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  1. Ok.....To anyone who doesn't like Shpongle or doesn't appreciate them. Shpongle isn't suppost to be trip-hop or straight up ambient like Boards of Canada or Ishq and FSOL. Shpongle is PSYCHEDELIA. If you can't apreciate psychedelic music you're never going to apreciate Shpongle to its full capacity. Of course after some experiences with Ishq I would say the same thing about his work. Shpongle's work is not senseless drumming or clostraphobic melodies with no connecting sensibility. It's great stuff that has had so much work put into it that it demands respect if you can get into crazy psychedlia. Anyone who says that Shpongle is without sense or craft or motive either hasn't really listened to Simon's work yet or just doesn;t have a passion for psychedelic music.....Fuck all the naysayers....PEACE!!!
  2. I haven't really been able to find any good bad ass wicked sounding trance that I've liked since Hallucinogen and some Infected. Tunes like Dark Magus and Snakey Shaker make me want to hit the pedal to the medal. Got any suggestions?
  3. Yo TDR Shpongled, where did you find the inlay and what not? I can't believe my constant web surfing hasn't brought me to it yet.
  4. Who cares if Bejia Flor took a turn that Shponglers aren't used to? Get a grip people. If Shpongle kept making the same stuff over and over they would be selling out. I think it's refreshing to hear a track that makes me feel awesome. I love Shpongle's dark and psychedelic work, but Bejia Flor has made me feel pretty damn good on plenty or rainy days. Apreciate it for what it is or just don't listen to it. Bejia Flor serves its purpose.
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