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  1. Yeah i know, just read up my previous post... this is a person i've "known" since before the start of Metapsychic Rec...so yeah im not surprised i got blocked....
  2. Took 5 minutes and now hes removed all my posts and comments and i cant post anything there now... I guess after so and so 8 years you would expect some change? But no no... EDIT: Now hes blocked his personal account for me....
  3. After many years of silence and frankly not caring about this person i decided to post this to his fan page. For those of you who dont know me im the third guy that came aboard the Metapsychic Records label alongside with Filipe and Cosmogenesis (aka Vas). I've spent years with this guy, night and day, talking about everyday life and music production and what not. I was his friend and brother even before he meet his girlfriend (or wife?), we meet, we talked on the phone (before facebook was into everday life), so what i want to say is that i know him, at least a few years ago, but as i can see not much has changed. Im no hater, but this person has gotten so much help in the past that he could open a clinic and help people himself and graduate as a personal assistant. You cant change a person if he doesnt want to change, you cant force someone to do something that hes not willing to do. Many people have tried to help him, frankly the only help now is himself. He needs to reflect on his past and current and find himself inside there, deal with the fucking deamons he has and prosper as a fine human being.
  4. I might have the wavs on my computer, not sure if filippe send them to me or not. But since im out travelling india for at least 1 year now i guess they will be lost for a while...
  5. sweet cool to see some well made fractals The bird one is my fav, most original if u ask me Mandelbrot i've seen so much from hehe
  6. w0w! Semes like i've missed a lot since my himalayans days. Finaly glad to see that Artha is going to be released. After all the hustle hes had hes well worth doing a real album. Looking forward to this and i am very happy for you all! Best of luck!
  7. lol did you have to bump a over 1 year old topic to say that....haha
  8. Congrats to you two for getting this release out...took some time but yeah its here. Hope it was all worth it....
  9. Why would we steal something that we already have had access to, all three of us? We already had access to our Metapsychic homepage, Meta MySpace & Meta GMail until one day YOU stole everything from me and Vassilis, changed the passwords on every account and removed the Meta webpage. Like i said in my first post here, after the trip to Ukraine (23-27th nov) we will come out with an announcment of whats happened. This is my last post regarding this issue. amphiton: Yes i thought you would be coming =) It will be my pleasure to meet you there. Not many hours left now
  10. Basilisk & the rest, an official statement from me and Vassilis (Cosmogenesis) will come soon. Im on my way to Ukraine (last gig as Meta label) and when i come back from that trip (next week) we will release the whole story about whats happened to Metapsychic Records. We didnt want to mention this before my trip so we could have time to prepare everyone but since its already been "announced" by people outside of Metapsychic Records we have no other option. So please bare with us until then. Respectfully yours, /Martin
  11. As always thanks for commenting our music and not the by-standings as we often end up there. To be honest i didnt like this compilation at first. Sure there where a few good tracks that got my attention but thats all. As a mater of fact i was really unsure of releasing this due to this fact. But after time passed and i started to focus more on the release and what it had to say to me i started to like it more and more. I can honestly say that this is not as good as our first VA (Pyramidal Trancendence) but its not far of either. When u get in tune with the sounds you will see how they work their magic on you. It took me some time to understand it and get used to it but now its a really good compilation. I played this in Bulgaria on the Rila Tranquility festival and the reaction was amazing. Even though in the morning most of the ppl where chilling or sleeping you could feelt he precens of it all. They where hiding infront of the speakers, dancing like crazy and just letting it all out. Call it the magic of that place we where on (1600 meters above the sea line) and had 10-20 meter high trees or it all combined, it was really really nice! But as always we cant sattisfy everyone, that would be even virtualy impossible =) So for those that bought our release, THANKS for the support, and for those that though it was crap, im sorry we made you dissapointed. Hopefully next time we will make it up to you. Im pretty sure most ppl will be happy about our next release. And btw i saw the talk/comments about us going "PRO" and still havent delivered any CDs. I can say that we are waiting for the respons of a distributor thats apparently taking to long. Hopefully we will get a respons this week and we can work on that...more news will come about this issue. Thanks again! /Martin
  12. w0w cool stuff, im leeching the mp3 version now, i'll lissten to it in the morning and yeah the gfx in this are truly amazing! some nice skill shown here keep up the good work!
