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  1. let me think .. Around 2002 I had had some Astral Projection things with me, and I seemed to not have digested them so they were deleted by 24.06 the same year. Then I fixed this by realising some tracks are nice and giving them more listens.. For two years it was only AP and naturally more widely known music. Then there was a period when some tracks werent tagged right and I thought Mauro Picotto is Goa artist .. after it a lot more into Psy/Goa and consequently .. other stuff

  2. Hm.. thinking of my comment could be complete :)


    I took some listens of the track (like couplea dozens) and it looks really great. Analytically, it`s a standart track, but the nice sounds, riffs make it a splendid one. Its not really disjointed, maybe there could be just slightly better structure.

    The secondary riff is cool, it makes for the atmosphere, the vocal part at the beginning sounds tasty as well. Delivers ominous soundscape, that is terrific.

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