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  1. If you want something a little higher quality, the Novation ReMOTE series is great. The Alesis Photon has some great knobs too. Big, stiff, and.... wait...
  2. I only have a NL2, sorry. (NL2 doesn't do it.)
  3. It's a feature that some synths have (like the Logic ES2) that make the sound punchier. Good for basses.
  4. Wow great start xiphiaz, you've come a long way in a short time. I might suggest just a little bit less delay on the squelches, its pretty wet.
  5. You're all right of course. It's so easy to lose sight when you're deep in the forest....
  6. I really feel this. What is really frustrating is trying to break out of being a bedroom producer when you have to work full time to support yourself. How can we get up to speed when we have half or less the time that the pros have? That is one of the big downers for me.
  7. Heya ph, I think you've got something here, but it could be refined a little. If I could make a suggestion it would be to take that lead melody sound (the mechanical buzzy one), work on it a little bit more to make it change shape over the course of time, and develop a little bit longer of a melody. I say this because you have plenty of content in fx, beats, etc, but the track could use more of a hook. (besides the tiger samples, which are cool) -mumb
  8. Hey Xiphiaz, Sounds great! When the squelchies come in around 5m, i'd raise them a bit... they're pretty low and sound cool. I'd like to hear them better. :-)
  9. Ok that's it. Your next psy track is to be all broken banjo!
  10. Hey Nappa, Nice track - I think you've done a great job with the mix, fills, and the arrangement. A lot of your sampled sounds are really great. In my opinion the synth sounds are a bit thin sounding. In particular the bassline that moves a lot, and a few of your leads (but not all). I do like the "percussive plucky airy" melodic riff sound though, even though it is small, its nice. :-)
  11. Hey man, There is a problem with the link. It says "Forbidden".
  12. Heya Nappa, Sounds good! It's damn loud, nice limiting there. If I was to make any recommendations I would say maybe add a little bit of "groove" to that arpeggiated 303 style bass (not the upbeat sub).
  13. Hey man, I think it sounds great, but maybe a few too many themes? I wouldn't worry about whether or not some people would agree with the darkness of it. It's your track. I like dark stuff only. :-)
  14. Its called MIDIOverLAN: http://www.musiclab.com/products/rpl_info.htm
  15. Do you own Reaktor? There are a bunch of user-created ensembles for this. The one I use is called "Trance Gate". It has a step sequencer interface and tracks to the songs tempo. You use it as an insert effect.
  16. Synths are funny like that. My first synth was a Yamaha CS1x. I got rid of it years ago, now I wish I had it again. :-)
  17. You'll want some sort of a limiter on your drum or kick track, I usually use a compressor with a brick wall limiter built in. A bitcrusher works too if you use Logic, for a really hard sound.
  18. I don't think what you're looking for exists, but there are lots of nice headphones on the market. People seem to like Sennheisers. I don't think there are headphones out there with flat frequency response, but I could be wrong.
  19. Holy crap you lucky dog you. THAT is a synth.
  20. Probably because there is only a VST version and not AU. Logic users can't use VST, even if they're for mac. Well, at least not without using fxpansion's vst->au wrapper.
  21. My Blacet modular for amazing zappy squelch madness, even though it is not as convienient as a softsynth. For softsynths, I think Absynth 3 is pretty nuts.
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