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  1. I can't get enough of this guy. Yes, he's mainstream but so damn good. Very good quality. I give you deadmau5 - Strobe. Big build up in the beginning but so worth it. Just sit back and enjoy.
  2. The difference is, in the beginning just about every song was good. Now it's hit and miss. But let's be honest. For any artist to still come out with amazing stuff is a tough feat. I can't think of one group that has come out with 8 albums and still has quality music. Yes, not every song is good with their newer stuff but at least 2 or 3 songs are damn good. If you deny that, you just have plain horrible taste in music. If that's not talent then I don't know what is. If they are the best quality sounding then doesn't that require some sort of talent?
  3. Let's rephrase that. Yes, most of their best stuff was in the beginning but they still come out with quality stuff. The songs I noted are some of their best downtempo songs, granted "Project 100" doesn't start out that way but it certainly turns into that. To say they have NO more talent is completely false. Give credit where it's do. Maybe you just don't like the music. That's alright, but you cannot deny they still have no talent.
  4. "Project 100" I know many people on this forum are upset with Infected Mushroom taking a more mainstream music sound. I am too, I can't agrue that. Including lyrics in their songs generally is a huge mistake. Not always, but usally. Regardless, these guys have serious talent. They are the reason I got into PsyTrance. The first 3 albums were truly amazing. The albums after that were not as good but decent. Some songs were really dissapointing. You could clearly hear they were trying to cater to the mainstream crowd. Not so with "Dancing with Kadafi". "Dancing with Kadafi" is without a doubt their best song. So unique. Hard to describe really. Truly a musical journey that should not be missed. Next we had "Stretched". Another true masterpeice. Sit back, listen, take the music in and prepare for another crazy and cool experience from Infected. Seriously, where do you hear music like this? You just don't! So unique, different, and beautiful. So what next can Infected Mushroom pull from the rabbit hat? "Project 100" from their next album "Legend Of The Black Shawarma". Another masterpiece. Again, where do you hear stuff like this? This has a more hard rock sound to it. Don't be steered away from this song in the beginning, just keep listening, it's worth it. I love the different twist and turns this song takes. Another beautiful song from Infected. Infected are not what they used to be but they still do come out with quality stuff. So why am I saying all this. I guess I felt compelled to speak my mind and see what everyone else thinks. Whenever I try to introduce PsyTrance to someone, I start with some good quality Infected. Over the years they have come out with some true masterpieces, "Project 100" being one of them. What do you guys think?
  5. Agreed. Dancing with Kadafi is probably their best song. So original and unique. If you haven't heard it yet, you really need to hear this masterpiece. It will take you on musical journey like no other.
  6. Actually Infected has released some of the most strong PsyTrance albums. The Gathering, Classical Mushroom, and B.P. Empire are brilliant albums and deserved to be listened to. Some of the best PsyTrance you can find. Their newer stuff sucks for the most part.
  7. I only listen to electronic music. I haven't listened to the radio in years. I live in America and most of the music played here sickens me. Granted there are exceptions, but not very many. Monday - Friday on average I listen to electronic music 3-4 hours a day. I have about an hour drive to work and during the drive to and from work I embark on my musical adventure. Mostly Psytrance and Psybient is what I prefer, although on occasion I throw in Progressive. When I come home from work sometimes I will listen to electronic music for an hour or so. When I go to bed I tend to listen to Psybient music to help relax and calm the mind. Weekends I usually take a break unless I go to a party. I do think it would be a good idea for me to mix up my music, have a little more variety, but everytime I try this nothing compares to Psytrance. I always become disappointed. I am really attracted to complex, unique, different music and Psytrance seems to fit the bill for me.
  8. To the first question, one album that comes to mind that is not really related to psytrance is "BT - This Binary Universe". What an amazing album. Not your typical BT stuff. Very experimental. Unique and different. I had to give it three listens until I had an epiphany. Just a brilliant ablum that I was not expecting from this guy. More on the psytrance side I would have to say the first three I.M. albums especially B.P Empire. Dancing with Kadafi is icing on the cake. It's a shame these guys went commercial.
  9. I actually like this album. If you have liked his last 2 albums you should like this one. The last song kicks ass. The album itself is nothing groundbreaking but it is good music. It's not outstanding, just good. A decent album.
  10. I'm gonna have to go with "Celtic Cross - Hicksville" as my all time favorite cover.
  11. No disrespect guys but if you think getting people hooked on Psy Trance is hard in your countries, try getting people to listen to it in America. I live in America and some of the music people listen to has got to be the most mainstream crap you can possibly listen to. R & B is generally what most people listen to. They want there lyrics to sing to. God forbid they listen to something original, unique, or complex. Nooooo, they want there simple, mindless, 3 minute radio songs to listen to. What ever is fed to them through the radio is what they gravitate to. As far as trying to get them hooked on Psy Trance, it's not going to be easy. If I had to suggest some artists, I would say the first 3 Infected Albums, some Eskimo, Viloet Vision's first CD not second, some Logic Bomb, and why not Cosmosis latest CD. I actaully let one of my co-workers listen to the first song off of Psychedelica Melodica and he was completely blown away. He demanded I let him borrow the CD, so I did. The older Infected was how I was introduced to Psy Trance and I can't think of a better way to introduce someone to the genre.
  12. Wow. Take a listen. I must say this is some very interesting Dark Psy. Thoughts? http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/msh/msh1cd003.html
  13. Just surfing around on Psyshops and noticed these guys. From my research they've done serveral songs on Nano Records compilations and sound damn good. I dig the funky psychedelic touch. Thoughts? http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/nar/nar1cd013.html
  14. Violet Vision's first CD was absolutly amazing. I can't say the same about the second CD. "Your Voice" was the only song that was decent on that album.
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