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  1. First of all, sorry that it has taken us this long to give you the reasons for Metapsychic Records death. Since Filipe deleted our page and on the same time we got problems with the domain and hosting it took some days to restore everything. Refounding the freewebs code and restoring everything to "normal" wasnt as easy as one could of though. But here we are today with the full information about whats been going on with our label. Many of you already know that Metapsychic Records have been run by Vassilis (Cosmogenesis) and Martin (oCtodur) this past year. You have known this from the contact with us on MySpace, our Gmail and other places where we have been active. For months the so called & self-reclaimed “owner” of our label has been on a vacation back to Portugal. During this time Filipe (aka Lost Buddha, Pandemonium!) has been rebuilding his life in his home country and we have been working to take Metapsychic label even further than we expected. Since the three of us created this label we though it was not more than fair to let Filipe rebuild his life and work. He was our friend and with friends in need there is nothing that isn’t possible to do. So during these months Martin and Vassilis have spent many nights and days emailing each other, since it’s hard to catch each other online when one person is working night time and the other day time. We have joked about our emails that they are not emails but really a Metapsychic novel book. Both updated each other about how far we are with the things we are involved in and what new issues there is to be dealt with. During this time not a single email from our so called owner of the label, Filipe has been sent even though he’s been online. After all we where going to press his CD as well (Pandemonium!) after the Mindsphere since everything was ready for it. And if I was an artist (and owner) I would at least send an email every now and then to see how far the progress is and how his mates are doing. Instead after all this time he shows up on Msn one day and says that he got a nice offer (of a big sum) for his album. Instead of asking his fellow comrades that have been working hard to realize the dream of a CD pressing label what we think of the offer he says to us. Either you (Martin) promise to press my CD before you go on your Asia trip or I’ll take this offer and be out of Metapsychic label. So here we are with a dick in our hands thinking what the hell just happened? Is he going to leave us one more time? Now that we are so close to release the CD? Because those involved with Filipe and his artist names know that he switches minds faster than you can say Boom Shanka! During the time we started Metapsychic label he was in SunTrip (had a dispute there) got back to Meta and went to SunTrip again! Went back to Meta stayed for a month or two and went to Shivlink. He loved that label because he was promised good money for his work and a lot of gigs, who can blame him? Then Shivlink was wanting too much of him he told us (we will not go into details out of respect to Nick) and he asked to come back. Well fine mate we are all friends…welcome back! That time he realized and said to us that it’s better to run your own label than to be with others. I’m here to stay with you guys! A month later he goes to Portugal and a few months after that he gives us this ultimatum. By this time we are so neutralized that we can’t even get angry at him. We discussed the issue and both agreed on letting him go. If the offer was real well take it man you need the money and fame. So we continued as we have done before, without Filipe, and putting focus on Mindspheres album. During the week we are talking about the issue with Filipe a little more and more news about the upcoming international radio web shows and the CD plans. Until one morning when Vassilis wants to check our Gmail and realize he has a wrong password. He checks the MySpace, our homepage and even those gave him wrong password, try again! At this time we both finally meet on Msn and asked ourselves what the hell is going on? Neither one of us have changed the password and the conclusion we could make was that Filipe (!?!) had changed them. We both have a hard time to believe that he would do this to us and once again we are stuck with the dick in our hands but this time it’s a humongous one! Martin instantly sends of a text message to Filipes gsm asking if he’s the one that have changed the password and the message he gets back is: Im the founder and head of the label.i don’t admit wat yas done 2 me.if u want 2 release mindsphere release him in ur own labe.The rest is a long story. What we have “done” is not explain (due to time & work) why we are pissed at him for once again changing his mind and giving Martin this ultimatum (read more about this in Martins personal statement). For this he basically takes the baby we have raised together and steals everything we have worked for. In an instant eye blink we have lost a year and a half worth of time, problem solving and investments into the label and been left out on the street. This is by the guy that has had almost no involvement into his own label. We thought about changing the passwords when we got to know about this deal but we both though, hey he will just go to another label, he’s still our friend. But yeah we where wrong. We want to find out why he’s doing this to us and send of another text message and the reply was: I know that yas worked on the label but dat doesnt mean I cant do my life and u cant do yours.It also doesnt mean dat I have to give