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  1. well, in the end i went for the djm400.. and now soon, i'm getting cdj200's..
  2. would you guys suggest this mixer over the djm400, which is the other one i have been looking at? i'm buying myself the equipment at the end of this week but i'm not sure about the mixer (going for cheap cdj100's as cd players).. i like the look of the allen & heath and heard and read lots of good stuff about it.. so i guess they are quality.. but then again the djm400 looks really simple, has effects and a bpm counter.. maybe it would be better to start off with? don't know.. help me out please.. thanks bom!
  3. cool i'm probably gonna for that mixer then.. hmm... or what about the pioneer DJM-400.. ? that looks very nice and at a reasonable price also.. thanks a lot for the help cheers, boom!
  4. will this mixer : Vestax PCV275 , be alright to start with? i'm gonna buy myself my very first dj mixer soon.. can't afford more than £300.. that one is £275... so.. go or no? if not.. could any of you experienced guys out there tell me what would be the best for that price? i don't need no pro stuff.. just to practise and get to know the basics of mixing.. cheers, boomz!
  5. haven't listened to the whole album.. but just the tikal track i like.. someone help me.. why does it sound so familiar from 3:30 or so? i'v heard it in some other track but can't recall which one... and about the eminem samples.. i even like them.. he has some style when using those.. "his nightmare... white parents.. worst fear" haha great.. i like this one.. can't say anything smart about the rest of the album.. won't really like the rest i think..
  6. it seems surreal more than psychedelic.. but doesn't really matter.. finished it.. lol fun game..
  7. wow.. great! i'm a fan.. lol and wth http://ringleader.no-ip.org/~Procs//ForHom...opensource3.jpg lol! the website looks fantastic btw..
  8. ah great news.. i'm very excited.. looking forward to this one.. i really love a lot of the stuff by ka-sol, including the track on apsara which was different but fantastic still...
  9. Style : Mind-expanding melodic Goa trance. the samples of the new album sound fantastic! feels like a few new things have been added to the style of the previous album and nothing has been left out.. i'll be waiting
  10. i'm always tripping when listening to psy.. the track i'm listening turns into the atmosphere in the room.. and the bpm, the fx's and melodies etc. form the intensity of the atmosphere and my trip.. the atmosphere then again depends on the sound itself.. lately i'v only been listening to darker stuff, so i'm always tripping in a kind of chaotic, endless void.. the space around me seems timeless and dark, but not negative.. it has the "(e)uphoric colours" of the depths of knowledge from the inner self.. lol
  11. funny.. i'm just listening to this.. the track is great yeah, hehe.. "i was just trying to give it some color, it seemed so awfully dark.."
  12. alright.. i'll stay away from that one then.. i'll check out others that are out there.. thanks for the warning and info
  13. hmm.. not many good reviews on the behringer vmx700 as i see, since thats the one i'm planning on buying (and the reason is exactly because it's a pioneer djm-600 clone).. not sure about the cd players yet.. though i think that i'm gonna buy pioneer cdj 100's or citronic cds6's.. i'm only buying this equipment to practise in my bedroom, and i think it's quite nice for that reason.. so what do you guys think?
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