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  1. Entheogenic and Shulman aren't alike at all. None of them are really alike, but Entheogenic and Shpongle are the two biggest in the field, that's why the comparison.
  2. From the 3, I prefer Entheogenic, beautiful melodies and very deep overall. Don't like Shpongle, Shulman is ok. .
  3. Both Entheogenic and Shpongle are great!!! Unfortunately the last Shpongle wasn't that good.
  4. I agree with everything said in kabamarus review. This is a great album! My fav: Without Thought- wow!!! Ground Luminosity - Ott's rmx!!! Pagan Dream machine - Vibrasphere rmx Aranyanyara - Abakus rmx ( for his originality) All in all a sublime release. 10/ 10 .
  5. It's great, that's good enough for me .
  6. 100% agreed. Can't remember a release with such a quantity of quality on one and the same album! .
  7. Woooohooooo! This is what psy is about. 10! .
  8. I dont hear anything , that could come close to Invisible Landscapes. .
  9. That must be -Invisible Landscapes- I agree this is one mindblowing track. But I doubt that Shpongle ever came up to that level. Any tracks you could think of? .
  10. Exactly my point. And besides I dont like Shpongle that much, but I do like Entheogenic. So not at all the same not even nearly the same for me. .
  11. No I am not! I find it very silly when people don't hear the differences between artists, and in the cases above everybody is very different, of course in my opinion and to me ear. .
  12. Always amazing the statements coming from you. You just have no clue do you
  13. Now you got me all excited, how much longer will we have to wait .
  14. Most tracks on the first Entheogenic album, are very emotional. Entheogenic - Level one Entheogenic - We are one Entheogenic - Yage .
  15. I like stickers, dont care about label cataloque. Most important is a real nice booklet with many pages .
  16. The 3rd Entheogenic album, and, V/A Quality Relaxation (Chill Tribe Records) .
  17. Sounds very promising, hope it gets into the shops before I leave for vacation. .
  18. I dont like it either. And the UK is not western europe? .
  19. Thanks for the recommendations. .
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