  13. All in all from the samples im intressted in this album. Sounds diffrent but still not so =) But then again i just get frustrated with samples since you cant get the whole story of the track and album. But i know for one that spanish gypsy took most of my attention with that nice acustic guitar melody. Nice way to end a album, put the energies back in place and i think thats the song that will be the most centrated. Nice wraping Cosmosis, its nice to see you in here
  14. I see you've read my questions in the forum =) This info wasnt posted before, now its just a few others to be answered. Anyway as i've said all the time, GREAT initiative! This will sure be one hell of a nice event
  15. OKEY! The EP is officially out NOW! Here are the download links: MP3 VERSION: http://download.sdsab.se/raccoon/metapsych...EP-2007-MPR.rar http://metapsychicrecords.gajos.co.uk/Pand...EP-2007-MPR.rar WAV VERSION: http://download.sdsab.se/raccoon/metapsych...007-MPR_wav.rar http://metapsychicrecords.gajos.co.uk/Pand...007-MPR_wav.rar (still uploading the source done in a few minutes) TORRENT FILES: http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3700178/Pandem...ght-EP-2007-MPR http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3700179/Pandem...EP-2007-MPR_wav ( ) ..,''\ () o.,' (( )) O O (( )) <^> O (( )) <:::> (( )) \:/ (( )) OooooO (( ))) __ WMMMooMMMW ( ) /,,,\ XXXXXXXooooXXXXXXX () .,'''""| *=======oooooo========* ,:!!!!!!^^>\ "" ""\\ +++++\*****oooooooo******/+++ ,;######'^ "" ""\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\<oooooooooo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ,;/%%%%/:' "" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\oooooooo////////////////////////// "\ qpqpqpqpqpqpooooooqpqpqpqpqpqpqpqp;' : ???????????oooo????????????? `.,; \TTTIIIIIooIIIIIIITTT/ \\\UVUooVUV// |||| /////\\\\\ +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ¦ ¦ ¦ Pandemonium! - A Mad Scientists Night - MP3 VERSION (WAV AVAILABLE) ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ¦ ¦ : : ¦ ¦ Ripper : Metapsychic Records ¦ ¦ Supplier : Metapsychic Records ¦ ¦ Genre : Goa ¦ ¦ Date : may-29-2007 ¦ ¦ Grabber : Exact Audio Copy v.0.95 Beta 3 ¦ ¦ Encoder : RazorLame v. ¦ ¦ Quality : VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / full stereo ¦ ¦ Playtime : 14:25 min 02 tracks ¦ ¦ Company : Metapsychic Records ¦ ¦ Size : 27,10 MB ¦ ¦ Url : www.metapsychicrecords.com ¦ ¦ Source : cdda ¦ ¦ Catalognr : MPREP02 ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ +-----------------------------[ ReleaseNotes ]---------------------------+ ¦ ¦ : : ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ Welcome aboard the psychedelic goa trance train from the Metapsychic ¦ ¦ Records label. ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ This time we proudly present Pandemonium! (AKA Lost Buddha) with his ¦ ¦ new EP "A Mad Scientists Night". Have you ever wondered what happens ¦ ¦ inside the laboratory? What happens to all the products they produced ¦ ¦ in there. The Mad Scientists will tell you what goes around in the ¦ ¦ night there. You will hear some very strange noises, claviets and what ¦ ¦ not, see some very strange potions and experiments. One might wonder ¦ ¦ if the biggest parties are in the laboratory of our Mad Scientists. ¦ ¦ But be warned you might go crazy when you get to know the truth behind ¦ ¦ it all;) ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ After that you will hear Alibaba's own story about the Acid Puzzle. ¦ ¦ One might wonder what the hell a Acid Puzzle is but i have given my ¦ ¦ word to Alibaba not to tell, so you would have to discover it ¦ ¦ yourself. But i can tell you one thing, its fast, its moving and its ¦ ¦ just as crazy as the lab with our Mad Scientists and maby its even ¦ ¦ connected to the lab, who knows? But Alibaba's way is very far, he has ¦ ¦ tried many things, he put up with much but finally the journey came to ¦ ¦ a end...or did it?;) ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ Turn on, Tune in and drop the hell out to find out the answers of this ¦ ¦ magic journey... ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ +------------------------------[ GroupNews ]-----------------------------+ ¦ ¦ : : ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ Check out our MySpace as well: www.myspace.com/metapsychicrecords ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ +------------------------------[ Tracklist ]-----------------------------+ ¦ ¦ : : ¦ ¦ 01.A Mad Scientists Night [145 BPM] [07:02] ¦ ¦ 02.Alibaba And The 40 Acid Puzzle [143 BPM] [07:23] ¦ ¦ ------- ¦ ¦ 14:25 min ¦ ¦ 27,10 MB ¦ +----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ NFO&Layout magically appeared somewhere in the universe and found its way home I hope you will enjoy this fine release from us!
