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  1. Very good release from Entheogenic, some of it is powerful and yet calm, some psychedelic, and some just nice chill. Flight of the Urubus has much more variety then earlier releases, some of Entheogenic´s best tracks yet. Two thumbs up! .
  2. from their website if they still have some left
  3. In my view you are loosing out on one of the best albums ever released in this genre.
  4. I hardly ever listen to samples before I buy something, kind of ruins it for me, and anyway, the samples never realy reflect the album as a whole. .
  5. Fabulous :posford: :posford: :posford: :posford: :posford: :posford:
  6. Surprising. I expected a good Entheogenic album, but - Flight of the Urubus - exceeded my expectations. Fresh, new and different, very very pleased! uhm and I cant beat that review above. :clapping: Well done! .
  7. Wise words indeed, I am sure it will be one of those for a lifetime. I can wait for this. Whats a week or two compared to a human life?
  8. that there actually people out there, spending their money, time, and energy in creating festivals!
  9. well, its pretty bad isnt it, then again pretty normal
  10. I am always confused what will be a classic, my taste changes all the time
  11. Never lsiten to radio if I can avoid it. No need, make my own radio.
  12. Shiva Chandra Symbol- have to give it some more listenings
  13. I love Vinyls, its just so much, mhhh how do say so much warmer fuller, richer - more
  14. I see no problem in paying 30 quid for an rare, out of print album.
  15. This are all old categories, I want something new or different
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