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  1. I will pay you 1000 euro to keep Im The Supervisor.
  2. Anyone know the fate of the 2cd's that were close to release?
  3. Easily my favourite album of all time. I still get this out probably once or twice a month. Flying Into A Star was always the standout track for me. Utterly brilliant. Would love to hear someone play some of these tracks out sometime as i never got to experience these times in the outdoors.
  4. Been waiting for ages for this release. Samples sound awesome, Ive been playing i get a rush to death. What more to say except im counting down the days till the release. (Hope Iboga has the NASA album in the not too distant future)
  5. 01 Womb 02 Black Valley.org 03 Terpsichore 04 Zero-Tonic Passion 05 Disco Code 06 Fingerwaltz 07 Galactic Fire 08 Weightless Waitress Label: Transient Date: 6th September Human Blue - The Wizard of Sound - is back with his strongest and most innovative album to date and will release his 5th full-length album - misStArRyAs Xperience - in September 2006. With crystal clear sound and a crisp Nordic touch misStArRyAs Xperience consists of eight killer tracks ranging from tight temptatious and dirty progressive trance to sharp aggressive jet melodic full-on trance. By using his classical music skills and a more mature, futuristic and forward thinking sound approach and at the same time being able to keep his unique sound and style, he has created the ultimate psy-trance album. Transient Records - the notorious London trance label - is by releasing misStArRyAs Xperience celebrating its re-launch. Greg Coyle director at Transient Records said: "misStArRyAs Xperience will without a doubt be a bomb. It's a very intelligent album overloaded with creativity and dance floor mayhem. This will be a smashing comeback for both Human Blue and Transient. Samples here..http://arabesque.co.uk//index.php?option=com_artistavenue&task=playCD&id=566&Itemid=99999999
  6. Very sad news indeed. My all time favourite classic album from Spiral was Atmos - 2nd Brigade. I have all three limted edition box sets as well so i guess i will be looking after them.
  7. simon00

    V/A - Afterhourz

    I saw Motion, Solead & Triptych live on Sat night and Motion (Vincent) stole the show, he played tracks off this album and the Instellar Overdrive remix is utterly stunning. Its gotta be my fav release this year and Activated isnt far behind. Fantastic album.
  8. Very sad news indeed. Spiral have been one of my fav labels since i got into psy. Hope to see the new Atmos albums somewhere else sooner rather than later.
  9. Well when Atmos was in Australia in Jan he played most of the new tracks off the new album Royale (Yes i asked him and he told me) and i can assure you it sure as shit wasnt Full on. But it was however Killllah.
  10. I get page not displayed. As for the Bakke comp that was coming in Feb so it cant be too far away. I know Cosmophilia going under stopped Spiral in its Trax for a while.
  11. I do know this will be in 2 parts, was hoping it would have been released by now. Part 1 - Atmos - Deluxe - 1 Cd of remixes. Part 2 - Atmos - Royale - 1 Cd of all new tracks.
  12. simon00

    V/A - Afterhourz

    Been waiting for any cd with a copy of Activated on it since Rsf 7 months ago and finally the wait is over. Looks like a great release and i will be happy to add it to my collection.
  13. Seems lots of people disagree with you.
  14. Really like this album, the Freq 3rd Remix is utterly awesome and worth the cd alone along with Space Needle.
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