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  1. To be honest I found quite amazing what nemo said that he showed his face to him I never thought he was hiding It was quite clear he was like this since day 1 By the way, I have a small mod question? Why that Cinos thread about his moonphase-synched body dysmorphia was merged to the freestyle thread? I think, being unsual as it is, it doesnt fit there. Anyways, is too late for a change now I'm just saying that cause I somewhat respect he wants to talk about that change, and Im fairly interest about it as well
  2. It would be nice to know how many years you are into making music, just to have an idea I do this for around 1.5 year. I thought it was much more @ Jikkenteki I understand you man. I do have this "discipline" too. Most of my half baked tracks (lol) are somewhat finished or almost, but forgotten at a certain point you dont even record/listen to it later. They are quite a few too, about a half a dozen maybe Another thing is that I cant make two tracks at the same time, not to say more. Once I'm on something I only start another after I'm done with it
  3. I was recently going thru my stuff and I found out I have excatly 10 full tracks done And a bunch of half baked ones How about you? You can give an approximate number if you dont know
  4. Eletronic music is living a fairly nice era. And some of those people somehow related to the psytrance scene are making some good music 3/5 for me
  5. and again thanks for that This was all very simple, intuitive track. Sequenced it all in a few hours Noticed the remark about the second part, maybe its my minimalistic side, but if try to build something with even more, hmmmm lets say "character", then it oftenly looses its sense to me Something I have to work on oh and yes, it feels great to make music again
  6. Ok, so this is a track of an idea I had for a long time but never really got into, untill today The idea is to blend some of the psytrance techy aspects with a breakbeat base I think in fact, it is so breaks, but so breaks that is actually broken This is what turned out to be Tell me your thoughts Edit new link: http://download.yousendit.com/8BA24EA311B740C2
  7. Thanks for those words Per The ungroovy dry kick was intentional, the whole track was build in that broken techy feeling, but I do get a lot of people saying that I should change it I think its justified while the track evolves, thats why Im keeping with it About the second part, I completly agree with you. In fact, after so many listens, I found that it lost its track and there was indeed something huge misssing I end up chaninging the whole structure of, still working on it Will let you guys know Thanks for listening too, and really glad you enjoyed
  8. Oh and dont worry about immediate results when trying to get into something new If you are not getting satisfied by, take it as a chalenge. At least thats how I do it And your music got a natural groovy thing going on I mean...for a swedish
  9. I listened and its greatly produced. Dont like the style thou That doesnt mean I didnt liked the track and the whole idea behind it, but I would change a thing or two to fit my style. Which is all subjective and you dont really need it . But if you are curious, Im talking about putting an melancolic atmosphere/melodie on the background ( a low pad, or a long reverbered synth would do the trick for me) Bythe way, now that you are talking about changing styles and try to do somehing new, I vastly recommend Its great for your music. Even if you dont know how to really do it. You will end up blending your main style with your new attempt. Which might take to something VERY interisting and creative, as I see it Regards
  10. They were light blue and the letters were black, I think Anyway, now I got used already and the link's letter who were before written in black (making then invisible) got now in blue, that was the only minor problem about it and now it is gone oh and the whole thing is stable now
  11. Thanks for that advice mate Dowloading right now, I will give my insights about it when Im done Thanks again
  12. Might be, I dont know But it was a stand alone logo and it also looked like the "right" one cause with it I didnt had those black holes
  13. Seriously If I catch it again, I will post it
  14. It apperead two times for me today Right when I first open the site a new big light blue rectangle (lol) with Pienews written on it and Powered by Invision but a few minutes it suddenly got back to the 1st one, then suddenly apperead again when I reload it and now turned back into the pic I posted
  15. I still get the old Pienews logo Not that Invision stuff, which showed for a while, and there is also this black hole in the forum links sequence Psynews.org > Forums > General > The massive upgrade Is this normal?
  16. Didnt heard yet, was that bad?
  17. No more of it, its ehm...fixed now
  18. I like this new style By the way, I think I have a bug to report I cant browse into one profile and search for their topics or posts. Not even my profile Is anybody else getting this?
  19. Thanks, glad you enjoyed The bass is made with Korg MS-20, which is great for weird bass by the way
  20. Yeah, novation is probably my next buy I think I would go for the Remote 49 By the way nemo, do you know about the quality and price value of novation synths? The X station61 for example Is it really worth a match with the others famous like korg, nord, yamaha and Virus? Looks tasty
  21. You want innovative music right? Downhill ( The delta side project) http://www.saikosounds.com/english/show_la...sp?label_id=417 Listen to tracks like Perfect man and enjoy By the way, the german artist gang, the ones responsible for the hatred mininal wave, is (again) taking the lead in innovative and quality music in our little forgoten scene Projects like Extrawelt and Downhill are not plain psytrance in such say, but has an inevitable relation to it, and psytrance feeling too In the end, is the best we got, by a long shot Np: Downhill- The final Miles Beatiful
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