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  1. I bought 6 and its not my experience, anyhow choose what you like best. I like Sonar
  2. Look here Sonar 7 The step sequencer and built in sidechain looks very good
  3. thank you so much... i will for sure post enything new here when i have some ready ....
  4. hmmm. not as far as i remember but maybe i used a bass sample for a bass. Cant remember really. I mostly used my moog, x0xbox, virus and samples. I will post the tracklist tomorrow or the day after
  5. Yep, sorry about the misplacement, please move this thread to the right section mods, and sorry again Wow thanks man, really nice to hear your opinion. This genre is totally new territory for me and positive feedback like yours is just what i need Really glad you like it
  6. Hi there.... I haved worked now and then on some progressive and elektro stuff and i call the projekt 'lava' I did a mix of the tracks i have done and would like you to hear it.... I tried to keep it a bit old school and about 130 bpm, but with psytrance influences. Its a big download but its a 42 minutes mix... the size is about 60 megabytes (192 kbps) Hope you like it and please leave your opinion for me here.... Lava mix
  7. 1. You need 1 midicable (5pin din to 5pin din) to connect between midi in on your computer and midi out on the dx7. This connection sends midi from the dx7 to the computer. 2. You also need 1 midicable from midi out on the computer to midi in on the dx7. This connection sends midi from the computer to the dx7. You should now be able to send midi to the dx7 from the computer and send midi from the dx7 to the computer. If you want to test at this stage you will not hear anything because midi is only control signals (note, pitch bend, velocity, pan etc) and not audio signals. If you plug in headphones you should be able to hear the dx7 sequenced from the computer. To record the dx7 into the computer follow step 3. 3. Connect the line out from the dx7 to the line in on your computer or mixer. The cable depends on you soundcard, they come with different connectors. Open your sequencer, choose the input which the dx7 is connected and record it. If you are using the dx7 as your motherkeyboard you might want to turn "local off" on the dx7. Other sources of confusion is midi channel, mixer routing and possible defects. I really recommend reading a book on midi as this is a little complicated if you want to get the most out of your synth. Basic stuff should not be a problem. Hope this gets you through
  8. Hi Did you recieve my track by now? I sent you a link to yousendit the other day. Let me know if you have it or if i should send it again? Booms from Nomis o_O
  9. ok, fruity doesnt offer dedicated note entry buttons but it comes very close. This is taken from the manual: Step editing is a technique to record melodies note by note using your MIDI keyboard (or computer keyboard if Typing Keyboard to Piano is enabled). To start the step editing mode, first enable it from the Recording panel or the Options menu. In the Step Sequencer, select the channel you want to step edit. Now each time you press a key on the MIDI keyboard a new note is added in the Piano Roll (you don't need the Piano Roll window opened to step edit) and the position advances to the next step automatically. The step size is equal to the snap size in the Recording panel. You can use the Num. pad / key on your keyboard to go back to the previous step position. Adding note in an already filled position erases the old step. The Num. pad * shortcut sends the marker to the next step position. This way you can leave empty spaces between the steps. You can also create steps longer than the current snap setting. While holding a MIDI key on your keyboard, press the advance position shortcut ( Num. pad *) one or more times then release the MIDI key. If you have a 'sustain pedal' connected you can use that to 'jump steps'. Good luck finding your tool
  10. Hey E-fence, thats a bit rude i think, at least you could be a little more specific. What parts in the mixdown do you think needs work? What do you think could be done to make the arrangement flow more? Just trying to help you a little bit since youre new here on the forum and new to the genre. No offence My opinion is this is a very good track, hitting the vibe and sound of the style "goa" very perfect. Listening on headphones here :-) Booom bulinar o_O
  11. I would say switch it off when not in use, you save power+money+environment and you dont risk a fire when you are not at home. I always switch off my equipment when im not using it and i have never had any problems. Tube gear should be switched on 15-30 minutes before use to ensure stable operation and proper amplification, again i see no reason for not switching it off when not in use.
  12. Hey there Gaffel... I just sent you an email with tracks to choose from... I hope i made it in time this year? Did you recieve the mail? I recommend "Bicamereal - Psychedelic poly picnic" but as i wrote the choice is yours... Hugs
  13. The short answer to that is no, a sound has harmonics that stay if you lo/mid/hi cut.... I have a bunch of acapellas which i could use for a remix and play the melodies and drums with my own sounds, but i think the normal is to get the original multitrack. Theres this danish guy who remixed a bob marley tune, he got the original multitrack from the record company who own that recording.
  14. They use a korg MS-20... or at at least they did 9 years ago on stage...
  15. great one Funny you got a sample in there with a title in danish language..... (underlig dist.WAV ... 'underlig' is danish) Thanks....
  16. You dont think i like 80s acid house? hehe... My first album which i bought when i was 8 or something (1983) was an electric boogie compilation, and my first 12" was "Hithouse - Jack To The Sound Of The Underground", and ive been with electronic music all the way so dont be shy Im listening to eskeemo knights right now, sounds very good, are you affiliated with them? I only just got on the sonar waggon a couple of months before the 6 upgrade so i didn't use v5 very much, but 6 fills my needs and i like the workflow+its a very stable program, just upgraded to 6.2 the other day and the update contains alot of changes. By the way im running sonar 6.2 on a 3g pentium 4 with 1 gig ram.
  17. well thank you now i want to listen to your tracks too........
  18. This project is a new one so it doesnt have alot of tracks but its done in sonar 6. Nobody else using sonar? im liking it more and more
  19. Sounds like a loose connection, happens especially to mini jacks being carried around alot.
  20. For sure, but it wouldnt help him connect his headphones...
  21. i have the rack version of the poly-800... the infamous ex-800, which is a very cool digital additive synth with that typical korg flavour to the sound. 85.- euro is still a good deal, they usually sell for the double. It has midi and you can do a cool mod so you get 2 pots controlling cutoff and resonance http://synthmod.net/korg/moog_slayer edit. You can also add a third pot to do filter fm!!! http://synthmod.net/korg/fm800/ Off to the bench modding my korg....
  22. Of course Reznik, everyone has a stereo... start with the stereo and if you get hooked on production invest in a mixer.
  23. Eq cant do it alone, you need something to simulate a room. Here is some links to vst plugins especially for headphones: http://www.ohl.to/audio-tools-and-thoughts...for-headphones/ http://www.midnightwalrus.com/Canz3D/ Both links provide good information about the difference between monitoring on headphones vs. monitors. Bom from Nomis
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