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  1. Who cares about vinyl colour? If the music is good it could be pink with small little dicks on for all i care
  2. https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/301157/egorythmia-deviant Egorythmia - Deviant
  3. https://sync24.bandcamp.com/album/source-2022-remaster finally the debut album of Sync24 is getting a vinyl release
  4. Im also waiting for my full refund throu paypal! Im not even gonna chase the old copy
  5. Its gonna be one hell of an expensive boxset! I have all JR albums on vinyl but its this boxset is a beauty, im gonna buy it and sell the old ones for sure!
  6. Logic Bomb has posted two posts resently, so he lives, i’ve wrote something in both posts, he still does not answer, da fuck is his deal?
  7. Ohhhh yes, the psyshop days, was a huge thing in my crew to have the newest and best albums/comps from psyshop.. daaaaamn you spend so much money on that side.. remember the feeling being The Dude arriving at a party having the newest and hottest album with you, put it on and eveybody went mental.. those were the days
  8. Mine has been charged 1. November.. reeeeally not hoping he is scamming us all..!!
  9. Also order a copy, got the same mail as you, and now, nothing.. tried to write on his fb, no luck! Seems so weird to me that he was soooooo active on his fb right up till you could order the album, and them, sssshhhh.. really hope his on vacation or something!
  10. Would sooooo much love to love it, but i dont! its music for sleeping! They can do alot better!
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