passwords or even the label I dont admit this in my back and I want respect.Btw im takin care of p!copyrights so just b careful. So he knows he hasn’t done anything for the label but still he feels right about stealing it back for himself. He also tells us to watch out that we don’t do anything stupid like he just did and release the Pandemonium! album for free or press it on CD. In an instant eye blink we went from friends to worst enemies in his mind. Vassilis instantly got kicked out of the label, Martin tried to work on Filipe so we could get the passwords back but with no luck. Amazingly Vassilis managed to get the passwords back by retrieving the Metapsychic Records MySpace account password to the hotmail account we first had when we started the label. Lucky for us Filipe used the same password on all the Metapsychic accounts. This was when we both agreed on that we have had enough of this bullshit and that its time to end it. So our dear friends, artists & fans this is why we today will take the Metapsychic Records label down to the ground. He banned us from having contact with the outside world since we ran everything together from the Gmail account, artist contacts, new demos, radio shows EVERYTHING was handled trough there. We couldn’t just stand to see that something two persons had worked for so hard could be taken by the most inactive person. He has no clue who 1/10th of the people in our contact list is nor how to update the MySpace & homepage properly (which he later deleted) and this guy would run Metapsychic? It’s just not right! We both got feed up with his bullshit and decided that its time for a long awaited vacation for us both. So today we bring you the long awaited Mindsphere album for free because frankly we can’t press the CD since Filipe also has a copy of it and we don’t really know what he can do to hurt us even more. All the money it would cost us to invest in that CD and then see it being destroyed by this person was not worth to continue the CD releasing. We have the approval of Ali (Mindsphere) himself to do this and due to the situation this fine release will be out for free. We end as we started although not united by three people but two and one…on his own. We are both sad how this turned out for everyone and especially at this time when we where going to be a “real” official record label. We have learned a lesson and gained very valuable experience from running this label and even made some really good friends around the world. Now we will both take our time and let this tsunami be gone. Everyday we have worked in the name of Metapsychic and today is our first day off. Martin will go on vacation sooner than expected and deal with what’s left to be dealt with for his trip and Vassilis will have some time of from internet and put his focus on real life. We don’t know what the future holds for us but what we do know is that we both made out an amazing team and got this far together by co-operating with each other. We now want to restore our mental and physical health back to normal after all these incidents with Filipe and his madness. It has been a GREAT pleasure to work with everyone during this time in Metapsychic Records. We wish you all the best from our two hearts and good luck to our artists that have been so supportive of our cause. Respectfully yours, Martin & Vassilis If you want to find out more details about this story, you should go to http://www.metapsychicrecords.com PS: No other comments or statements will be made outside this official announcement. That's our final post in this forum.
  2. After a very long delay and several difficulties, it’s finally with a great pleasure that Metapsychic Records present its 5th release, “Inner Cyclone”, the first album of Ali Akgün, alias “Mindsphere”. This exclusive promotion reunites Ali’s best tracks which were played in his numerous live performances across Turkey, during the period 2003-2006, and contains also a chill-out piece of his new ambient project called “Mindphoria”. (artwork cover made by Bruno aka "Astrancer") Tracklist: 1. Painful story (150bpm) 10:59 2. Mindrama (148bpm) 10:03 3. We have a dream (147bpm) 07:48 4. Wasted years (148bpm) 08:43 5. Operation side (148bpm) 10:37 6. To infinity (145bpm) 09:34 7. Inner cyclone (150bpm) 11:15 8. Fusion (92 bpm) 07:36 Mastered by Bobby Ognyanov of “Aerosis” (Suntrip rec.) The main concept of “Inner Cyclone” is to propel the listeners/dancers in the middle of a tornado of high sensitive feelings and authentic emotions, directly inspired by Ali’s various experiences of life. The goa fans will be certainly touched and bewitched by the diversified oriental tonalities of this dynamic & melodic eastern-influenced album, which will recreate in your mind a subliminal panoramic vision of the mythic Anatolia. Prepare your spirit and mind out your sphere! We would like to notice you that this album is also Metapsychic Rec. last release. Our net-label will no longer exist (see the official announcement of our closure at our website), but we are glad and proud to quit this adventure as we started it, with a free goa release that you can consider as a final gift from our part: *Direct links*: WAV version: http://www.metapsychicrecords.com/Mindsphe...one-MPR_wav.rar (working in one hour from now) http://www.psynews.org/files/misc/Mindsphe...one-MPR_wav.rar (Special thanks to Mars@ Psynews.org for this support and contribution) http://download.sdsab.se/raccoon/metapsych...one-MPR_wav.rar MP3 version: http://www.psynews.org/files/misc/Mindsphe...PR-2007_mp3.rar *Temporary Links*: MP3 320kb/s version: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mx13sm http://www.fileflyer.com/view/6UFBrAN http://www.megaupload.com/fr/?d=743OVZZN *Torrent *: http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3918448/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ali Akgün (Mindsphere) thanks section: special thanks to: my wife my family and all the turkish psychedelic trance scene who supports me in parties and understands my music. special thanks to turkish psychedelic trance portal psyturk.com A big thanks for Metapsychic label family: Vassilis, oCtodur, Bobby(Aerosis),Astrancer, Lost Buddha (Filipe Santos); Suntrip Records Mars, Anoebis, Filteria and all the people on the world who loves my spirit. