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  1. Too bad, that this pure gold goa album doesn't have the response on this thread that it deserved to. http://www.discogs.com/Portamento-The-Portal/release/3089702
  2. Ok, on soundcloud there are older tracks that I knew. I thought an EP on neogoa would be released.
  3. Hello, any news of new material from him? Long time ago new tracks has been released. I think Koilon from the Va - Spiritual rising.
  4. Wow, the board looks really nice. Better than the old version. Facenews.org
  5. I doubt it will be released this year. Not much time left.
  6. Yes, another Shakta track. Love it, like ten times around the sun. The good thing is, he hasn't lost his style, like many old school artist today. It has the unic Shakta style. Reminds me of his old track lepton head III. A new goa LP would be fantastic.
  7. @ Penzoline I agree with your review. The mastering ,multi-layered sounds, build up and the touch of 90's are the style I like. For me, it's the best new school goa release, since Filterias first appearance in 2004. I like every track from start to finish. The last track is a bit more downtempo with great melodies. My congratulations to the artist. A really special release. P.S. My english sucks
  8. I do 100% agree. It's in one of my best goa releases. Nice build up, nice transition of melodies, old school touch. I like every track especially inspired brains. Very powerful, the melody @ 3:42 <3.
  9. Which version is it? It sounds different than on Va - Tantrance 5.
  10. 1+ Oh yes, with someone from the Infected Mushroom guys. A new collaboration called Infected Afgin
  11. Please release it tomorrow, I can't wait 35 days.
  12. Any ambition of a hole LP near future? I'm liking De Tevroegkomer from Pure Planet Vol.4 very much.
  13. The Astral Plane track (@3:07) reminds me of Yahel - waves of sound (@3:20). Although it isn't the exact melody.
  14. Good track. In comparison to codex (Temple of chaos) it's softer. I hope that the Daimon LP in the future has many similar tracks like codex. I like the aggressive acid synth lines.
  15. Great. This track is a masterpiece. Isn't it from the game prey. "Let your spirit.....where your body cannot pass.
  16. Hello everyone, I'm pissed of the fact like AP treat their fans. I like them since 1996. But the open society LP was announced in 2005 for beginning 2006. Delay over delay and no LP on sight. I believe it will never be released.
  17. Hello to all fans of psychedelic music. To the link below you can download 18 chill out tracks for free. Produced by my brother Rob Stalker. Reviews are heartily welcome. http://www.gigasize.com/get.php?d=l830vkq3j7d
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