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  1. Boom!


    I have been thinking very seriously about creating and managing a website / database of artists and netlabels, a place where you could meet the sound, the visuals and the people that love their art over money and that are breaking paradigms and market rules :)


    As i'm still thinking on it, i apreciate every contribution to the idea.


    I'm a web programmer / designer so I can build the thing up fast and good, and I can host the site too, as long as tracks can be hosted elsewhere and linked by the site.


    My main idea is to increase exposure of the good artists that are all around trying to be noticed, and started with all this healthy VA dynamic that is being created by the people here in the forum and elsewhere... as a producer i would like this works to be visible to all, and with one portal / gate managing and presenting all the info it would be very beneficial for all I think!


    I start by asking all the VA-participating artists if they like the idea of having and artist profile in this "portal", and I ask the netlabel managers if they would like extra promotion of their VAs and all info around their netlabels there too!


    No f** money around this idea, as an artist i want to promote myself and others showing what we can do and spreading the word.


    I also would very much like to have profiles of visual artists in various genres! with info and links to their own work / portfolio.


    I think with a respectful bunch of artists :) and some quality-sounding free-releases we could catch some attention from the psychedelic worldwide community  B)




    Count me in too!

  2. Crap? Postmodernism is one of the most influential and interesting theories of today in philosophy, litterature, art, political science, architecture etc.


    I'm not interested in what psychedelics and postmodernism are for me, I'm interested in how the rediscovery of psychedelics helped influence postmodern thought.


    Not really crap I mean. You can feel these things without knowing its a postmodernism.. Does it make any difference :huh:
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