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Metapsychic Rec. would like personally to express, from the depth of our heart, all our gratitude to our beloved and talented artist, Ali “Mindsphere”, for his amazing album, his trusting and his faithful friendship. It was an honour for us to work with him and release such great music, and even if it’s for free. We have no doubt that you’ll hear even more beautiful music from his part in a near future, - even if it will not be in our label anymore -, because his new productions already totally blow us away. We wish him a brilliant success and the very best luck for his music career. A special thanks also to Bruno Filizola (Astrancer) for his exceptional covers and to Bobby (Aerosis) for his amazing and professional mastering. We’ll be always very grateful for your precious contribution and for taking part of our story. Respectfully Yourz, Martin & Vassilis
  3. We would like to share the info with you that Eutuchia Records, a new born nitzchonot & uplifting trance label, their second compilation, called “Energetic”, the 5th November 2007. After the success of “VA/Ulterior Natality”, Sanga (Reload Next Generation) selected & compiled the best tracks of today’s uplifting music, produced by famous and fresh new talented uplifting artists of the moment : among them, Spectrum, Chaostar, Emotional, Tritonas and … our beloved friend psynewser, Agneton. The result is a hot and modern compilation with deep epic melodies and enchanted voices combined with dynamic kicks & high basses. A high quality compilation which definitely deserves some attention. Tracklist: Airesis - stand and fight BrainSystem - hope waves Agneton - the face of sun Emotional - galaxico city Loop - red cilium Tritonas - last moment Chaostar & Aldemar - melodic world Spectrum & Somnium - hydroponic Galaxity - moonlight FREE DOWNLOAD THERE : PART1 PART2 More infos on the new eutuchia website: www.eutuchia.com & www.myspace.com/eutuchia Big Respect to all the artists involved in this compilation and to Sanga for all his work and his great project. Thanks to them, Uplifting is still alive!
  4. Thanks for your interest to the Vox liveset on Radio Schizoid! We received many good feedbacks after this event. Vox will be for sure our guest soon on the Metapsychic Rec. radio show too. We'll keep you updated for the schedules and dates. Respectfully Yourz, Metapsychic Rec.
  5. Many thanks for all the persons who have followed yesterday the opening episode of our weekly show. For those who have missed it, it will be diffused again in other radios this week. I will post the dates and radio stream links there as well. The tracklist of Dj M.U.T.E. set: 1-ethereal- stream of life 2006 mix (Metapsychic Rec. : "VA/Pyramidal Trancendence") 2-lost buddha- southern oracle (Old is Gold : VA/"Golden Vibes") 3-deflo- implacable (Flying Rhino Rec. : "Second Flight Turbulence") 4-aura- walk to earth (Metapsychic Rec. : "VA/Pyramidal Trancendance") 5-psysex- 4 days of madness (Krembo Rec. : "VA/Psychedelic Krembo: Selected Tunes part 4") 6-mindsphere- molecular restrictive (Metapsychic Rec.: "VA/Pyramidal Trancendence") 7-nasha- chai machine (Flying Rhino Rec.: "VA/White Rhino") Thanks to DJ Mute for his great performance and see you next week with another guest artist/dj ... Yourz Faithfully, Metapsychic Rec.
  6. Some more precisions for the exact schedule of this show: 03/11/07: Radioreal (Hungary) at 11PM (UTC+1 hour CET) >links for streaming: - http://stream.radioreal.hu/192 (for 192kbps) - http://stream.radioreal.hu/128 (for 128kbps) >add those links to your player (playlist files) _ http://stream.radioreal.hu/192.pls _ http://stream.radioreal.hu/128.pls *For every show, to see at which hour it will be listening in your country, go to http://timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html * Don't miss this event and we wish you a nice musical week-end
  7. The Metapsychic rec. show will be launched this Saturday with a mix from one of our djs, M.U.T.E. (Alien Detector). He is a well-established dj from Turkey and he’s actually living in Ankara. He started to mix first psychedelic trance and full-on 4 years ago, but later he discovered the way of Goa. So that's the reason why he started to play old school goa-trance at his sets and joined our label then. Since that time, he played in lot of parties and festivals in Turkey and travelled in several countries around the world like India and Ukraine more recently, playing next to big names of the trance scene like Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom, Koxbox, Psysex, M.F.G., Goasia, and many more… For this opening show, M.U.T.E. prepared a savant mixture of old & new school tracks of which he has the secret. Expect tunes from Lost Buddha, Psysex, Ethereal, Deflo, Nasha, Mindsphere between others. The show will be diffused first on Radioreal (Hungary) at 11PM the 3rd November and you can stream it at those links: -http://stream.radioreal.hu/192 - for 192kbps - http://stream.radioreal.hu/128 - for 128kbps For more infos about M.U.T.E., please check his website: http://www.myspace.com/tolgoa Many thanks to Peter of Radioreal.hu to organize and diffuse this event and for his trusting. More will come very soon. Yourz faithfully, Metapsychic Rec