  16. Man its been a long time since i got time to do some fun work on the net =) Catch up some reading and do some posting I've been seriously buissy with the cover for the third upcoming Hypnotica Records release which i hope now is in its final stages =) Plus working like a mad man with 4-6h sleep every day, life had its hard ways on me. But im not the one to complain! I still love my life To update you on my status about the distributing, all i can say now is that we are one step closer to distributation. What that means i wont go into but the first step is taken (easy one but still). Now all we have to do is give it some time, make some nice co-ordination and if the gods are willing they will smile upon us About the artists, i can already say that i personaly have woken up the goa spirit in one artist from the past that is actually doing a tune for us now. Rather slow but still in progress so we are always full of surprices =) About my good friend Jannis (Filteria) i've talked to him, but its hard since hes the pilarstone of another label. We dont want in-label fights since we all work towards the same mission. But i put my words like this, the future have some golden moments for us that we for sure will share with you all. Thats all for me now. I would like to THANK YOU ALL! for this possitive support you are giving us. Its your energies i am using when i feel im not inspired, when im tired of it all and its YOU that turn me to the state of mind where i can be the one i want to be. Its great to know we have your support behind us, its a great push when times are hard and life is living you insted of you living life. So once again, thanks for everything and we will be sure to try to keep you surprised and happy in the time we have ahead of us!
  17. I am proud to present our second release on Metapsychic Records. This time its Vox with his first album Innerpolarity. For complete list of download links and news visit our homepage Metapsychic Records 10mbit .se link to .mp3 download OC-48 link to .mp3 download
  18. I think they shutdown my account due to the massive amount of bw (even though they say its free bw on the account) and also that im sharing the mp3s and wavs. But since these are legal issues of the compilation i dont understand why. I have emailed them and im awaiting their reply. Untill then these mirrors still work (or should atleast =) WAV (10mbit .se connection): http://www.manshora.net/~rewt/VA_-_Pyramid...006-MPR_wav.rar MP3 (100mbit .pl): http://sayret.art.pl/VA_-_Pyramidal_Trance...ce-2006-MPR.rar MP3 (10mbit .se): http://www.manshora.net/~rewt/VA_-_Pyramid...ce-2006-MPR.rar Im sorry for this unexpected event, i hope that we can resolve it as soon as possible!
  19. woW! i must say that again wOw! Im almost tearful when i see the positive feedback we are getting on our project. Makes my hair raise all over the body and i love it! Makes me just want to push this farther down the line and hit on the community with an explosion. All this feedback has gotten my party organization feeling back very strong. Im on the urge to start plan a big goa festival in my head right now and one never knows when ideas can become into reality. All this have given me great fantasies and i would like to THANK YOU! all for your responds on this. I feel a missing part of my energies have finally found their way home again and more completer than before! This is a great experience and I'm so happy to be part of this great project. We will try with all our strength to keep this up and i think with all your support and help we can do something very amazing for our small community. Thank you EVERYONE for making this possible! BooM ShivA! /Martin Promotion & Sales manager EDiT: Rezwalker, i think they are from Sweden and when they where on mp3.com they made psytrance not goa style. Not 100% sure though.
