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  1. Vectormode - Secret World


    Your name reminds me of it :)


    Your track is simplistic and slightly disjointed imo, but that is from 8 sec. lasting "sight" on it ;) I will listen it just right now more while travelling to the soccer pitch :> It is not bad

  2. Detector: Maybe the set from Anoebis if you havenot got it; stuff from a guy who gives it for free; another Acid-Electro Set that is highly recommendable.


    Tell me whether you want links

  3. Dobre de sashto mislish 4e sm 4арли или сталкер а, на мене ми е много интересно сасхто си4ки мислат така, жярно не се дрлйа като другите ама тоба е сасхтото не см на техните години и има разлика, ее иам flextype, пуснау см го на bulgarian euphonic uba4e nesnam kade se namirat nekoi bukfi kate 4 naprimer, saredi tova ti pisah s greshki.


    Ami nz se pak ne go mislq napulno, wse pak vijdam che si normalen, ne govorq za vijdaniq ili durjane, no ot druga strana kato vijdam che te se bazikat natam nasam s razni akouuti i dedaznam. Chestno kazano e mn oburkano :)
  4. Ozric is the perfect roadtrip music.

    I 've seen them life once and they truly rocked, no, spaced.

    Only the excessive use of strobolights irritated me pretty intense. The 70's fluid visuals on the otherhand really made me feel like a hippy on Woodstock.



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