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  1. Dane Curley & Collaborators - The Cosmic Collaboration Machine preorder, including a Simon Posford collab https://danecurley.bandcamp.com/album/the-cosmic-collaboration-machine
  2. 63€ shipped to europe for a regular 2xLP release is average now? 😳 that's almost the same as for the beautiful Hallucinogen 4xLP remastered deluxe book just half a year ago. damn where is this heading. Edit: true, the samples sound amazing. tough decision if this is still within the budget.
  3. yes, shipping, taxes and custom fees on top. definitely overpriced. at some point people will simply stop buying. I'm definitely passing with such prices.
  4. theres no chance to fit 2 vinyl in one sleeve without big risk of damage. i tried and already messed up the inner paper sleeve. luckily the vinyl didn't suffer so I stopped further trying with force. to be honest I think it's also quiet a disappointing solution to leave the vinyl outside of the cover for an otherwise great and pretty expensive release. I would definitely prefer a proper 3xLP cover.
  5. I received my Vinyl today. how am I supposed to place the 3xLP into the Gatefold cover intended for 2xLP? the last vinyl simply doesn't fit anymore. why no 3xLP gatefold cover for such a great release?
  6. for those who missed the crowdfunding campaign there are some copies available on bandcamp now Ott - Heads https://ottsonic.bandcamp.com/album/heads
  7. cool release but the prices are getting bonkers. with shipping and custom fees it will be good over 100$. that's even more than the new Hallucinogen Deluxe Release. And this one is a REAL Deluxe Edition. why is this one even called 'deluxe edition'? because it's hand numbered? it seems it's not even a gatefold cover. is this something we have to get used to when we want music on vinyl now?
  8. Secede - Tryshasla is getting a repress for those who missed the first one https://secede.bandcamp.com/album/tryshasla-deluxe-edition
  9. holy shit this album brings newschool goa to a whole new level. 11/10
  10. any update on that Logic Bomb vinyl? I'm curious to see what came out. this release seemed suspicious for me from the beginning.
  11. Extremists - Alien Sex Slave : 12" picture disc by Mad Tribe (also all the other stuff from their shop) 20% discount until tomorrow with code: UVGLOW https://spacetribe.com/collections/music-mad-tribe/products/extremists-alien-sex-slave-12-picture-disc-by-mad-tribe-40-plus-shipping
  12. Globular is putting some personalized Stuff like Vinyl, Artwork etc on auction https://app.galabid.com/globsmonitorupgrade/items
  13. Eat Static - Abduction Triple 12″ Orange Vinyl Edition Pre-Order - Released January 27, 2023. • Double LP edition of this classic atmospheric Trance album from the Megadog-related imprint: Planet Dog Records. • Enhanced with a bonus 12” featuring the three tracks recorded for the band’s 1993 BBC John Peel Session. • Remastered from the original master tapes and compiled by label founder Michael Dog. https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/product/eat-static/abduction https://www.normanrecords.com/records/195337-eat-static-abduction
  14. Orange - Bounka crowdfunding, Limited edition of 120. https://www.startnext.com/orange-album/ds/d/sn-tontraeger/sn-vinyl/vinyl-orange-bounka-i394247.html
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