  20. Thank you all! I hope you will enjoy this amazing journey that we have tried to build up for you. I hope all the mirrors are working as they should, give me untill the weekend and i'll try to setup more of them. Also if you want to share this on DC or Bitorrent feel free to do it. Spread this release as it is a virus called "The Love Letter From Goa" Thank you all for your support! EDiT: Added 100mbit .pl (poland) mirror also that will be running the mp3 releases 24/7
  21. Im proud to announce the first release from Metapsychic Records! Metapsychic records presents its first release, "Pyramidal Trancendence". A wonderful psychic odyssey with multiple symbols, meanings and concepts. This compilation is an artistic interpretation of each listener/dancer's state of mind, when the goa sound enters its intellect and touches in all its senses. The first 5 pieces begin with a progressive spiritual & emotional ascension until the top of the pyramid, where this character (the listener) tries to reach the ether, which is, the seventh sky. His cardiac pulsation, like the bpm's of the tracks, becomes faster until he gets trancended and feels, the stream of life. Then, in the last 4 tracks, he starts to walk down the pyramid, step by step, until he reaches the earth once again. He realizes that, at that moment, in the end of this experience, that he has lived a sublime and peaceful journey. The transition between darkness and light, between sadness and euphoric/happy feeling. The sensitive touch during the listening of this VA is intentional. "Pyramidal Trancendence" was made to deliver this subsconscious message which is hidden in every goa listener: despite the dark times that the goa music lives, we're all still keeping the secret positive hope of a new goa resurrection. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Big Thanks to all the new masters of Goa-Trance who have been part of this authentic new school goa compilation: Yohan , Bruno , Ali , Enver , Fred & Carl , Erik & Christian Filipe , Dave and Elad. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Metapsychic records would like to thank the following people for their help and support: Yohan a.k.a "Noda/Sine Die": http://www.noda.free.fr (France) Bruno "Astrancer": http://fiberonline.uol.com.br/artista.php?id=1822 (Brazil) Ali "Mindsphere": http://www.psyturk.com (Turkey) Enver "Travma": http://www.travma-psychedelic.com (Turkey) "Ethereal": http://ethereal.recallbeats.co.uk (Sweden) Erik & Christian "Aura": http://www.auratrance.com (Sweden) Filipe "Lost Buddha": http://www.myspace.com/lostbuddhagoa (Portugal/U.K.) Dave "Infinite Dimensions": http://www.infinite-dimensions.co.uk (U.K.) Elad "Afgin": http://www.o-zen.com/art/bands/633/ (Israel) A special thanx to our beloved friends: _Kenneth Abildgaard (Colorbox) for his great mastering and professional work on our initiative: http://www.colorbox.tk _Fredrik Haglund and Carl Larsson (Ethereal) for their special participation on this project with their high quality new version of "Stream of Life". _Bruno Filizola (Astrancer) for his amazing pro cover artwork which has inspired us a lot. _Basilisk (Ektoplasm records) and RAH (Sonic Energy) for being our online distributors. And also thanx to all the people who have supported our cause: Jos Anoebis/Fabien Mars @ Suntrip records, Dj Nick @ Shivlink records, Tranceform records, Dj Drashko, Dj Goangel, Dj Amphiton, Beatbiz & Acidplanet communities, Hadra.net, Old is Gold Team,Buddha Mantra, Serguei @ Tribal Dance, Chatnik aka Alien, Radio Powernet, Manu @psysurfeur.com To all the old goa artists and pionneers who gave us their golden musical heritage, and all those we have forgotten to mention there. And a final thanx to all the goa fans across the world. Consider this compilation as a gift to all of you! GOA is still alive! Metapsychic Team: Filipe "Lost Buddha" / Cosmogenesis / Martin "oCtodur" The release can be downloaded from this URL: http://www.goagubbar.nl/download/
  22. Just got home from work, damn nightshifts! Im working on the release as i type and i might add that there WILL be a Halloween present for you all pretty sooooooon
  23. oCtoman is also ready i got 3x100mbit links hooked for this one, but not sure if they can host the .wavs, only the mp3s for now. But i'll be making two torrents (one .mp3 & one .wav) also that will be hosted from different servers in the world so that the seeding will go fast. All in All the downloading should run pretty smooth when we put this out Because if its one thing i hate with free releases its the damn hosting that sux so bad you have to wait day and a half to get the damned release over =) We want this gift to be exclusive, not only in music but even the giftraping should be in top order!
  24. Just to give you a sample of whats comming up on the download page
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