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  1. Excelent track, too bad its unreleased as a transwave track and this cypher isnt available anywhere.
  2. Another stereotype, if you listen skazi you surely dont know what good music is. Oh give a break amphi. If i like 2 songs of skazi it means something bad ? Im not going insane listening to latetst "killargh album by skazi". And you surely have no clue what i listen to.
  3. Very disapointed of astral projection track here. The only quite good track is talamasca imo.
  4. http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=6C151462613651E6 ://http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.p...151462613651E6 Eskimo, or something else? Qite famous melody i think... Plz help!
  5. I find this album the most boring cd release this year His experiments don't work for me.
  6. That isn't true! Many, many tracks recently released tell a story, real story. A couple of examples bio-tonic - its only a story manifold - time for the heist vibrasphere - baltic resonance
  7. I accidentaly came across Vinylshakerz stuff yesterday and thats it folks. 1st song on their debut album is the stuff that i had on mind. Listen to it and to Ephedrix track. Don't you find it similar a bit ?
  8. Im talking for myself. As i said before i like to have a good time which means crappy/funny music may be cool to listen on dancefloor. I have never found skazi's music good, nope this is definately wrong cattegory. His music is a "fun" thats all folks. And im talking only about few tracks 3-4 maximum from his entire discography. Thise are the label's arguments. Follow the trends or die hahaha isnt it radiciulous ? Benf: this sentences works in both ways: the argument that sth is bad becouse people don't listen to it, does it make it bad ? No, of course no!! To summ all: the point is to stay independed and listen to what u like, not whats recently promoted unless if you REALY like it
  9. Im 22, and im not a skazi fan, I like to have a good time, thats all. And if someone thinks: im not in israeli lol. Im wondering about something. Maybe someone can clear it out for me. If there is massive front against skazi going on, then how come his album is nr in psyshop top charts ? CD Top Ten: 1. Compilation: Lime Light 2 Tribal Vision 1CD 2. Skazi: Total Anarchy Chemical Crew 1CD Is psyshop faking sales or poeple officialy say skazi is shitmen, while in privacy they order all his albums ? Hahaha Im not sugesting anything, just asking!
  10. This will be probably the only positive comment, but who else to do it heheh Tracks Hitn and Run + Others are excelent. Im listening them very often since the album egt released.
  11. I hope nobody mind im sharing a short 20 sec sample of Ephedrix's track releaed on VA - Orientation vol.1 some month ago. yousendit, 300kb sample Well th thing is im looking for another track that has the melody/beat/bassline which the sample i shared here has. Originaly the track was full of girl vocal lines and it was very melodious. The lyrics were like "cmon baby raise your hands.........back on population" Sorry i hardly remember the words it consists Any help guys ?
  12. Interesting thing that i haven't even noticed 1 single realy bad opinion on that compil. All reactions are good or fabuulous. It's rare nowadays. I cant say either its a bad CD, as a matter of fact its GREAT! TIP suprised me this time. I'm looking forward for more so good cd's
  13. Atma is very good, at least his productions was in 2005 If he keep on that morning sunny style, ill with no doubts buy his album.
  14. No it doesn't mean gay, you have some experience in that subject Gutty ?
  15. Heheh just my thought... Why the hell he uses big letters in the middle of the word. Weird thing, maybe it iwll be changed before cover will get into pressing machine
  16. And here we have the best psytrance release of 2006. I thought Bori's collaboration with space tirbe may beat his selfmade "Silent In Action" album but i was wrong. This is up to date the most innovative, refreshing and mindblowing album releases in "fullon" cattegory. Excelent acid lines, pure energy and chaos that makes as a matter of fact sense 10/10 If you thhink its too fast and boring etc. then this album isnt just dedicated to you. I would say its for "hardcore" psytrancers Keep it up Boris! Thats an evolution.
  17. Etnica's track? i doubt, or they changed style completely. It rather sounds like X-Dream.
  18. Ohh how nice:) Right about the time, its cooooooooming heheh Samples sounds excelent, im very curious about it. But as it used to be, dag never dissapoints. I'm sure it won't happen this time either
  19. Can anyone recognize track played on background on this webpage please ? SummerFlashhttp://www.summerflash.com/ Thx in advance
  20. After around 10 years of being with psychedelic scene an artist has not enough creativity to make his debut album alone ? Thats lame.
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