  8. Following the good reception of the recent Vox live @ Radio Schizoid, the past month, and the warm mails we received from many listeners after this event, we got the idea to produce a regular radio show of our initiative, in order to give a bigger impulse and promotion to the goa-trance music & scene across the world. It will be a one hour weekly show which will consists in two kinds of events: _one hour mix by our djs with goa-trance tracks from our label (released, unreleased, previews of future albums & exclusive radio versions) ; but not only: there will be also tracks from other new school labels, and mixed sometimes with some old school goa tunes from the so-called “Golden Era” (between 1995-2000). or _one hour live/dj set performed by our artists and by special guest artists from other labels with their own tracks with or without other artists tracks. For the persons who can’t do the travel to see live acts in other countries, it will be a great opportunity there to get a small foretaste of the musical work of the artists and to discover some of their new material via your internet connection at home. The same show will be diffused in many online radios to get a larger crowd and reception. Until now, we agreed in terms with Radioreal (Hungary), Radio Schizoid (India), Radio Powernet (Bulgaria) & Radio Flydance (France). We are in negotiation with radios from other countries (UK, Germany, Greece, USA, Canada, Israël and more…), to get a larger diffusion and audience. A calendar with a precise schedule of the weekly events is actually in work and will appear soon on our website (www.metapsychicrecords). So you can have a look who will perform every week, at which hour and on which among the online radios you can stream the show. We would like especially to thank all the radios involved in this project for their partnership, friendship and full support and also to the future artists & djs who will take part of this project. Respectfully Yourz, Metapsychic Rec.
  9. Vox is playing now on radio schizoid!! :posford: Expect some tracks from "Inner Polarity" album and unreleased material Just click there to listen this event : http://schizoid.in/schizoid-psy.pls Thanks to Vox for this show and to Cray3 for his amazing support!! Enjoy the listening! Respectfully yourz, Metapsychic Rec.
  10. hehehe i win all card games , dont forget i am the jester the guy who has all the cards n colours... ;)

  11. hey YO , WASSUP?

    P! is back in town! :)

  12. Some people probably didn't notice it, but an uplifting/nitzchonot net-label was born recently, Eutuchia Records, created and owned by Sanga (member of Reload Next Generation crew) and with the help of uplifting artists. We just deliver there this info: "The Nitzhonot music strikes again with a hot uplifting melodic trance compilation. Eutuchia is presenting the ''Ulterior Natality'', a gathering of the biggest and new blood artists of Israel and Greece. High speed melodies, powerful kicks and basses are ready to make a brainwash damage. The experience and technology of Agneton, Eyal Iceman, Dementia, Goldenfinger, Transfix, Loop and more offers to you the biggest music nostalgia." (taken from www.eutuchia.com) Tracklist: 1 Loop - Princess Mari Ta Ma E (9:36) 2 Dementia & Sanga - Real Life (7:45) 3 Goldenfinger - Uplifting Fantasy (8:20) 4 Eyal Iceman - Return Of The Real Iceman (12:12) 5 Sanga - Isis (9:52) 6 Agneton - A New Hope (6:37) 7 Spectrum - Psychotic Redhead Babe (6:48) 8 Oxydow - Everlasting Love (9:16) 9 X-Men - Existence (8:35) FREE DOWNLOAD there>> http://www.bestsharing.com/f/vh3V4C339912 More infos @ www.eutuchia.com & www.myspace.com/eutuchia.
  13. We received a mail from Vajra, the owner of our friend label, Buddha Mantra Records, based in Portugal, and he asked us to spread the word about his upcoming compilation called "Cosmic Disorder".
  14. Hello dear friends, We are glad to see finally some comments about our music and more precisely about our second compilation, and we appreciate your constructive critics (positive and negative ones). That will help us for sure to make progress in our work, to produce and propose a better quality music for you in the future. Thanks a lot to the persons who already bought our releases, who support our artists and thanks also for your warm encouragements. More releases will come soon from us and we will do our best to satisfy you. Best Regards, Metapsychic Rec.
  15. You are probably referring to the psychedelic labels in your words and yes i know that not many cant live on their label. But we have to set goals somewhere, you dont go in a race drive thinking you will come out in the bottom ranks. If we set our goals high then we will do whats in our power to achive those goals. Just because we are going "pro" and starting to sell our releases doesnt meen we will not have fun. We do this because it is fun, its a escape from the life we are living to do something else. And if we can make some money on this maybe we could do less of the other work that gives us food on the table. We have never though we will become rich out of this, we only want to do less of the boring stuff so we have time to do more of the fun parts Respectfully yours, oCtodur (Metapsychic Records)
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