mean, just take the intro, ya'll know a good intro is sick, and this one is for sure. Don't even get me started on Gnocchi's wild ass bass line and wild zaps of energy. 'Their isn't a bad song here' is a statement that was true before the remaster. So it's hard to know what to say about it now. 'There are only 10/10 tracks presented here?' That'll do. Listen to the vibrancy of Step To The Stars for example. Listen to that punch. My goodness gracious. Wiiild Miranda likes Mars, we can take a hint. But if the planet of Mars was anything like Miranda's Planet of Mars track I'd be there in a heartbeat. Surely any Miranda fan would understand why I would think that Phenomena should be in their top 3 favourite tracks. Well this is better than you remember. Somewhere Out There, Awesome Mars Needs Woman, Eclectic with an ending like you have only kinda heard before. But not like this. Andalgalornis, Deep and electric. Magnetic Levitation, A favourite on top of a bunch of favourites. I mean what more could you want than deep rumbles, dark atmospheres, psychotic melodies and absolute layered distinction. https://spiraltrax.bandcamp.com/album/miranda-cosmic-treasure-vol-1-best-of-1995-2000-remastered-spitcd053-spiral-trax
  2. Artist: Frogacult Title: Sky Rocketeers Label: Spiral Trax Date: January, 2012 1. Found but lost 2. Waiting so long 3. Night Breeder 4. Mebo Circuit 5. Con Filtro 6. Sun Zoom Spark 7. Pre Phase rmx 8. Brickwall Limit "You think you can get me to cooperate?" Frogacult is a Danish tandem that only had one album prior to this one way back in 2004 called Something For Sundays. Not being familiar with their work means I have no preconceived notions of what's gonna happen here. Discogs says it's psy with progressive, but that is a ton of ground to cover. So what's it like? Believe it or not the above description is accurate as this is a blend of psytrance and progressive with ominous and well placed samples. Now wide open progressive like you would find with Iono Music, but don't mistake it as dull and repetitive. Far from it, there are eerie atmospheres and alien sounds to go along with some nice beats. Night Breeder makes me think of a deserted space station in need of exploration. Not by me though, those sounds are too f*cking creepy. Con Filtro with its bubbly slap bass was funky and discordant enough to be different. Even Sun Zoom Spark with its oft repeated sample had an isolating vibe going for it. My favorite though was was the pre phase remix that just bled I don't wanna be next to the guy about to get eaten by an alien tension. Such depth is tasty! Womp, womp, womp...shake that thing. Before he gets eaten. And that's what you get. A very space themed album that was a complete surprise to me. Good sounds that put you in the cold blackness making the hair on the back of your neck stand up. There are some minimal leanings and areas where they try and milk it for a bit to long methinks. They also seem to be quite competent at layering sounds without a loss in quality so everything sounds very clear. It's nice. Not something I would listen to regularly though, but nice. Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  3. Artist: Various Title: Ease Division 4 Label: Spiral Trax Date: May, 2011 1. Treebeard Speaks His Mind - VONOOM 2. Melting Touch - KLIMENT 3. The Last OCB - KRUSSELDORF 4. Wide awake - ESCAPE VELOCITY 5. Plasmaland - SIEBZEHN 6. The Purrts Of Navarone - ILLUMINUS 7. As Summer Gave Way To Autumn - KUKAN DUB LAGAN 8. Ffly By - TOR.MA 9. Water Cooler - KRUSSELDORF Spiral Trax is a Swedish label that closed up shop in 2006 when its distributor folded only to be reborn and taken over by Germany. Some big names have come through this label...Human Blue, Logic Bomb, Hux Flux. So there is nothing to be ashamed about if you've been taken over by Germany. I mean it happened to Austria, France, Italy and Poland and that worked out pretty well...right? I mean, you say Germany to me in the 40's and I'm thinking this guy. Sure he ran a camp for POW's, but they looked well fed and every week it seemed like there was a lot of laughs. He's such a lovable character I'm sure the whole country of Germany was just like him. Oh. That was there? Wow. That is no way to run a label. Sure it was a "hostile takeover" but this is business, it happens all the time. It's not like they made giant robots whose sole intent was to crush the Fatherland. Ho.Lee.Crap. Those motherf*ckers. What a terrible slice of history. All we can do is hope that it is never repeated and that a continent doesn't fall prey to a charismatic yet insane individual. IT'S THE