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  1. also documentaries on tribes and other things can have goodies... that Going Tribal show on discovery sometimes has good vocals especially when the tribes are celebrating (or doing iboga ceremonies )
  2. Hux Flux - Bring Your Own Bios this track always sends chills up my spine so intense!!!!! my favorite track.... HUX FLUX!!
  3. very..interesting track. love the beat but i cant get into the vocals... no clue whats being said, which is distracting. i actually found that enjoyable but like i said, when the vocals took over.... peace
  4. im sure some artists use drugs to look at things differently, unless they're able to do it without drugs. i wouldnt doubt that simon has done a few, and i wasnt suprised to see hux flux say they have because they're music is very.. out there great shit.. i think its possible to produce while tripping. its just very easy to get side tracked (For me atleast)... by that i mean not walking off to do something... just spending 1 hour on 1 layer of 1 part of the track. i usually dont produce while tripping.. i save that for when i got a couple good tracks going. call it 'test driving' if you want... after hearing it in a new way i find things to change, add, remove, etc etc... now thc.. i think a bit more do that while producing i know i do. you can still get a different view of things, but still remain on task. until you raid the pantry of course
  5. good question.. one i been wondering about myself for a while i thought of having 1 mixer and 2 laptops.. 1 laptop for each track, 1/2 the mixer for each laptop. i think that may get confusing and with my burnt short term memory..will probably forget which knob does what!
  6. this isnt really related to linux... but you CAN get mac osx running on a windows box using PearPC. you need an image file for OSX which isnt hard to find with torrents and such.. the only thing is, im not sure if its able to run Logic reasonably well, or run it at all has anyone tried running logic on a osx emulator?
  7. may i suggest you do what i did... "get" all of them. reason, cubase, live, FL, yadda yadda. i started with FL to get the ropes, learn how to put things together, and basically fuck around and learn as i go. to me i think i made some okay things with it, but no where near complete. recently i got a midi keyboard and started seriously playing with reason, and something just clicked and now reason is becoming really easy. also sounds alot better than fl i think. cubase is still way ahead of me. i cant even get a kickdrum sample to play! so.. experiment with them all and find which you like. personally, i would like to learn cubase also, so i can rewire reason and cubase to get best of both worlds... reason and vsti! hope that helped ps: if that offer for logic7 is open to anyone....... pm me
  8. good reviews. i may have to pick this one up. track 8 sounds killer stompin yet dark twisted whatthehellsgoingon at the same time, great!
  9. nice tune, comes together nice but in my opinion it comes together a bit slow. im no professional and have zero music theory under my belt or anything, but to me it sounds like some things carry on too long. develope it a bit more and spice it up a bit, more elements, more characters, you know. thats my two cents
  10. psychedelics help, but the creativity is already there you dont need a psychedelic. they just help bring it out. acid and mushrooms dont come by here much, ive seen everything else but those two closest i got was lsa, and when i work on music with that, i feel it. it's like what chiragkotak said about feeling it and hearing it mj works fine for me when working, once i get a heap of things to "test drive" then i take it up a notch
  11. after going through the top free vsti thread i decided to make one for FX, since fx are crucial too. these are a few that i use, but you can never have enough so feel free to add dfx Scrubby - http://www.smartelectronix.com/~destroyfx/...scrubby-win.zip dfx Buffer Override - http://www.smartelectronix.com/~destroyfx/...verride-win.zip dfx Transverb - http://www.smartelectronix.com/~destroyfx/...ansverb-win.zip dfx Skidder - http://www.smartelectronix.com/~destroyfx/...skidder-win.zip not many, but its a start
  12. listened to riot fuel and i like! nice sample, is that the guy from the wild police videos? i think they play on Spike TV here in USA haha, sounds very familiar! great quality, guess well see your album soon mate!!
  13. hello fellow psy and goaheads, this is my latest creation. if i ever come to an album... my first will be dedicated to animals to start it off.. i begin with the tiger in the jungle. i started it around a week ago, gathering growls and grrrrs, then found a few new VSTis. over the course of that week, and saturday night tea, this was born Tryptamine Tiger now, i get to have my try at eq/mastering etc
  14. well said. i find myself between 2nd and 3rd, i have a ton of confidence, but the music doesnt come out of my head and onto the screen the way id like it to. damn synth melodies again well said, when i listen to psy now i can pick it apart usually, unless its exceptionally crazy trying to make something that has those levels of layers is a whole nother story.. i dont think anyone can teach you how to make music, except time. time will teach you
  15. great track. good atmosphere! do you have the full version of vanguard? mine doesnt seem to save my settings. vanguard is great vst too! may have to buy it. i like the slight tribal-ness to it. space tribes? alien tribes? definately picks up nice. i personally like the slow build up to crazyness, and this track delivers the vocal sample at 5:00 is a tad hard to hear, maybe you can fix that. overall, very nice track. you have a label? if not i wouldnt doubt if you get one at some point, great talent! whatd you use for that bassline?
  16. my yes that kick is indeed.. kickin! ill have to agree with cybernetika, nice first track, it definately has potential. what did you use for that bassline if you dont mind me asking? good to see someone else using fls! edit: good lord this baby picks up at 3min in, very nice!!! very very nice fls power!!!
  17. good news i found the sequencer, but now the bad news is when i programmed a simple kickdrum on the redrum and drew that from 5-10, it started playing at the beginning of the song, not at 5 this is the problem im talking about, argh.
  18. RAH: i think i have that. is it a flash-looking type program? with videos that show you things. if i recall correct it showed you redrum, subtractor, and all that. i got that thanks though i saw stuff about the sequencer on some sites but couldnt find it on reason. unless your refering to the thing at the bottom of Reason, i found that
  19. ive got a few things loaded into it but i found out that inorder to make it make any sound i have to have a matrix seq. for each thing i want. but i found out those play throughout the track and i cant pick where it start/stops. the same goes for the redrum, and everything. i cant select where i want things to start/stop (like the Playlist in FL). can anyone help? i looked in tutorials (which were scarse ) and found nothing. thanks
  20. great track! one too many vocals i think, the one in the beginning was perfect. maybe cut some of the silence when it all drops, it seems a little long i think. i like it though
  21. i started this one yesterday after getting a few new vsts (which i love alot ). ended up creating Cannibas.....yes, while stoned it still needs to have some stuff fixed mainly with the volume on certian things, and some samples. the usual, you know. enjoy! Cannibas
  22. i just made the jump from FL to Reason 3 and eek this thing is intimidating ive fiddled with it for a bit and got a subtractor in there, but it refuses to make noise can anyone recommend some tutorials? i also dont have a midi keyboard (may pick one up tonight, but it wont be anything spectacular), and reason had a fit about that i signed up @ ReasonStation but their tutorials are a bit limited thanks!
  23. sounds a tad mechanical to me, but good none the less i really love that bassline. maybe add a little more to fill some of the space once the ball gets rolling in the track
  24. i dont have many rules. i find that if i try to specifically make something it doesnt come out well, most of the time it just "happens" and comes out fine i do like to keep my stuff moving, with the bass infecting your brain and the hats dancing on your braincells
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