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  1. shit, look at that beautiful normal curve. 22 what with all the goa obssession in this forum I though I would see more aging gray-hairs.
  2. wtf? Psydrop is Goa? sounds like typical fullon to me, or maybe I'm thinking of another Psy(other half of unoriginal name here).
  3. this isn't really a critic but an expression of personal preference. if it were me, I would have exploded that track with some fullout, more developed rhythms in the conclusion with those high pitch jabbing synths. the track felt like it was shooting semi-blanks, imo. but really, most fullon to me dosen't sound FULL-ON anyways. decent track.
  4. aww comeon, you sure it's not a joke? anyways, I'll have a second listen at the website.
  5. so is it good Euro trance or what?
  6. the guy is about to throw a fireball, Drangonball Z style. RESPECT!
  7. ouch. FREq - I've gotta say it, they are a bit over-rated. It's just OK - good production and sound but just wayyy tooo straight, no tracks are very memorable, and after a while, they all just sound kinda the same. I found this to be true for alot of progressive artists [like 99.99% of fullon, btw]. Just my opinion.
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