END OF DAYS! HE'S BROUGHT BACK ZOMBIE GARY COLEMAN AND A KILLER 1980'S TRANS-AM! Treebeard Speaks His Mind- Michael Sundo drops a serious dubby tune for your ears. That bass will rattle a few windows in Kennebunkport this summer I betcha. Simpsons reference? Anybody? The slow piano chords provide stability as bubbly sweeps rain down like afternoon sunshine. He slides a squirty lead in there near the end for a pretty good track. Nod your head goodness I would say. Melting Touch- Haven't heard a whole bunch from Mr. Dichev, but what I have had the privelidge to hear was pretty damn good. He's got twinkly synths that make like sparklers on the 4th of July as a deep bass hums below. Cloud surfing melodies spiral throughout, and the clip clop of percussion makes me think of open meadows. Kinda like the cover. It's got it all really...piano, soft vocals, dreamy melodies. It's like being high and adrift without having to hit the pipe. Only one thing missing... Hey! How you doin'? What? Kids, no...no *pushes kids into pool* Those are my brother's kids! The Last OCB- R.I.P. Dirty. You were...different. What? Oh. OH! OCB. I'm sure Simon will be thrilled to have his name linked to a fool that showed up in a limo to collect food stamps. This is Simon Heath aka Atrium Carceri (which is one of my all time favorite dark ambient projects) With a deliberate melody and deep bass this track has a frenzied percussive style. You know, like the bpm would say 170 but it's a downtempo joint. Floating melodies combine with some earthy almost forest sounds. Can a track be relaxing yet also feel a little rushed? That's how this one made me feel. Mind Wide Awake- Oooh, juicy percussion! Like I stepped in a puddle. The pads are of course dreamy and the bass drop is a nice warped style. Shimmering leads reflect like chrome in the sun and the break beat hits me just right. And then right in the middle of the track he slows it all down. It's an extended break that brings forth what seems like an arbitrary melody before the beat shifts. Kinda weird transition, but I liked it. Plasmaland- Remember how Michael Jackson in the Billie Jean video stepped on a square and it would light up? That's how this makes me feel, though instead of squares it's clouds. And the view down is...breathtaking. If I were any more relaxed I would be comatose. Thankfully he throws a little soft percussion my way and it highlights how detailed and spacey this track is. So what are you gonna do when he speeds things up at a drum n bass pace? Know what I did? Just smiled. Purrts of Navarone- "And when I got started with psychedelics it was because I was...uhh, interested in a mystical experience." At first when I thought this was going to be an ambient piece I was on board. But after the Shpongle-esqe quirkiness and weird sounds I was turned off. This doesn't seem to fit in with what I have heard so far. It's not that the pace is quicker, but I found the chanting and sounds rather intrusive. On it's own it's fine, but put with these tracks just doesn't do itself any favors. As Summer Gave Way To Autumn- I've heard this before. Piano chord arpeggio and rastafarian sample telling me to choose one. But where? Bah...I can't think of it. Maybe I heard it whilst I was asleep and thought I heard it somewhere else. At least where back to the relaxing pace even though I don't care for the lead and its distorted, detuned self. Come to think of it, the piano is obtrusive as well. Yeah, I don't like this. And being almost 10 minutes long it'll take 2 weeks to get through it. Is it good? Eh. Fly by-You got your sitar appreciation ears ready? Good, you'll need 'em. The breakbeat lends an air of funk to it and the electronics give it a mystical vibe. Not bad. "Hot dog hot dog yes sir no sir!" Water Cooler- With a jazzy feel the funky drummer comes out to play. The emphasis is on real world instruments in a let's get everyone in the room and jam. What? Nah, f*ck the sheet music, follow my lead. Gimme a c, a bouncy c! Weird. I like the Ease Division Series as the number gets highger. 1st one not so much. The 2nd was better and the 3rd was really good. With the 4th one I think we have reached a plateau. It started off pretty good but then kinda lost its way. Lots of dub, some ambient, reggae...so there's plenty of different genre's to stick your teeth into, but it didn't blow me away. There were a couple of really good tracks so it might be worth checking out. http://www.psyshop.c.../spt1cd032.html http://www.beatspace...n+4/detail.aspx http://www.goastore....roducts_id=4416 Mdk
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