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  1. DETOX u forgot to write WHY in your opinion there is crisis about cd sales.

    is it cause of p2p programs? maybe a poor quality nowdays? or something else?

    if yr answer goes to 1st choice, maybes yes maybe no..cause this isn't something new..

    i will remind u Napster and Audiogalaxy programs from past (if i remember well since 1999) of course it's problem for sales but not the mainly imo.


    so imo faults mostly the poor music quality nowdays.

    just look to israeli scene..all projects sounds almost the same

    no fresh ideas just the same formula's and some stupid non inspired samples.

    french scene is better but in crisis too..(just look the abjection from 3d vision records)

    german scene is far better than the 2 above now but compared with past they are just the shadow of themeselves.


    if u have some other explanation (about crisis in cd sales) i would like to hear u.


    P2P my ass. If you blame P2P about it you are a businessman.

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