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  1. I'm rather familliar with all sorts of electronic music, but that doesn't mean I can tell the diffrence of one from another just by hearing it. I've got a pretty vague idea, but perhaps you guys could inform me what sort of music Progressive is in difference to Full-on, and such.


    However, Dark, is pretty self-explanatory, and Goa and Psy is the parent to my obsession, so I know of my mother and father.


    Thank you.


    P.S I'd be happy to hear what other sub-genres I'm missing out on here.


    I haven`t heard a lot of Progressive Psytrance (Psygressive ?) but these days it seems it is convergent together with House/Trance. Or maybe the three of them? This is truly complex.


    If you dont know about Psytekk (Minimal Psychedelic) and Nitzhonot means you can figure it out.


    And this is worth checking always: http://img329.imageshack.us/my.php?image=g...derfotos2aj.png

  2. This also reminds me of a joke once posted on isratrance :


    How many psytrance DJs does it take to change a lightbulb?

    One to change it, four more to stand around shaking their heads saying how the old one was better.


  3. "


    People needs to realise that it doesnt matter ONE TINY LITTLE bit what some random forum idiot says about music you like, heck it doesnt even matter what your friends thinks of your music, as long as you like it yourself.


    I remember this site had a long list of reviews earlier, when you entered the site there was a menu on the left side where you could choose forum, reviews, etc


    The list of reviews had the links to the reviews colored green, and some of them was red (think these was the recommended CDs or something)


    Anyone know where this list went ? Maybe i am in the wrong web site ?



    hello J man. do not pay attention to random idiots and do not get on wrong sites

  4. Thanks a lot to your replies!


    About labels and stuff, im trying to do something in that direction, its taking some time to get a reply. If anyone wants to help with it, be my guest :D


    About the sound nemo. You have genelecs, i have a stere system. Its not the same and I push it to the limit of sound and make it as good as I can with the equipment I have now. I would like to hear you version after the edit.


    Thanks again!


    Do you have a considerable amount of successful pieces :)

  5. I'm new to this 'scene' (I hate this denomination). And I love it and I wanna know what others have to share about their perceptions.


    In my opinion House/Techno DJs perform way better than psytrance pros.

    I believe psy-DJs create more volatile energy on the dance floor while house-music keeps the mood going at a very sound level.


    You watch Sasha and Digweed versus the top 'on the spot light' psychedelic names. Then you compare Mau-Mau and Mr. Cox with Growling Mad Scientists, Infected Mushroom or Astrix.. Carl Cox mixes 3-4 songs within ONE 'track' for the crowd. 5-Minute-long multi-song-mixes, switching from one to another and the crowd is listening to 'one amazing' track when there's actually a lot going on behind the decks. Astrix explodes the dance floors with one of his hits.

    Other e-music styles use bold and solid componenents throughout a track while psytrance abuses hysteria and mood-eruptions. Felix Da Housecat exploded Club Privilege, in Búzios - Rio, with a paced and deeper sound. And in Rio we DO NOT have an 'experienced' e-music crowd. Mylo used his "Drop the pressure" consistent now-mainstream tune to take ladies' breaths away at Skol Beats in São Paulo. Serge used his solid no-synth-remix of Alter Ego's Rocker to involve thousands of people @ the same SP's Skol Beats. Chris Liebing followed him with commenced energy on the groovy-floor.


    I've never seen such thing through Psytrance (I'm a newbie listener... started in Aug last year). I have this feeling that Psytrance projects only achieve the same effects on the crowds with hit songs, not with great ability to mix hours of research, knowledge, incredible productions, great equipment features, feeling and experience. The only time I saw a psytrance DJ keep the crowd anxious for the next beat of a song was while listening to Astrix's medley of 4 different songs (GMS, Infected and 2 of his own productions), but that too sounded pre-made.


    A house-crowd seems to be more picky than the young psy-lovers. And that you can see through the artists. Psytrance abuses of highs, climaxes, turn arounds and I've never seen a psytrance DJ play an entire set without breaking the dance-mood at least once. It's hard to blend different psy artists to form a homogeneous set, whilst you ONLY see this with house music's greatests.


    At the psy parties and festivals I've been to in Brazil and at the Sonica festival in Italy this August I noticed that the crowd usually gets fired up when they listen to HITS. Songs that should pump the crowd up no matter what time, where or by whom they're played. The psytrance sets I've listened to often serve as 'background music' for people to have a chat on the dance floor or as burning-house chaos with loads of people going absolutely insane.


    At house events I've been to it is all different.. The crowd never goes so crazy, movements are measured, more sensual and anxiety is often in the eyes of the dancers waiting for a minute for this same note to be repeated and then releasing a minimal change that - YES! - will free them to let their body loose, raise their arms, smile and shout elegantly.


    I'd compare house music with champagne in Paris and psytrance to cold beer at a football match. Each one has its majesty - kings or crowd pleasing strikes, lovers - elegant royalty or hippies. Psytrance relates to nature and bare feet. The other relates to tradition and control.


    Nose up or down, what is your perception of different styles of electronic music?

    PS: I hope I wasn't too boring or anything.

    PS2: I prefer to go insane with psytrance and to chill in the air conditioner with quality House. With a beer, of course.


    Quality House can be SO captivating and divine that it blows away..

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